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MMA Fighting Betting Odds

Over the last few decades, since the first UFC fight in 1993, MMA has exploded in popularity around the world. Of course, as it has grown in popularity so has betting on the fights in the various formats such as UFC and Bellator. While there are not many ways of betting on a fight, there are enough betting markets to make things more interesting than simply betting on the winner of a bout, and by using them together, you can make watching a fight even more exciting.

How to Bet on MMA Fighting

Before betting on a fight you will probably have a favourite in mind to win, this is called a Moneyline Full Time bet and is very straightforward. If your chosen fighter wins then you win the bet. However, as all fans know, there is much more to a fight that who wins and you can also bet on how long a fight will go on for. This is often referred to as an Over/Under bet and for a three-round contest a bet will usually be Over/Under 1.5 rounds, for a five-round contest it would typically be Over/Under 2.5 rounds. You can simply bet on the total number of rounds that the fight will last. This can present some interesting betting opportunities if you think a particular fighter tends to start well but tire quickly. You could bet on the fighter to lose the match and for there to be not many rounds. The converse is also true; if you think a fighter tends to start slow and gradually warm up to a bout then you could bet on more rounds and for them to win. You can also bet on how a fighter is going to win a fight. You can bet on a win by submission, a knockout, a technical knockout, or a technical decision. Once again, you can use your knowledge about the individual fighters to take advantage of this style of betting. If you think there is going to be a long fight that will ultimately come down to the judges’ decision, then you can bet on many rounds and a technical decision, giving you two chances of winning your bet.

Knowledgeable MMA Fighting Betting

It is up to you how you combine these different betting possibilities. You can keep things simple and bet on the winner or you can have fun combining different bets. As with all sports, there is no such thing as a 100% safe bet, but you can cover multiple scenarios by using the different types of bets available and this not only makes watching the fights much more exciting, but also gives you more ways of winning. MMA is a hugely exciting sport to watch and by being creative with your bets, you can make it even more so.

MMA Fighting Betting Markets

MMA has grown from humble beginnings into a worldwide phenomenon with an enormous fan base. The most famous form of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC is an organisation that sets up fights between fighters; its first event took place in 1993 when Royce Gracie of the famous Gracie family won. Since then UFC has exploded in popularity but it is by no means the only MMA organisation. Bellator is another hugely popular form of MMA, the difference being that Bellator is tournament style while in UFC fighters can challenge each other at any time. Regardless of which form of MMA you prefer, here at you will find extremely competitive odds on all the fights taking place in both leagues and occasionally more. Thanks to this, you will always be able to back your favourite fighters, and with our generous odds, enjoy larger potential winnings.

Different Types of MMA Fighting Bets

MMA is not a sport that lends itself to masses of betting markets, but there are enough to keep things interesting. On all fights you can place a Moneyline bet, in other words, you can place a straightforward bet on who will win the fight. Some fights will offer a few more betting markets such as on how long the fight will last, if the fight will last the distance, and how the fight will be won. You can also combine these bets on your betting slip, this way you will enjoy even longer odds. Let’s say that there are five fights happening in one event. You can place five separate bets, one on each individual fight. Alternatively, you can place a combo bet. With a combo bet, you place a separate stake on each section, which means that the bet may still be profitable even if one of the selections you have backed loses. This is slightly different to an accumulator bet, as it does not fail if one of the sections is wrong. If you bet this way, all of the fights in an event become exciting and you will have the chance of bigger returns. If you need help when planning these bets then you should visit the results section of our website. There you will find the latest results from a wide range of MMA fights. You can quickly discover what kind of form a fighter has been in and then place better informed bets.

In addition to enjoying all of these MMA fighting betting markets, you can also take advantage of many exciting promotions here at Sign up for your account today and you can start betting on MMA straightaway.