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Get the Best Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket can be a hugely exciting game to watch, especially in situations where every ball in an over seems to be of vital importance. Whether you are watching the match live, in a pub or from the comfort of your own home, you can make the experience even more exciting and enjoyable with in-play cricket betting. If you think an innings or an over is going to go a certain way, a player is going to hit an impressive number of 4s or 6s, or if a bowler looks particularly dangerous, then you can take advantage of the situation with live odds and at the same time, heighten your engagement with the match.

Live In-Play Cricket Betting

At you will find live betting markets on cricket leagues and Test matches taking place around the world. For each individual match we try to provide you with as many betting markets as possible so that you can take full advantage of any betting opportunities that you see. If you like betting on the number of Runs then you can find markets such as Runs Off the Next Delivery, the Next Over, the Next 25 Overs, the Next 30 Overs and the Innings Total. Similarly, you can bet against the wicket in an over or on the wicket falling in the over, the next two overs, and so on. You can also bet on markets such as the Next Man Out or on trends in the match, such as a wicket falling in each over. You can even bet on the specific method of the next dismissal, bowled out, leg before wicket, caught out, run out, stumped, and so on. You could also bet on the number of runs that will be scored in each session of a Test match, while this is a slightly longer term bet, it is still very much a live betting market. Cricket is particularly well suited to in-play betting as the action takes place over a fairly long period of time, at least 4 hours for a Twenty20 match and up to 5 days for Test matches. This gives you plenty of time to consider your options, which will hopefully lead to bets that are more successful.

In-Play Betting Features

Even if you can’t watch a cricket match live you can still enjoy in-play betting thanks to the information we provide. As the game takes place, you can track the action, such as runs, overs, wickets, and so on, in real time. Simply visit the live betting page for the match that you are interested in and you will find a wealth of information together with the odds, which are continually updated. You can place your bet in no time with just a few clicks or taps, and hopefully start winning straightaway.

Cricket Betting Markets

Here at we make sure to bring you some of the most competitive cricket odds available to help you get more from each bet you place. For every match, you will find a wide range of betting markets allowing you to bet on many different aspects of the games. We cover cricket matches across the world, including in the UK, India, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and more. We also cover the major Test Series, such as The Ashes, as well as Twenty20 International, the Twenty20 World Cup, the Caribbean Premier League, the Cricket World Cup, and so on. Thanks to this, no matter where the cricket match is taking place, you are more than likely to find odds.

Different Types of Cricket Bets

You can bet on far more in cricket match than just the outright winner. There are masses of markets to take advantage of including the Team to Win the Toss, the Highest Opening Partnership, the Fall of 1st Wicket, Home/Away Team Top Batsman, Home/Away Team top Bowler, the 1st Wicket Method, A Fifty Score in Match, a Hundred Score in Match, Handicap Team Highest 1st 6 Over, Winner Most Runs Out, Match Sixes, and many more. The markets on offer will differ slightly for each of the matches, but there are always plenty of them, and of course, even more become available once the game begins. We want to help you be as successful in your betting as possible, and to that end, on this website you can find a huge amount of statistical information about each match. You can look up the results of previous meetings between two teams, you can see break downs of a team’s recent results, very often you will be able to find statistics relating to individual players, and far more. You can use this information to see who has been showing good form, if a particular bowler or batter seems particularly dangerous and so on. This should help you make more informed, and as a result, more successful, bets. Furthermore, if you ever need to look up recent cricket results then you can do so here on the section of our site dedicated to results. Simply select the league or tournament you are interested in, and you will be able to see all of the most recent scores.

While enjoying our cricket betting markets, you can also take advantage of a huge number of promotions that are available at Be sure to join today so that you can start making the most of our extensive betting markets, competitive odds, and enjoyable promotions straightaway.