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NBA Betting at Sports

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most famous and closely followed basketball league in the world. Across the course of the season, thirty teams battle it out to be crowned champion and each team has to play a gruelling schedule of 82 games. The season ends with a playoff tournament, and from beginning to end, it is truly exciting for fans of the sport.

Here at Sports we bring you everything you could possibly need for a rewarding and thrilling NBA betting experience. There are a huge number of betting markets available on every game and we do our best to ensure that our odds are highly competitive so that you have the chance to win a bit more for your money.

NBA Betting Markets

When betting on the NBA there are two broad categories of markets that you need to be aware of. The first is the outright markets, and these deal with long-term factors within the league, such as who will win, who will win the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference, the Series Winner between two teams, the Exact Series Outcome, and far more. These markets are updated throughout the season and if you think that an underdog is going to pull off a surprise then they give you the chance to capitalise on it with some truly generous odds. In fact, outright markets are notable as they nearly always offer better than even money. We also offer betting on the NBA Draft and you can bet on whom you think will be picked in each round.

However, for many NBA fans, the truly interesting bets will be found in the Game Odds markets. For many games, you will find more than eighty different markets available that allow you to bet on every aspect of the game. These of course start very simple, with the Moneyline Full Time market, which is a simple bet on which of the teams you think is likely to win. If you want to be a bit more specific, then you can make use of markets such as Spread full Time, Spread Alternative, and Over/Under Full Time. However, there is no reason that you need to bet on the outcome of the entire game. All of these markets and many more, can also be used to bet on halves or even quarters of the game, so that you can be truly specific. These can help you build a betting strategy, for instance if you think a team will start slow and then recover you could bet on them to lose the first quarter and then win the rest of the game.

There are many more NBA betting markets available for you to explore. For instance, there are numerous markets that relate to the points scored, such as the Total Team Points, the Margin of Victory, the team points in individual quarters, and Race to markets (the first team to reach a certain number of points). You can also bet on aspects of the match such as whether it will go into overtime or which will be the highest scoring half/quarter. You will also find a number of markets on individual players. For example, you can bet on how many points, rebounds, assists, or steals a player will manage over the course of a match. With so many different betting markets available, the betting opportunities are almost endless. Make sure to take the time to examine carefully all of the different markets on offer so that you can begin to build your own betting strategies and turn every moment of every NBA game into a bet winning opportunity.

NBA Live Betting

The NBA is extremely exciting to watch, it is fast-paced and by its very nature, basketball is an action packed sport. However, you can take your NBA engagement to an entirely new level by taking advantage of our live betting markets. Live betting markets are updated in real time as a game takes place and bring with them many more betting opportunities. By keeping a careful eye on both the game and the markets, you may be able to spot many more chances to place winning bets. You will find many of the same markets are available live as are available before a game, and this opens up a number of interesting strategies. For example, if you backed a team to win but then change your mind during the game, you could place a live bet on the opposition to win and that way try to recoup some of your losses. Live betting also brings with it an entirely new category of bet, the Next To Bet. These are markets on the next thing to happen, such as the next player to score, and truly allow you to respond to the games in real time. Thanks to this, live betting can make the NBA more exciting than ever before.