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Premier League Betting

The Premier League is widely considered the most exciting football league in the world. Betting on the league can only make it more exciting and here at Sports we bring fans all they need for the best betting experience. There are masses of markets with truly generous odds available for every single game, as well as in-play betting, statistics, live updates, and more.

Premier League Odds & Markets

When you go to bet on the Premier League, you will quickly notice that there are an amazing number of markets available to you, allowing you to bet on many different aspects of the sport. In order to make the most of the betting experience, it is worth taking some time to make sure that you understand all of your different options. In general, the markets are split into two broad categories, Outrights and Game Odds.

The Outright Markets are those that deal with the league as a whole rather than individual matches. The most basic of these is a bet on which team will win the league. This market will be updated as the season progresses and the favourites emerge. However, this means that early in the season, you may be able to spot some fantastically generous odds. Alternatively, if a big name team makes a poor start to the season, then you may find that their odds lengthen after losing the first few matches, and it could be the perfect time to place a bet.

There are far more Outright markets available, such as Premier League Top 4, a bet on which teams will finish in the top four. This is always a hugely competitive area with clubs trying to qualify for the Champions League, and it can lead to some exciting betting action. You will also find markets such as Top Goal Scorer, Top 6 Finish, To Finish Bottom, To be Relegated, Not to Be Relegated, and PFA Player of the Year Award. Furthermore, many of these bets can also be placed as each way or exacta bets, giving you even more opportunities to win.

Of course, most of the bets you place will be on individual games, and there are plenty of Game Odds markets to enjoy. Once again, the most basic bet is Match Result, or 1X2 Full Time, a bet on one of the teams to win or a draw. However, very quickly the markets become more specific and a little more complicated. You will find Asian Handicap Markets, which give the teams goal handicaps, or you could opt for a Goals Totals Over/Under bet, if you enjoy making predictions about goals.

The match betting markets are divided into numerous categories, such as Halves, Goals, Players, Corners, Cards and Specials. Each category offers a number of markets and by exploring them all, you will find that you can bet on almost every aspect of a football match, such as the number of corners, players to be carded, fouls, and so on. Take the time to look through them all, as they truly present some exciting betting opportunities.

Premier League Live In-Play Betting

Watching football can be incredibly exciting, but even if a match has turned into a rather pedestrian affair, you can always increase your engagement and enjoyment with in-play betting. It allows you to react to the action in real time and place bets based upon what you see happening. The odds are updated all of the time, and by keeping your eyes open, you may spot some great opportunity. You will find many of the same markets on offer as before the match, but live betting also brings with it another category of bets, Next To bets. These are simply bets on the next thing to happen. For instance, if a player looks like he is attacking well then you could bet on him to be the next to score. You can also bet on the next corner, the next foul, the next penalty, and so on. We even bring you live updates from the match, such as who has possession, as well as numerous statistics, to help you place well informed bets that have the best chance of winning.

Premier League Facts

The Premier League is the most popular football league in the world, drawing in more viewers than any other. It is thought that as many as 4.7 billion people watch the matches on television each week. This also means that it attracts many of the world’s best players and as a result, is one of the most competitive leagues. Rather than just one or two teams dominating the league, there is real competition and this makes it a particularly exciting league to bet on. 

The Premier League has been operating in its current format since 1992 when a number of clubs in the First Division quit the Football League as they were unhappy with the structure. Today, twenty teams compete in the Premier League and the top four finishers receive automatic qualification for the Champions League. The bottom three teams at the end of the season are relegated to the Championship League with the top two teams from the Championship promoted. The final place is decided by a play-off competition between the teams that finished third to sixth in the Championship.