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Introducing BtoBet Sportsbook – A New Platform

Sports Betting at

While relatively new to the market, offers one of the most competitive sports betting experiences. There are over 35 different sports which you can bet on, including Football, Rugby, Boxing, Cycling, Tennis, Horse racing, Ice hockey and Motorsports as well as sports that are huge in America including Basketball, American Football, Baseball and many more. You can also find some of the most competitive odds in the sportsbook market, with good odds even for games where there is a strong favourite going into the game, meaning you will make a reasonable amount of money betting on favourites as well.


There are promotions for sporting events that are always worth looking out for. Currently you can find promotions for the Premier League and a promotion for the Champions league and Europa league. These promotions are free to enter, and they work as a tournament, where you have to make an initial number of bets that meet the requirements of the tournament, and then depending on the outcome and the odds, you are ranked.

This is ideal for those players who were going to place a handful of bets during a Premier League weekend, as they can sign up for free and just need to make sure that their bets meet the requirements to play.

The tournament winners get cash prizes from a €1,000 pool, with the winner receiving €300, the runner up €200, third place €100. The fourth and fifth place finishers receive €50, with places 6 to 10 receiving €30 and the 11th to 20th places 15€ each.

Pre-Match Betting

When betting for most events, you will be able to put more than just an outright or a match/race/game result, with the addition of many markets that include game statistics. In more popular sports, this is more prominent, with a huge variety of markets for individual games that can be used to alternate and personalise your bet slips. This is a great feature for sports fans who know their team/side/sports players and know what their strengths are or what additional factors will influence the in game statistics as well as the outright result of the games.

There is no time restriction for pre-match betting, so you can theoretically bet on games that are happening in the next 24 hours in the same bet slip as games that will be played mid-week or during the weekend.

As well as finding virtually every single game of professional football that is played in the world, you can also choose to make favourites, this means that you can access the leagues or teams that you follow and find their games quicker, so you do not have to search through the multitude of football leagues and games to place your bet.

Live Sports Betting

The addition of “In play” betting is also a great feature as it allows fans to place bets during a match or gameplay. This feature is incredibly popular with fans as they can get a feel of how their team or player is performing during a game, and that can help them in their decision making when placing a bet. With the substantial number of bets that can be made from the different markets, you are not limited to placing live bets for full time results, but you can also choose to bet on results after a certain period as well as other in-game stats.

For football fans this is a huge plus, as you can find huge markets for the games in larger events and most of the European leagues. These markets are based on goals, corners, penalties, fouls, bookings, halves, periods, and player specials amongst many more. The live bet constantly changes during the course of the match, to reflect the events and statistics of both teams. Player specials or player props are bets where you can bet on a single player to score during a game, as the first goal scorer, any goal scorer or to score the last goal in the match. There are literally hundreds of bets that can be placed and you can take advantage of them during live bets as well.

Mobile Betting

For UK customers, there is a dedicated app that can be used to place sports bets at This app can be found in the Google Play Store, unfortunately there is no iOS application yet, but iOS users can still access the website from their iPads and iPhones.

The mobile app has all the same features as the website, with quick searches and all the markets available for each game. The features that make it better than the website are that you can access your account and place bets far quicker and all in the palm of your hand. We find it is far more convenient when going out or when you are watching a game and want to make a live bet. You can keep track of the odds as they change during a match, and place any bet you want. The cashout option is also a great feature here, as it is much quicker to access by phone, and this is a feature that most will definitely want to have their finger on the trigger of, as the in-game events can change the cashout in the matter of seconds.

Who is BtoBet

BtoBet is a technological partner that supplies B2B solutions for the iGaming industry. They are a globally recognized company who can deliver customised platforms that are highly trustable and to bookmakers.

Tailored Software

BtoBet Sports prides itself on delivering platforms that are focused on the bookmakers’ needs and on the sportsbook players’ preferences. The product they deliver is developed by a platform called Neuron Sport, which comes to bookmakers in the form of a user friendly front end software that has many different customisable features. This gives all the creative input and control to the bookmakers, who can determine the structure and what kind of tools they want to include for pre match betting and live betting. The flexibility to customise the platform ensures that the bookmakers can operate within the jurisdiction of any country they are licensed in.

Risk Management Tools

The software comes with risk management tools too, that can help the bookmakers cut their operational costs and develop their product to give players the most competitive odds in the market.

The parameters for risk management are easy to manipulate for the sportsbook, with an experienced BtoBet Trading team that can monitor the service and are available for contact at all times. Additionally there is an advanced reporting system, so any failure or issue can be quickly checked and resolved.

Player Management Tools

Player management tools can help companies who use BtoBet as their sportsbook platform to track players’ activity, thus helping to determine what kind of bets are popular amongst players. This great feature can give the bookmakers an indication as to how players react to certain bets, and what kind of promotional bets or additional bets they can put in to attract more players. What this can mean to you, is that you may find more specialised bets for the games you like to watch, both in pre match betting and with in-play, live bets.

Mobile Platforms

BtoBet Sports also supports mobile platforms, and can deliver all the same functions and flexibility to mobile apps that you can find via the desktop sites. The software can also deliver betting coupons, personalised betting for users, cash out features, real time alerts as well as multi criteria match search options.

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