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Get the Best Golf Betting Odds

Golf is a sport loved by many around the world and one that people love to bet on. It is a fairly sedate game, which means that there is normally plenty of time to plan your bets and you will have lots of time to analyse the situation before placing a bet. It is not a sport that offers a great deal of betting options, but there are still a fair few markets and by using them intelligently, you can greatly increase your chances of winning big payouts.

How to Bet on Golf

There are two main golf tours that you can bet on, the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Of course, you can also bet on the Golf Majors, such as the Masters, the Open, and the US Open, which see the best players from teach tour battle it out. For any golf tournament, regardless of which tour it is on, you can certainly place an outright bet on the winner. However, you will find that there are many more outright betting options available and these can make the betting experience far more interesting. For instance, you can bet on the leader at the end of any given round, or you could bet on a player to finish in the top 5, 10 or 20. Thanks to these markets, you can bet in many different ways. For instance, if you think that a player is likely to start well but then drop off as the tournament progresses, you may bet on them to be the First Round Winner and then have a Top 5 Finish.  Something unique to golf betting is virtual match ups. We pick pairs of players and you can bet on which one will perform better over the course of one round of golf, 18 holes, or four rounds, 72 holes. It is a fun alternative to betting on the tournament winner and it can be extremely exciting, especially if your player is going head-to-head with an opponent heading down the 18th fairway.

Flexibility in Golf Betting

You can use these betting techniques in any way that suits you. In golf, just as in any sport, there are often surprises and there is no such thing as a 100% safe bet. However, to a certain extent you can take some of these uncertainties into account. If a player’s form does not convince you, then can bet on them finishing in the top 10 rather than top 5. Alternatively, you could take a punt on a completely different betting market. At times, golf can appear to be extremely straightforward but at other times it is wonderfully complex and betting on the game is often exactly the same. You can have an extremely rewarding and exciting time betting on golf and here you will find all you need to do so.

Golf Betting Markets

There are golf tournaments and tours taking place around the world including in the US, Europe, Asia and South Africa. It is a truly international game, as shown by events in the European Tour that are co-sanctioned alongside the Asian and Sunshine Tours. Here at you will find highly competitive odds covering all of the major tours and tournaments, including The Masters, The Open, the USPGA Championship, the Ryder Cup, and so on. Thanks to this, you will be able to bet on virtually any golf tournament that interests you and you can be sure of finding generous odds.

Different Types of Golf Bets

When you look at a golf tournament’s betting markets, the majority of them will be found in the outright markets. There are many of them, far more than just a bet on the outright winner of a tournament. For instance, you can bet on the top nationality, you can bet on the player who has the highest placing at the end of the first round, you can bet on a player to finish in the top 5, 10 or 20 of a tournament and more. This gives you a number of different ways of backing your favourite players without having to commit to betting on them winning the tournament outright. There are plenty more betting markets available, you can bet on which players will make the cut, you can bet on whether a hole in one will be scored during the tournament, you can bet on how many players will finish the tournament with an overall score under par, if there will be a play off hole to decide the tournament winner, and so on. If you think a newcomer is going to steal the show then you can place a First Time Winner bet on them lifting the trophy. You can also bet on the Winning Margin, by how many shots the winner will win the tournament. If you are really confident in a player’s ability then you can place a Wire to Wire Winner bet, this is on a player to be the tournament leader at the end of each round and then to win the tournament. If you are interested in betting on players’ scores then you can also bet on what the Winning Score will be, what the Highest Round Score will be and what the Lowest Round Score will be. We bring you all of these betting markets so that you have a great deal of choice and can bet on an event in the way that is best for you.

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