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A Betting Guide to the 2022 Open Championship

An Introduction to the Open Championship

The British Open, or Open Championship as it is officially called, is one of the most significant golfing tournaments of the year. Not only is the championship title coveted by all of the professional golfers but it is also the oldest tournament in the sport, and a win not only propels a golfer up the world rankings but also cements their place in golfing history.

The Championship was founded in 1860 and originally held at courses in Scotland. The early editions were won exclusively by professional Scottish golfers. By the mid-20th century the competition was being held in venues in England as well as Scotland, and many golfers of different nationalities won the Open. This was the time when legendary players such as Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Steve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods and many more players won multiple championships and opened the competition to the world. To date 15 different countries have won the competition, including the US, Scotland, England, South Africa, Australia, Jersey (the independent country off the coast of northwest France), Northern Ireland, Spain, Ireland, Argentina, France, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

With up to 156 contenders competing for the title each year, it is certainly one of the most interesting golfing tournaments and has produced some of the finest performances in the sport.

Golf Betting

There are many reasons why people enjoy watching golf. Whilst it is a slow paced game, the amount of effort and technique that needs to go into each shot is quite remarkable, and as the competition heads towards the final two rounds, when a cut is made and only 70 golfers remain, it suddenly becomes very tactical.

There are some fans who watch all of the action, whilst others may only watch the tee times of certain high ranking players, to see how they will try to hole the golf ball in the fewest strokes possible. Different players will naturally have different techniques, but with each of the 18 holes posing their own unique challenges, it offers numerous twists and exciting plays.

Fans who watch golf may also decide to bet on the game. This can be done in many ways, as the Open Championship lasts for four full days and there are many different players that can be bet on. Here we will explain some of the most popular types of bets that can be placed on the Open.


The simplest bet that can be placed is on one of the golfers to win the Open Championship. This bet can be placed at any time during the competition, but it can also be placed before the competition starts. However, once the competition has started and certain players start to top the scorecard, the odds on them winning will shorten, so it is preferable to place an outright bet on the winner before the competition has started or in the early phases of the competition when the odds are longest. The odds on wagers placed on a golfer to win the competition are usually far higher than in other sports. This is because there are so many different possible outcomes, so even a small bet on the clear favourite to win can bring huge winnings.

To Win Bets

The Open Championship can be broken down into individual rounds, meaning that bettors do not have to place bets on who will be the winner at the end of day four, but they can split the tournament up into four different bets. For bettors who want to place bets on even shorter frames of time, they can bet on individual holes, meaning that they can potentially place up to 18 bets in a single day. Considering the high odds that can be found in golf betting, this offers punters who know their golf the chance to place many small bets during a day and if even one of them wins it can put them in the plus.

Of course it is never that simple to predict which golfer will win a hole, but there are certain factors that may help. If a punter wants to place a bet on a specific golfer who they know does well on certain holes, they may choose to place bets on that golfer on the second day. This will be after the first round, so they will already see how the golfer performed on that hole the previous day, which may help the bettor make a good prediction.

Each Way Bets

Bettors may choose not to place direct bets on which golfers will win the competition, or the round. The odds are long, but they do come at quite a risk and some punters may look for alternatives that are not as risky. The each way bets allow punters to predict which golfer will finish in any of the top places such as top 2, 3, 4 or 5. Depending on whether the bet is on a round or for the whole competition, the bets that may be available may differ. If they are available, these bets allow punters to place reduced risk bets that still have quite good odds and they can back their favourite golfers, or those that they prefer to bet on. If the bet is on which golfer will finish in the top four, the punter may choose to place two bets that may be able to both pay off. In tournaments where there are two strong favourites going into the competition, this may be a highly useful bet to place.

Versus the Field Bets

The versus the field bets are a unique bet that is available for golf. This is the opposite bet of the to win bets, so bettors can place a wager on a player to not win the competition or round. The odds will be reversed, with the odds on the favourite to win the competition very high, as compared to odds on one of the lower ranking players to be extremely low. It is a thought provoking bet, as it can be just as difficult to place a bet on a top ranking player to win. The only difference is that multiple bets can be placed in the versus the field bets. Of course it is better to try and see which of the higher ranking players have good odds and then try to determine how likely they are to miss out on the championship.

Head to Head Bets

The head to head bets offer golfing fans the chance to pit their favourite players against each other. When these bets are available, they offer bettors the chance to place a wager on which golfer will score higher between two contestants. This does not require either of the golfers to win. As long as the golfer picked scores higher than the other golfer in the bet, it will pay out. Golf fans who enjoy seeing old rivals trying to out play the other may see this as an exciting bet to place.

Prop Bets

In addition to all of the bets that revolve around the end result of the Open Championship or one of the rounds or holes, there are also bets that are far more specific. These props bets are the jolly jokers of the golf betting world, with bets on events to happen during a hole or round that are extremely hard to predict. These bets usually depend on which round the competition is, or they may be different for different competitions, but they always promise good odds and a great level of extra excitement. For the Open Championship, there may be props bets available such as:

  • Will the Champion be an American golfer?
  • Will a certain player make the cut?
  • Will there be over or under 4 bogeys on the 10th hole?

These, and many more different possible bets, are not easy to predict but they certainly put an interesting twist on the competition. There may be props for individual feats on certain holes or rounds, such as will there be a specific amount of eagles or bogeys on one hole, or in one round. There are also bets that directly relate to which player will win the Championship, or rather which nationality they may be, their age and so on. These bets are a little more out of the box, but can offer some fantastic odds that are sure to appeal to avid punters.


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