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American Football Betting Odds

When you go to bet on your favourite American Football team, you will see that there are a number of different markets available. In order to get the best possible returns, you should try to take advantage of all of these different markets. The most common market is of course Winner Full Time, a bet on who will be the winner at the end of the game. This is the most basic kind of bet, it gives you the chance to win big, but using more markets can make things even more exciting.

How to Bet on American Football

Another very popular betting market is Spread Full Time. This is a bet that takes into account the margin of victory or defeat for a given team. The favourite team is labelled with a ‘-’ sign and they are at a disadvantage, as they need to win the game by a set number of points. On the other side is the underdog, labelled with a ‘+’ sign, they have an advantage as they have to not lose the game by a set number of points. For example, if you see Team A has -4.5 and Team B has +4.5, Team A is the favourite to win, but for you to win the bet they need to win by at least five points. Team B is the underdog, and if you bet on them then you need them to win or not lose by more than four points in order to win the bet. If Team A win the game 20-17 then bets on Team B would win as Team A did not win by enough points. Many people will also take advantage of the Over/Under Full Time market. Also known as a Totals Bet, this is a bet on the combined score of both teams. The total for the game is the amount set by us (the bookmaker) based upon how we think the game will pan out from a scoring perspective. You can bet on whether you think the total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the total that we set.

Placing Knowledgeable Bets

When you bet on an American Football game, you can draw on your knowledge of the sport and the teams involved and combine it with the kind of betting markets explained above in order to place more bets that are successful. For example, if you think that one team is going to win the game by a huge point margin then you can use the Spread markets to your advantage. Alternatively, if you think that it will be a very close game but you think you know which team will win, then you can use the Over/Under markets. This ways you can make betting far more exciting than just placing simple bets on the winner.

American Football Betting Markets

In recent years, American Football has surged in popularity outside of the United States and Canada. There are now regular season games taking place in the United Kingdom and even talks of starting a London franchise. As the International Series continues to expand, so too will the betting possibilities and here at we strive to bring you the most competitive American football betting odds possible so that you can always get a little more for your money. For every game, we bring you a wide range of betting markets so that you have as many betting options as possible. We cover all of the major leagues across the United States and Canada including the NFL, the NCAAF and the CFL. You can find markets on every single game as well as outright markets for the leagues. Thanks to this, no matter what game you are interested in betting on, it is more than likely that you will find betting markets available.

Different Types of American Football Bets

When it comes to American Football betting, you can zoom in from the big to the small. You can start with outright bets such as the NFL Winner, the AFC Conference Winner, the NFC Conference Winner, the NFC East/North/South/West Winner, and the AFC East/North/West/South Winner. This way you can back your favourite team, or any teams that you think will perform well. You can also make use of a number of regular season prop betting, such as the MVP Winner, and get behind your favourite players. You can then zoom in to the more specific markets, such as those involving the scores and winners of individual games. No matter what type of bet you place, you can use the statistics we provide to help you place better informed bets. You can look up information such as a team’s recent form, their results and average points per game, breakdowns of previous games, Over/Under information for home and away games, and more. You can also visit the Results section of our website where you will find the latest scores from all the different American Football leagues.

At the same time as placing bets on your favourite American Football teams, you can also enjoy a number of exciting promotions at that come in many shapes and sizes and give you the chance to have even more fun when placing bets. There are many exciting things happening at, so sign up today to start enjoying all that we have to offer.