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Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slots

Indulge your sweet tooth while enjoying a huge number of bonus features in this sugary game that can lead to huge winnings.  

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped is a slot from Betsoft that is sure to appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. It is an arcade style slot that takes place on a 7x7 grid set high in the sky against a background of pink sweetie clouds. The slot features cascading reels, free spins, reel modifiers, mystery symbols, and more to help you land big wins.  

How to Play Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slots 

Before spinning the reels, all you need to do is set your coin size, from 0.02 up to 1, and your bet amount. This gives the slot a betting range of 1 up to 250 per spin. There is auto play functionality that can be used to set up to 100 spins in motion complete with stop conditions.  

Payouts are won by landing clusters of at least four matching symbols horizontally or vertically on the grid. There are seven standard symbols, sweets coloured red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink.  

There is a candy wild symbol that is created each time a cluster of at least five symbols lands on the grid. The wild will substitute for all of the other symbols, except for the bonus symbols, to help and form more winning clusters. The bonus symbols include a free spins symbol and level-up symbols. 

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slots Bonus Round 

Each time that a winning cluster lands on the grid, after awarding a payout the symbols are removed to allow more to fall from above. This may form another win and then the process can repeat itself indefinitely.  

The free spins are triggered by landing clusters of the FS symbols on the grid. Landing four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen symbols will awards 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 or 27 free spins respectively.  

If you land a cluster of at least five symbols, it will create a Candy Bomb. The Bomb explodes to destroy a number of symbols, award a cash prize, and cause an additional cascade of symbols. The size of the bomb depends on the number of symbols in the winning cluster, a winning cluster of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10+ symbols creates a bomb that will affect 6, 9, 12, 16, 16 or 20 reel positions respectively.  

There are special star symbols that will progress you along the Level Up Trail. When you have enough of them, you will climb to the next level and at each new level you will win cash prizes and unlock special candy symbols. The special candies are as follows: 

  • Gumdrop (level 1) – Absorbs all symbols of a single colour around the board before exploding 
  • Caramel Chew (level 5) – Travels around the reels destroying the symbols in its path 
  • Candy Cane (level 9) – Explodes all symbols in the same row and column 
  • Lollipop (level 13) – Shuffles the symbols on the grid to form wins 
  • Fizzy Pop Candy (level 17) – Pops onto random candies on the grid and makes them explode 
  • Jelly Bean Cannon (level 21) – Shoots jelly beans that rain down on the board and destroys the symbols where they land. 
  • Morphing Golden Wild (level 25) – Substitutes for all adjacent candies 
  • Sweet Hammer (level 29) – Hits the play area up to 9 times and smashes the symbols, removing them from the grid. 

Finally, after any standard win you can play a gamble game to try to double your winnings. You need to bet on the toss of a coin and if you guess correctly, the payout is doubled. You can also choose to gamble just half of your winnings. 

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slots Jackpot 

The red sweet is the most valuable symbol and it pays 20 coins for each symbol in the cluster. The blue sweet pays 15 coins per symbol, the green pays 12 coins per symbol, the yellow pays 10 coins per symbol, the orange pays 8 coins per symbol, the purple pays 6 coins per symbol, and the pink pays 2 coins per symbol.