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Get the Best Basketball Betting Odds

If you love the thrill of watching a Basketball game having placed a few bets on it, then you are sure to love the in-play betting experience here at Sports. As you watch the game, you can use your reading of the sport to place live bets in a matter of seconds and give yourself even more chances to win. If you think a player is looking particularly impressive and about to score, then you can quickly place a bet. With a bit of luck, this will lead to many more winning bets and a fantastic experience.

Live In-Play Basketball Betting

Here at Sports we are proud to bring you live in-play betting markets on a huge number of basketball games from leagues around the world. Each game brings with it many different betting markets and of course, this means many opportunities to win. While watching your favourite teams, you will find markets relating to diverse aspects of the game. Many of the markets are the same as those offered before a game, such as the Moneyline Full Time, the Over/Under Full Time and the Spread Full Time. However, you can also bet on individual quarters and halves of the game, allowing you to become truly creative with your betting strategy. There are also a number ‘Next To’ bets available. These allow you to bet on what you think the next thing to happen in a game will be. For instance, betting on who will be the next player to score or to foul.  This means that you can respond to the action as it happens and use your knowledge of basketball and the teams involved to try to place more bets that are successful. In-play betting brings you a huge number of betting opportunities and there is no doubt that you will find it a truly exhilarating experience. 

In-Play Betting Features

One of the great things about in-play betting at Sports is that even if you can’t watch the basketball game live, you can still stay on top of the action using our Match Tracker. It provides live updates with information such as who has possession, the current score, and many in-game statistics that can help you place better-informed bets. At the same time, our Play Bot is continually working to bring you betting tips. It analyses a huge amount of information and will alert you to each of its ideas. This will help you respond in real time and make the most of the many betting opportunities presented by in-play betting.

Basketball Betting Markets                                                      

We want you to have the most rewarding basketball betting experience possible and that is why, in addition to bringing you masses of betting markets, we also do our best to offer extremely competitive odds. This means that no matter what type of bet you are placing, you will have the chance to win a little bit more for your money. You will find betting markets on basketball leagues and tournaments taking place around the world. We of course cover the world-famous NBA, but we also offer odds on leagues in Europe and elsewhere, as well as major tournaments. You can bet on the EuroLeague, the Liga ACB, the Lega Basket Serie A, the Turkish Basketball League, the Russian VTB United League, and many more. Thanks to this, we are confident that no matter what basketball game you want to bet on, you will find the markets that you need.

Different Types of Basketball Bets

Basketball offers you many different betting opportunities and allow you to cover many different aspects of the sport. Broadly speaking the markets are split into two, Outrights and Game Odds. The Outright markets are on the overall league or event, such as which team will win the league or tournament, and these are a great place to start. As the name suggests, the Game Odds are on individual matches and these are divided in to three sections, Main, Halves and Quarters. The most basic bet is the Moneyline Full Time, a simple bet on who will win the game. However, you will find many more markets, normally at least eighty for each game. These include Spread Full Time, Over/Under Full Time, Spread Alternative, and these same bets on individual halves and quarters. You can also place Winning Margin bets, on how much a team will win by, Total Team Points bets, Race To Points, which are bets on which team will reach a certain number of points first, and far more. You will also find Prop Bets on individual players. For instance, you can bet on how many points, rebounds or assists a player will provide during the game. In other words, the betting markets are truly diverse and they will allow you to bet on many different aspects of a match. Thanks to this, you can turn every second of a basketball game into a bet winning opportunity.

While there is no such thing as a guaranteed bet, the better informed you are when placing a bet the more chance you have of success. To that end, we bring you a great deal of resources. If you visit the statistics section of our site, you can find a huge amount of information about basketball leagues across the world. You can see resent results, head-to-head comparisons, information about stadiums, player data, and far more. Furthermore, we want to make your time here more enjoyable and therefore, we often run a number of exciting promotions that give you the chance to enhance your bets and win more. In short, we are confident that here at you will find all you need for the ultimate basketball betting experience.