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Serie A Football Betting

Italy’s Serie A is one of the most famous football leagues in the world and regularly attracts many of the world’s top players. As such, the league is hugely exciting and brings with it many betting opportunities. Here at Sports we do our best to bring you everything you could possibly need to bet on Serie A including numerous betting markets on every single match and some of the most generous odds available.

Serie A Odds & Markets

Those who are new to football betting may be surprised by how many betting markets are available. There are hundreds of them and in order to give yourself the best chance of winning, it is important to make sure you understand them all. There are two large categories of betting markets, there are Outright markets, which deal with the league as a whole, and there are Game Odds markets, which deal with the individual matches.

Outright markets are a great way to ensure that you have some betting action going on throughout the season. Furthermore, they nearly always have very generous odds of at least even money, so they give you the chance to win big. The most basic Serie A outright market is League Winner, a simple bet on which team will win the league. The odds on the various teams will change throughout the year, so it is worth watching them carefully as you may spot a great opportunity. For instance, you might think that a team is sure to win but they then may hit a losing streak. This could result in the odds lengthening, giving you the chance to win a bit more.

There are many more outright markets that are worth exploring. While all teams want to win the league, they will also want to finish in the top four to ensure that they qualify for European competitions. As a result, the Top 4 Finish market presents some great opportunities and gives you a little more flexibility than the basic winner market. There is also a market Winner Without Team X, which is designed to remove the favourite team from the equation and give you slightly more generous odds on the other teams. Another popular market is the Top Goal Scorer, which is also available as an each way bet, giving you the chance to cover your bases and possibly win more. Of course, the other end of the league can be just as exciting and you can place outright bets on which teams you think will be relegated. Be sure to keep a careful eye on all of the outright markets throughout the season, as you never know what opportunities you may spot.

However, while outright markets are a lot of fun and give you a real chance to win, most Serie A bets placed are on the Game Odds markets, bets that are on individual games. Many people will start with the 1X2 Full Time market, a bet on one of the teams to win or the game to end in a draw. However, when you start looking through all of the different markets, you will quickly realise that you can be very nuanced and specific with your bets.

The markets are split into categories such as Main, Goals, Halves, Period and Specials. The categories are fairly self-explanatory as are most of the bets found within them. However, if you do need help then you will find clear explanations of all the bets in the Betting Rules section of the website. The range of bets is astonishing; taking the example of goals you can bet on total goals, exact score, first to score, team goals, number of goals, half time score, and far more. The specials markets are also a lot of fun and open up some interesting opportunities. Take the time to look through them all and you will soon realise that you can bet on all aspects of a match.

Serie A Live In-Play Betting

Placing a few bets on a match before it starts certainly makes life a bit more exciting. However, you can take this to the next level with live in-play betting, which allows you to place bets on a game as it is taking place. There are masses of in-play betting markets and the odds are continually updated to reflect what is happening on the football pitch. Many of the same markets are available in-play as before a match, so you can still bet on the winner, the score, and so on. However, there is a new category of bet that becomes available in-play, ‘Next To’ betting. As the name suggests, these are bets on the next thing that is going to happen in a match. For instance, you can bet on who will be the next to score, who will next foul, take a corner, receive a card, and so on. There is also a special category of markets called ‘Fast Markets’. These allow you to bet on whether something specific will happen in a given timeframe. For instance, you could bet on whether there will or won’t be a goal, card, corner, or penalty in the next 1 to 5 minutes. If you keep a careful eye on both the in-play betting markets and the actual football match, then you have the chance to spot some fantastic opportunities. Better yet, we also bring you live updates and statistics from the match to help you place better-informed bets.

Serie A Facts

Serie A’s history goes all the way back to the end of the nineteenth century and it adopted a standard round-robin tournament format in the 1929-30 season. There are twenty teams in the league with the top four finishers qualifying for the Champions League and the fifth place entering the Europa League. The bottom three finishers are relegated to Serie B.