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US Masters 2022 Betting Guide

The US Masters is one of the most highly sought after prizes in golf. It is a tournament that is hosted and run by the Augusta National Golf Club, and is the only major golf tournament that is not run by an international or national golfing association such as PGA.

Professional and amateur golfers can compete in the event by invitation only, and the selection process is up to the Augusta National Golf Club. Special awards and attention is given to amateur golfers who compete in the tournament, as the founder of the prestigious club, Bobby Jones, was one of the top amateur golfers in his time.

The US Masters remains a hugely popular golfing tournament that is packed with traditions and ceremony. The sight of the famous green jacket, awarded to winners, is as close as it gets to golf royalty. Winners will have their names engraved on the famous Silver Trophy, as well as their green jacket, club membership, annual champions dinners and a lifetime invitation to the US Masters.

Golf Betting

When it comes to placing golf bets, there is a wealthy palette of betting markets to choose from with specific markets that can potentially provide huge winnings. There are many contestants in the US Open and even more bets to choose from, which may be daunting to those unfamiliar with golf betting. Once broken down, it is easy to identify which bets appeal to you the most, and how to research the bets so as to improve your chances of winning.

To Win Bets

The most straightforward bet. It is simply a bet on any of the contestants to win the US Masters. Odds will be higher before the tournament has started, and they will be reduced after the first cut and leaders emerge in the scorecard.

Each Way Bets

These bets are on whether a certain player will finish anywhere in the top 5 or top 6. The odds will be lower than that of the To Win bets but the risk will be lower, offering bettors the chance to place safer bets in exchange for slightly smaller winnings.

Versus the Field Bets

This bet is unique to golf, and is a bet on a certain player or players to not win the tournament. This bet is the polar opposite of the to win and each way bets, as the odds will be far higher as the tournament proceeds, and you may find huge odds going into the final round. Should you place a versus the field bet on the leading golfer going into the fourth round, the odds would be highly generous and you would need any other player to beat them to win the bet.

Head to Head Bets

This is another bet that is exclusive to golf, where you can wager on who will win between two or more players. The bet does not need the player to become the champion of the US Masters and will pay out as long as they defeat the other player specified in the bet. Head to head bets can be customised to include more players or can be used to pitch top players against up and coming players, amateur players or any player competing in the US Masters.

Prop Bets

You will find several proposition bets, which can be a lot of fun. The prop bets are events that may happen during the US Masters tournament, such as

  • Will there be over or under 6 bogeys on hole 7?
  • Will an amateur golfer make the cut?
  • Will the US Masters 2022 champion be older or younger than 30 years old?

These are a great way to add further excitement and can potentially offer massive winnings.

US Masters 2022 Top Golfers

While there are many entries to the US Masters 2022 to consider, here is some information about a few of the favourites.

Jon Rahm

A Spanish golfer, Rahm set his first record when he became number one in the World Amateur Golf Ranking for 60 weeks between 2015 and 16. He then turned professional and became number one in the Official World Golf Ranking after winning the Memorial Tournament in 2020. After clinching his first professional title in 2020 he was awarded the 2020-21 PGA Player of the Year. Many are baffled by his golfing technique, as he has an incredibly fast swing. When his swing was taped on a 24 frame per second camera, he was captured as having made his stroke in exactly a second, with a perfect ratio of 3:1 frames on his backswing-downswing.

Jordan Spieth

After winning the US Masters and US Open in 2015, Spieth went on to become the number one in golfing. However, his success was followed by a two year trophy drought, in which he failed to win any major tournaments. He came back to win the British Open in 2017 and climb back up the world rankings of golf. Since his Masters win in 2015, Spieth has a lifetime invitation to the tournament, and he has always looked comfortable competing at Augusta National. One of the trickiest parts of playing the Masters is knowing how to handle the treacherous greens, an area where Spieth has excelled.

Justin Thomas

Thomas won the PGA Championship as well as five PGA Tour events in 2017, putting him into the number one position in the Official World Golf Rankings. He has since struggled to win any major tournaments but came in 4th in the US Masters 2020, a result which he will look to improve on this year. Physically, Thomas is not one of the biggest golfers competing, but he is amongst the top for driving distance, being able to hit over 300 yards off the tee.

Collin Morikawa

Morikawa garnered the attention of the golfing world when he made 22 consecutive “made cuts”, the second longest streak to start a professional career after Tiger Woods' record of 25. He won the 2020 PGA Championship at the age of 23 and then won the British Open and Race to Dubai in 2021, becoming the first American to win the latter. Morikawa is incredibly accurate off the tee, usually being able to hit tee-to-green drives with his athletic swing. When driving, he uses lead wrist flexion in his swing to hit the ball at speed and with accuracy.

Dustin Johnson

One of the more experienced golfers, Johnson won the US Masters in 2020, to add to his 2016 US Open title. He has spent 135 weeks at the top in stints, in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. He has had a lot of success on the PGA Tours, winning a tour in each of his 13 first seasons, a record behind Jack Nicklaus with 17 and Tiger Woods with 14. Standing at 6 ft 4 and weighing 190 lbs, he is one of the physically larger golfers, and he has an average driving distance of 316.4 yards off the tee.

Rory McIlroy

The US Masters is the only major silverware missing from McIlroy's illustrious trophy cabinet. He has won the US Open in 2011, the PGA Championships in 2012 and 2014, and he won the British Open in 2014. Having achieved so much in his career it is still hard to believe that the Northern Irish golfer is only in his early thirties. He has won the PGA Player of the Year, PGA Tour Player of the Year, European Tour Golfer of the Year and more. His golf playing style includes an "effortless swing" that produces power and accuracy without looking like he is exerting himself. His method comes from a highly athletic manoeuvre where he turns late on his downswing, using the friction in his feet to twist his stroke and then turn just as he makes impact with the ball to make a clean drive.

Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau is a strong favourite to win as he is currently on great form and sits in the number 4 position in the world rankings. He has only won one major title, the US Open, though he has won eight times on the PGA Tour. He has custom designed clubs that are all the same length and have thicker grips, and he became the longest driver on the PGA tour in 2020 with an average of 320.8 yards off the tee.


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