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Get the Best Handball Betting Odds

Handball is a thrilling sport to watch, it is fast-paced, there is loads of action, and of course, there are plenty of betting opportunities. With in-play handball betting, you can make each game even more exciting. While watching the game, you can respond to the action on the court as it happens. You can place bets based upon how you interpret the match and that way, enjoy far more opportunities to win payouts.

Live In-Play Handball Betting on Every Game

At we are proud to bring a vast number of handball in-play betting markets from leagues and tournaments around the world. For every game that we cover, you will find a huge selection of betting markets to take advantage of. You can use markets such as Spread, Over/Under, Odd/Even, Team Odd/Even, Double Chance FT, Spread Alternative Points, Win Margin 1st Half, and far more. Thanks to this huge range of available markets, you can be incredibly specific in your bets. For starters, you will often find the same markets available on both halves of a match. This means that if you think a particular team is going to start slow but gradually warm up to the match you could bet on them to lose the first half but then win the second. There are also markets such as Team With Highest Scoring Half and Highest Scoring Half, meaning that you can place a bet once the action gets underway and you have had a chance to analyse the situation. You can also place shorter-term bets, such as on the next team to score. You will often find that very short-term bets have extremely generous odds, so while they may be risky, the returns are potentially huge. There are a huge number of betting possibilities when betting live on handball, they give you the chance to test your skills and of course to place more bets. At the same time, by taking advantage of the live betting opportunities, you will become more engaged with the game and watching will become even more exciting.

In-Play Betting Features

If you are unable to watch a game live then it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the live betting markets. Our Match Tracker tool provides you with a huge amount of information and you can use this to help you place informed bets. Above the betting markets, you can see a summary with the score and time. However, to the right is far more information including statistics on Attack success, Max Goals, 7 Meters Scored, Goals in Powerplay, Goals Short-Handed, Saves, 2 Minutes Penalties, Yellow Cards, Timeouts and more. It also tells you which team is attacking in real time. You can use all of this information to interpret the match without being able to watch it and still place well-informed bets.

Handball Betting Markets

Here at we do our best to bring you the most competitive handball odds so that you can always get a little more for your money. For every handball game that we cover, you will find that there are a huge range of betting markets for you to take advantage of, often well over 70 of them. We cover leagues across the world including in Austria, Hungary, Estonia, France, Finland, Denmark and tournaments such as the Champions League, the European Championship, the Arab Champions Cup, and far more. We also cover multiple leagues within the same country, for instance you can bet on Austria HLA and Austria HLA 2. Thanks to this, no matter which handball league or match you are interested in, it is more than likely that you will find a huge number of betting markets on offer.

Different Types of Handball Bets

When you look at a handball game, you will see that we have split the markets into easy to manage sections such as Main, Halves, and Race To. Within each of these categories, there are numerous markets. The Main category includes markets such as 1x2 Full Time, Spread Full Time, Spread Alternative Points, Over/Under Full Time, Over/Under Alternative Points, Draw No Bet, Double Chance FT, FT 3 Way Handicap, Winning Margin, Halftime/Fulltime, Odd/Even, Team Odd/Even, Total Team Goals, and many more. The Halves category contains very similar markets to the Main category, but they are on individual halves of the game. For instance, rather than 1x2 Full Time, you can bet on 1x2 1st Half, in other words, who will win the first half. There are plenty of markets available for both halves, giving you a huge range of betting possibilities. The Race To markets are great to take advantage of if you think there are going to be lots of goals, You can bet on Race To 3/5/7/10/12/15 goals in the first or second half, and Race to 20/25/30 goals in the full match. Furthermore, the Race To markets have neither as an option, so you can also bet if you think it will be a low scoring game. Thanks to these extensive markets, you are sure to find the betting markets you are looking for and our odds are always competitive.

At we also provide you with all the statistical information you need to place an informed bet. You can view head-to-head information, form information, player statistics, and far more. You can also find the latest results from a huge number of handball leagues in the results section of our site. We also bring you many exciting promotions to enhance your betting experience. Sign up for today and you can start enjoying all of our handball betting markets straightaway.