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 Place your bets and then watch as the cars race around the track in this thrilling virtual car game that even offers a bonus wheel.  

Rush Cars Go! is a thrilling virtual car racing game that gives you the chance to place a wide range of bets on a variety of races. You will find that the betting options are truly enjoyable, with special bets, bigger bets, and more. The game even features a bonus wheel that can appear at random and offers you multipliers of up to x10 on your bets. After placing your bets, you can watch the cars race around the track complete with commentary to keep you up to date on the position of cars you have bet on.  

How to Play Rush Cars Go! 

It will take you no time to get started paying Rush Cars Go! When the game loads, you will be shown a screen where you can select your chip size and you will be shown a number of different bets. The standard bets are as follows: 

  • Main Bets – Pick from 12 cars to bet on.  
  • Even/Odd Numbered Car to Win – e.g. an even numbered car to win bet means car numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 can win the bet.  
  • Lucky 8 to Finish in First 3 – A bet on car 8 to finish first, second or third. 
  • Favourite in/not in First 3 –A bet on the favourite car to either finish in or outside of the top 3.  
  • Bust! Bet – A bet that the total of the first three car numbers will be greater than 21.  
  • Stick! Bet – A bet that the total of the first three car numbers will be less than 21. 
  • Blackjack! Bet – A bet that the total of the first three car numbers will be exactly 21. 
  • Anything but x to Win – A bet on any car but the number shown to win the race.  

There is then a category of ‘Bigger Return’ bets. Here you need to pick the first two cars to cross the line in order. The game will give you eight possible combinations. There is also a ‘Biggest Returns’ category of bets, and here you need to pick the first three cars to cross the line in order.  

Regardless of which type of bet you are interested in, instead of being shown odds, you will be shown the potential returns next to each bet type for the chip size that you have selected.  

When you have finished placing your bets click on ‘Go’ to start the race. You can watch the entire two lap race, complete with commentary that pertains to your bets, or you can click on ‘Skip Video’ to go straight to the results. After a race, you can click on ‘Rebet’ or ‘Rebet X2’ to quickly place the same bets or double your bets and start the next race. Alternatively, you can click on ‘New Race’ to start placing more bets.  

Rush Cars Go! Bonuses 

Before the start of any race, a bonus event can take place. You will be asked to spin a bonus wheel and it can award a multiplier of your bet returns of either x2, x5 or x10. The multiplier will only apply to winning bets. All non-winning bets from the race will be refunded.