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Top Table Games To Try

Try your hand at some of the most exciting table games, whether you are looking to explore new avenues of action packed fun or you want to learn a few new skills and freshen up your gaming experience.

Table games can often seem the most intimidating in casinos. Perhaps this is because they are seen as areas where you can only play with high stakes or you need a lot of experience to start playing. This is only half true, in that you can find tables with lower stakes, but they will not be just a few cents, like you can find at some slot games. As for experience, it is best to start playing a game with a good understanding of the rules and some background as to how you can play, and that is why we have put together some beginners’ guides that you can look through to find out exactly how you can get started.

In the following you will get some brief summaries of some of our top games, with links to articles that take you through all you need to know to get started playing them.

Double Attack Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at land casinos, this is because it is a fast paced game with quick rounds, and you can employ tactics that can give you the edge over the house to start winning.

The game is also known as 21, as that is the number that you need to hit or get as close as possible to when playing a round. Traditionally, 2 to 7 people play the game at a table that is headed by a croupier, with each player playing against the house.

This Blackjack stands out from the more popular form of the game because all of the 10s are removed from each deck, so you only have 48 playing cards per deck.

The 10 is the most common value card in Blackjack as the card royals (Jack, Queen, King) also count as 10, making a 4/13 (or 30.7%) possibility of landing a 10 valued card (this is a theoretical number, without counting cards that have been or currently are in play).

In Double Attack Blackjack, this value is reduced to 3/13 (or 23%), which may not sound like much, but it opens the game up a lot more, as lower valued cards appear more often and you can have better odds in trickier situations.

Click here to read our beginners’ guide so that you can get started playing Double Attack Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the most commonly played versions of the game. It is found in many land casinos as well as online casinos, where it can be enjoyed by all players, regardless of budget.

The game is popular for a number of reasons including its pace, the differing tactics you can employ during the game and ultimately because it is not a passive game like roulette or slots, where you leave everything to lady luck, but you have a choice as to how you want to play with the cards you are given.

While it is possible to play Blackjack with the bare minimum knowledge of the rules, and it is also great fun, learning what kind of different strategies you can employ with the hand you are given can give you a huge upper hand on the house. Knowledge of these specific extra rules can help you explore the best potential from the cards you have been dealt.

In Vegas Strip Blackjack you can also find additional side bets that are exclusive to this online game. These include bets that are based on what cards are dealt. These bets can be far more profitable, and though the risk is higher, the potential winnings can be huge, going up to even 100:1.

Click here to read our beginners’ guide so that you can get started playing Vegas Strip Blackjack

Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker is an interesting game which is based around trying to build poker hands with cards you are given. It is a game that pays very high for forming strong hands, but pays little for weaker hands. For those who prefer to win less frequently but win huge jackpots this is a great game, and the more experience you have playing, the easier it gets.

A minimal understanding of Poker and what kind of hands are possible, like Pairs, Flushes, Straights and a Full House are important to get started playing this game.

The format of the game is the following: in the first round you receive 5 cards, any of which you can choose to either keep or discard. If you choose to discard any of the cards, there will be a following round in which the ones removed are replaced with random cards. If you can make a winning hand (in either the first round or the second) then you will be rewarded with a payout depending on the value of the hand you have formed. You can find all of these values in our online beginners’ guide.

The game is a mixture of luck and strategy, as you will get to know when you start playing, the different combinations of cards and the odds for landing a winning hand become easier to pick up during gameplay.

Click here to read our beginners’ guide so that you can get started playing Double Double Bonus Poker


Baccarat is a game most will be familiar with from films or more specifically from James Bond films. The glamorised card game that was a favourite amongst the French Kings’ Courts, is an exciting game to watch as well as play. It is most similar to the Blackjack games on this list, but with less control in the game. The objective of Baccarat is to reach a higher value number than the dealer, where the card royals count as zero, and all numbers that exceed 10 are subtracted by 10 to have a single digit number. What is meant by this is that if you are given a hand of 7 and 8, the value will be 2 (which is 12 minus 2), so landing higher value cards is not necessarily great if the overall value tips past 10.

The game can be played but also watched, where you can make bets on a player, the dealer or make a bet for a tie.

While it is a straightforward game, using just as many decks as Blackjack, the game has historically been attached to many superstitions.

There are many different types of scoreboards in which past results are recorded, and by which players believe they can find patterns that may reoccur in the following rounds. Whilst it is far from an exact science, it can be interesting to know exactly how these scoreboards work, you may find that you can use them to your advantage or, at the very least, understand why other players are looking at them.

With a number of different scorecards that include the bead plate, the big eye road, the small road and the cockroach pig, it may be to your advantage if you know the basics of how they work. It is free to watch games and you never know, it may give you an opportunity to start playing in a game that may win you a lot of money.

Click here to read our beginners’ guide so the Baccarat roadmap scorecards.

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