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Contact slots

Head deep into the jungle to the Mayan temples where you can win big with cascading reels, payout multipliers, and more. 

Contact is a slot from Play’n Go that takes players deep into the jungle to visit ancient Mayan temples. It is an arcade style slot that is played on a 5x7 grid of symbols that is set in the side of a temple with foliage and more temples visible in the background. The slot offers payout multipliers, a bonus round and even a super bonus round to help players win big.  

How to Play Contact Slots 

Before you spin the reels, you need to set your total bet per spin using the slider underneath the reels, and it can be anything from 0.20 up to 100. When you are happy with your bet just click on the spin button to start the reels. There is also auto play functionality that can be used to set up to 100 spins in motion complete with stop conditions.  

You win payouts by landing clusters of at least five matching symbols on the reels. All of the symbols are thematic and they include masks coloured purple, blue, green and red, as well as engravings of a dog, a monkey, a bird, a snake and a turtle.  

Contact Slots Bonus Round 

When a winning combination lands on the reels, the non-winning symbols are then removed to allow the winning ones to cascade down and lock in place. New symbols then drop from above and this process will continue for as long as the winning cluster is improved or new wins land.  

The slot offers Win Multipliers. If you fill the entire second, fourth or sixth row with wining symbols then your payout receives a x2, x3 or x4 multiplier respectively. If you manage to build winning clusters all the way up to the top row, then you trigger the Bonus Round. If you fill the entire grid with winning symbols then you trigger the Super Bonus Round.  

The Bonus Round begins with three free spins while the Super Bonus Round begins with six. Winning clusters remain on the grid throughout the free spins, meaning that you can only increase your winning potential in both features.  

In the Bonus Round, if you fill rows 2, 3, 5 or 6 with winning symbols you will receive a multiplier of x2, x3, x4 or x5 respectively. If you fill rows 1, 4 or 7, then you will trigger one of three features: 

  • Block Destroyer – This destroys one of the multiplier blocks thereby allowing other multiplier blocks to cascade down with an additional multiplier block to fill from the top. 
  • Symbol Upgrade – One of the winning clusters is upgraded to the next highest paying symbol. 
  • Extra Free Spins – You receive an extra free spin. 

In the Super Bonus Round, any row containing winning clusters awards a payout multiplier as well as a special feature. In this round, the above features are upgraded as follows: 

  • Block Destroyer – It destroys three blocks instead of one and increases the multiplier up to x30. 
  • Symbol Upgrade – Upgrades all winning clusters to the next highest paying symbol. 
  • Extra Free Spins – You receive three extra free spins.  

If you manage to fill the grid with winning symbols before the end of the free spins then you receive an extra payout of 25 times your bet for each remaining spin.  

Contact Slots Jackpot 

The purple mask offers the top payout of 1.5 times the bet for every symbol in a cluster. The blue mask pays 0.75 times the bet for each symbol, the green mask pays 0.6 times the bet for each symbol and the red mask pays 0.5 times the bet for each symbol. The dog pays 0.15 times the bet per symbol, the monkey and the bird both pay 0.1 times the bet for each symbol, and the snake and the turtle both pay 0.05 times the bet per symbol.