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A Guide to the 2022 PGA Championship

The 104th PGA Championship will be held on May 19-22, 2022. The tournament is played from Thursday through Sunday on the weekend before Memorial Day. It is the second major golfing event of the season, and is among the oldest annual golfing events. The PGA Championship is one of four major events that also include the US Masters, the US Open and the British Open. Players who win the PGA Championship receive an invitation to the other three events for the following 5 seasons. In addition to this they receive a lifetime invitation to the PGA Championship. The tournament is the only major event that is exclusively for professional players.

The PGA Championship is played over four rounds of 18 holes, with up to 156 players entering the first round. The leading 65 players after the first two rounds will make the cut and can proceed with the third and fourth rounds. At the end of the fourth round, which should finish on Sunday, the winner is determined. If there are two or more players tying for top place, they proceed to a sudden death playoff, the last remaining player will be crowned the champion.

Golf Betting

Golf betting is quite unlike other sports as the games tend to last longer and are played slower. This allows sportsbooks to offer a lot more betting options to bettors. Here at we have many bets to choose from, here is a breakdown of the bets we offer:

To Win Bets

This is a bet on a specific person to win the PGA Championship. These can be placed as soon as the official list of contestants are announced, with the odds offered representing their likelihoods of winning. To win bets can be placed at any point before or during the tournament, but it is important to note that the odds will change after the Championship has started.

Each Way Bets

To win odds are high, though they come with plenty of risk. For a bet which comes at lower odds but has a far lower risk factor, the each way bet is a great option. Each way bets are on whether a certain player will finish in the top 5 or top 6. Though they come at lower odds, it is a popular option, especially in years when the favourite going into the competition has a bad history at the course or struggles with consistency.

Versus the Field Bets

Versus the field bets are placed on a certain player to not win the competition. Here the golfer will be singled out against "the field" of other golfers, and the bet wins if the field wins. The betting odds on these bets are lower before the tournament starts, but as the competition progresses and there is a leader in the rankings, the odds will grow. It is usually most profitable to place a versus the field bet before the fourth round, and the higher the player it relates to is on the leaderboard, the higher the odds will be.

Head to Head Bets

This bet is unique to golf. Two or more players are singled out, and the head to head bet is on which player will win out of the selection. Regardless of who wins the competition, this bet will pay out if the player chosen in the head to head beats the chosen opposition.

Prop Bets

Props are bets related to certain feats or events that can happen during the tournament. These can relate to a certain hole or round, a certain player to achieve a certain score or any other part of the game. A few example of props bets are

  • A certain player to score over or under 70 in the first round
  • Will there be a playoff round at the end?
  • Will there be a hole in one in the second round?

Props bets are far more difficult to predict, but can offer fantastic odds if they come through. For most fans, props are a great side bet to make.

PGA Championship 2022 Top Golfers

Jon Rahm

Though Rahm is the current number one golfer in the world rankings, the Spaniard has yet to win his first PGA Championship. Winning the US Open last year put Rahm in the number one position, a rank he first achieved in 2020 after winning the Memorial tournament. His swing technique is a controversial topic, as he spends practically no time taking his shot. When video replays of his swing were analysed, they showed him making his backswing and downswing all in 1 second. If Rahm hopes to keep his number one position, then the PGA Championship will offer him the perfect chance to extend his lead in the world rankings.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy will return to the PGA Championship as a two time winner. He won in 2012, when the competition was played in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. He won his second championship in 2014, when it was played in Louisville, Kentucky. If the Northern Irish golfer can win here again, it will be his first major trophy since 2015, and he may be able to climb back to the top of the world rankings. McIlroy became a sensation in 2011-14 when he won four major tournaments before he turned 25 years old. A strong factor in his game is how he uses his feet and athletic ability to apply huge force in his swing. His swing has been described as "effortless" and he has a huge fanbase who will back him going into the PGA Championship 2022.

Justin Thomas

Thomas won the PGA Championship in 2017 at the age of 24. This put him in the number one position in the official world golf rankings in 2018, though he failed to win any more major competitions. That does not mean he has not been successful, he placed first in the money list rank in 2017-18 and 2019-20, and has won eight games in his PGA Tour career since his most successful year. Returning to the PGA Championship this year, it may be Thomas's chance to replicate his 2017 win.

Collin Morikawa

Morikawa is an exciting young prospect, he won the PGA Championship in 2020. He began his professional career in 2019, and made a 22 consecutive made cut streak, a record that is second only to Tiger Woods' streak of 25. The following year, Morikawa won the British Open to become the first player to win two majors in eight or fewer starts since Bobby Jones in 1926. He also had success in the European tour, where he won the Race to Dubai event, becoming the first American to win it.

Dustin Johnson

Johnson is a highly accomplished American golfer who has won two major tournaments, the US Masters in 2020 and the US Open in 2016. In the PGA Championship, he has been runner up twice, in 2019 and 2020. Johnson became the number one ranked golf in 2017 and he remained there for 64 weeks. He has held the number one rank for an accumulated 130 weeks, from 2017-2021 in 7 different stints, most recently falling out of the position in July 2021 to current number one Jon Rahm. He was awarded the inaugural Nicklaus-Jacklin award for his performances in the Ryder Cup. The award is given to players for their teamwork, sportsmanship and decision making.

Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau is quite a character to watch on the golf course. Renowned for his technical approach to the game, he has custom designed golf clubs that have thicker grips and are all the same length. He has a physical presence on the field and in the 2020 PGA Tour he was recorded as having the longest average driving distance, hitting over 320 yards off the tee. DeChambeau has also had some controversy with comments made on the field and several disagreements with officials. Despite this, he has won several amateur championships and won the US Open in 2020, winning him an invitation to all the other major events for the following 5 years.

Brooks Koepka

Koepka has won the PGA Championship twice, in 2018 and 2019. He also won the US Open in 2017 and 2018, setting a new record as the first golfer in history to have consecutive wins in two of the major events simultaneously. Koepka first took the number one ranking in 2018, and has been in the number one position four times during his career for a cumulative total of 47 weeks. Unfortunately, hip and knee injuries slowed down Koepka's career, for which he had surgery in 2021. In the same year he competed again for the PGA Championship and finished in a tie with Phil Mickelson, who won the playoffs, putting Koepka in second place.

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