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Best Odds on Masses of Betting Markets

Here at we are proud to bring our members some of the best betting odds around on an enormous range of sports. Our competitive prices mean that even if you are backing a clear favourite to win, you will still get a bit more for your money than you will at many other bookmakers.

It doesn’t matter what type of sports you enjoy, you are more than likely to find the betting markets that you are looking for. We cover a huge range of sports including football, betting on the 2022 world Cup,  basketball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, horse-racing, greyhounds, Aussie rules, badminton, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, e-sports, American football, futsal, golf, handball, MMA, motor racing, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, pool, speedway, surfing, table tennis, and more.

Within each of these sports betting markets, you will find that we cover numerous events. For example, if you are a football fan then you will find betting markets covering leagues and competitions across the world including England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the USA, South America, Mexico, and far more. To be even more specific, in England you can bet on the Premier League, Championship, League, One, League Two, National League, English Football League Cup, FA Cup, National North and South, and even more than this. When it comes to individual matches, you can choose from hundreds of markets such as full time result, total goals, exact score, half time/full time, and many more. The markets for each individual event are divided into helpful categories such as Main, Goals, Halves, Corners, Period, Players, Cards and Specials. Thanks to this, you will be able to find the bets that you are interested in quickly and easily.

The same principle applies to every single sport and event we cover, so no matter how obscure the bet that you are looking to place, we are more than likely to have it covered. This means that it doesn’t matter who you support or where they are in the world, you can back your favourites to win.

You should also visit us after the event. We have an entire section of the sportsbook dedicated to sports results. You can find the latest results from a huge number of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, horse racing, cricket, rugby, and more. Within each sport, you will find a range of leagues and you can look up the latest results in a matter of seconds.

At the same time as backing your favourites, at you can also enjoy a number of bonuses and promotions. We offer a new player free bet, and then there are various promotions available such as play boost, which gives you the chance to win more on your accumulator bets. Be sure to keep a close eye on our promotions, as there is often something new on offer.

Enhance Your Excitement with Live Betting

You may see a betting opportunity that you want to take advantage of. Live betting allows you to do just this. In-play betting is a brilliant way to make sporting events even more exciting. While watching your favourite team you can quickly place a bet on the opportunity you see, and hopefully enjoy some big winnings from your quick thinking.

At we offer in-play sports betting markets on football, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, badminton, baseball, golf and table tennis. You will find a great range of markets available for each event, for instance you can bet on the next player to score, the next penalty, the next foul, the next corner, the next offside, and so on. You can also place slightly longer range bets such as on which team will win the next half or on specific events to happen within a given time period. For example, if you are watching a football match and you have the feeling that there will be a red card in the next few minutes because things are getting aggressive on the pitch, then you can place a live bet on it. You will often find more generous betting odds than in the regular markets as the bet is more specific and has a time limit.

On the right hand side of our sportsbook site, you can see our Play Bot. The Play Bot is there to bring you betting tips and in particular in-play betting tips. The Play Bot is particularly helpful for football fans as you can set which scenarios it alerts you about such as Goal Frenzy, Favourite, Goalscorer, Dropping Odds, BTTS, First Goal and Booster. You can also set what kind of things it gives you tips based upon such as Shot Statistics, Possession, Dangerous Events, Current Standings, Underdog Leading, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Head to Head, Corners, and so on. There are even more settings available within the Play Bot, so be sure to make use of it as it can help make sure that you never miss an in-play betting opportunity again.

All of the above examples are football focused, but you will find a similar set of options for any sport. Let’s say you are a tennis fan, you will find in-play markets on each point, game and set. You can bet on who will win individual points, on Aces, on tiebreaks and so on.

Regardless of which sport you are betting on, you will also find a huge amount of statistical information. You can track events in real time and find helpful information on the teams and players, as well as live statistics such as possession, corners, and so on to help you make informed betting decisions. Join today so that you can enjoy all of these benefits and many more while backing your favourites to win.

Betting on Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world and the ability to bet on matches makes it even more exciting for us spectators. Each game brings with it great betting possibilities covering every aspect of the match. Whether you are betting on your favourite local team, the outcome of a major tournament such as the World Cup, or anything in-between, there are always plenty of betting options.

Basics of Football Betting

There are almost limitless options when it comes to betting on Football. You can bet on individual matches as well as place more general bets, such as which team will win a particular league or competition. Match betting also ranges from the general to the specific, meaning that you will find far more bets than just the Full Time Result, Exact Score, and so on.

You can bet on the total number of goals in a match or half, individual players to score, the total goals per team, both teams to score and more. You can also bet on events such as corners; for example, how many corners will there be, total team corners, who will take the match’s first corner, and far more. You can bet on fouls within a game, which players will receive red/yellow cards, will there be any penalties, and so on. In short, regardless of which aspect of the game interests you, you can probably place a bet on it.

Tips for Betting on Football

There is no such thing as a bet that is guaranteed to win, but by doing some research you can help improve your chances. At the most basic level, look at the teams’ home and away records, does the visiting team normally perform well when on the road? Look to see if any of the players are suffering from injuries or if one of the teams is missing its star striker. Examine the teams’ schedules, have they had time to rest between matches, do they desperately need the points from a win or will a draw suffice? Is there a historical rivalry between the two teams, what is their head-to-head record? Gather as much background information as you can in order to place as well informed bets as possible.

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Betting on Tennis

Tennis is a fast paced, action packed sport that is only made more exciting by betting on it. There are many different types of bets that you can place that cover a wide range of different aspects of the sport. It doesn’t matter whether you are betting on a Grand Slam tournament or a relatively minor match, there is always loads of betting action available.

Basics of Tennis Betting

A quick look at our Tennis betting markets will show you the wide range of bets available. The most straightforward bets are those such as Winner Full Time and Set Betting; they are straightforward bets on who will win the match or the set respectively. However, you can be far more specific.

You can bet on exact scores for each set and even winners of individual games. There are a number of special bets as well, so you could bet on the number of tiebreaks to feature in a match, for a set to finish with one player failing to win a single game, the total number of games in a set, and so on. There are many more betting markets available and by utilising all of them, all you are able to make full use of your knowledge of the sport to try to maximise your winnings.

Tips for Betting on Tennis

While it is impossible to be certain of winning a bet, there are certain things you can do to help improve your chances. When betting on a tennis match it is always worth doing some research into the players involved.

Check if they have played each other before and how those matches have ended. Also, check to see if either player has been recently injured and if it has affected their form. When it comes to tennis, the surface of the court is of vital importance. A player may excel on grass but struggle more on clay or a hardcourt. If the match is taking place outside another aspect to look into is the weather forecast and cross reference it with the players’ previous results.


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Live Betting

Live Betting has the potential to make any sporting event more exciting while giving you more opportunities to win. It allows you to react to the action in real time and take advantage of continually updating odds to give yourself more chances to place successful bets. There are live betting markets available on a massive range of sports, including football, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, and more, and endless opportunities to win.

Basics of Live Betting

There are an incredibly number of options when it comes to Live Betting. However, it is the ‘Next To’ markets that really separate it from regular betting. These markets allow you to bet on the next thing to happen and they will of course vary depending on the specific sport. For example, in football you can bet on things like Next to Score and Next to Foul, in tennis you can bet on Next to Break Serve, and in cricket you can bet on Bowler to take Next Wicket.

The Live Betting markets are updated as the action unfolds. This means that you can use your knowledge combined with what you are watching to capitalise on the match as it happens. As a result, watching your favourite sports becomes even more exciting, and you have more chances to place a winning bet than ever before.

Tips for Live Betting

Of course, you can never be sure that your bet is going to win, but by doing some research before an event and keeping a careful eye on the action, you can improve your chances. Whatever sport you are watching, make sure that you are up to date with the latest news of the participants, whether it is teams, individual players, or anything else. You don’t want to be betting on a team only to realise halfway through a game that they are missing a key player. At the same time, keep an open mind and don’t bet just on what you want to happen. If it is clear that the underdog is about to win, don’t keep betting on the favourites out of blind conviction, bet on what is really happening. Use as much information as you can, and you will have the best chance of placing winning bets.


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Betting on Darts

Darts continues to grow in popularity, particularly in the UK, but also around the globe. The main competitions and leagues are organised by the Professional Darts Corporation and the British Darts Corporation. Every darts event brings fans a massive range of betting possibilities and we are confident that here at Sports you will find truly competitive odds and all the markets you could possibly need.

Basics of Darts Betting

When you look at darts betting markets you will see that they are divided into two large categories, Outright and Game Odds. The Outrights relate to an overall league or event, for instance, you could bet on who will win a tournament. The Game Odds are about the individual matches and it is there that you will find the most interesting betting markets.

The most basic Game Odds market is a bet on who will win the match. However, you will find far more, such as handicap markets, over/under markets and exact score markets. Furthermore, you will also be able to make use of a number of markets that unique to darts. For instance, you could bet on which player will score the first 180, how many 180s there will be in a match, and which player will score the most of them. Other darts markets include Score Highest Checkout and Winner Highest Checkout. You will also find many markets that relate to individual sets and legs. By using all of these markets together, you can almost have a bet riding on every throw of a dart.

Tips for Betting on Darts

With any type of sports betting, the most important thing is to research the players involved carefully before placing your bet. You will want to look at their recent form, how they perform in different match formats, and if they have faced each other before. You should also consider how far into a tournament the match is, as nerves are going to be much more a factor in the semi-finals than in the opening round. Another important factor is where the match is taking place. By gathering as much information as possible, you will greatly improve your chances of placing winning bets.


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Betting on MMA Fighting

MMA Fighting has become hugely popular in recent years with more people watching UFC and Bellator than ever before. This has brought with it a great deal of betting opportunities for fans to enjoy. From betting on who will win a bout to betting on individual rounds, there is as much action available outside the ring as inside.

Basics of MMA Fighting Betting

The easiest way to get started with MMA Fighting betting is simply to pick a winner. This is known as a moneyline bet and is the most straightforward type of bet there is. However, you can be far more involved with your betting and take advantage of different aspects of the sport to place a much more interesting range of bets.

A very common form of bet is the Over/Under bet, which refers to how long a fight will last. Therefore, if you think a fighter starts well but tires quickly, you could bet on them to lose the match and for there to be very few rounds. You can also bet on how a match will be won, by submission, knockout, technical knockout, or a judges’ decision. As many fights tend to take place on the same night you can also place combo bets. If you pick a winner for each of the fights then you are likely to enjoy far better odds than when you place a bet on a single match.

Tips for Betting on MMA Fighting

The nature of MMA Fighting means that there are many things to consider when placing your bets. Before even looking at the fighters, it is important to consider the judges. Do the judges have a history of making controversial decisions or are they generally considered fair? Next look at the fighters. It is a rough sport so check for any recent injuries or surgeries that may affect a fighter’s form. Is one of the fighters a good strategist, or perhaps they are overconfident. Be sure to watch the weigh-ins and consider if one of the fighters looks tired or nervous. MMA Fighting is incredibly volatile so by gathering all of this information you are able to place better informed bets.

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Betting on Basketball

Basketball is a sport loved across the world. In addition to the NBA, there are leagues and tournaments taking place in many more countries and they all have a devoted following. The nature of the sport means that it brings with it many betting opportunities, and here at Sports you will find a huge number of markets and very competitive odds ensuring that you can have a truly rewarding basketball betting experience.

Basics of Basketball Betting

When you get started with basketball betting you will see that there are two types of bets, those on the entire league or tournament (outright) and those on individual matches (game odds). The outright markets allow you to bet on a team to win the tournament/league, series outcomes, and so on.

However, it is the game odds markets that present the most betting opportunities. These markets start very basic, such as on a team to win a match, but they quickly become a bit more complicated and allow for spread betting, over/under betting and so on. Furthermore, you do not just have to bet on the entire game, you can also bet on individual quarters and halves, which allows for some interesting betting strategies. Basketball also offers prop betting and you can place bets such as on the total points, rebounds or assists that a player will manage in a game. By exploring and utilising the markets carefully, you can truly turn every moment of a basketball game into a bet winning opportunity.

Tips for Betting on Basketball

As with any sport, there is no such thing as a safe bet. However, if you first carry out some careful research, you will be able to place well-informed bets that have a better chance of winning. For instance, before a game you can look into a team’s recent form, their schedule to see if they are likely to be tired, how they perform at home and away, and of course if any players are injured or suspended. You can also look at the head-to-head history between the two teams and for any external factors that might affect the game, such as if one of the teams is under a considerable amount of pressure. The more research that you carry out, the better your chances are of placing a winning bet.


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Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is known as being packed with action, the games are hugely exciting to watch and a huge amount can happen in a very short period of time. This of course means that there are plenty of betting opportunities. From bets on match winners to goal scorers, fouls, and everything in between, betting on ice hockey is a fantastic way to make the game even more exciting.

Basics of Ice Hockey Betting

The most basic types of ice hockey bets relate to the final score. You can bet on who will win a match, what the goal spread will be, the puck line, the total goals, the total goals for each team, and so on. However, if you delve into the betting markets you will find many more betting opportunities.

An ice hockey game is divided into three periods and each one of them brings a range of betting markets. You can bet on which team will win a period, if both teams will score, who will be the first or last to score, the total goals, the exact score, and so on. You can also place race to bets, which team will be the first to score, 2, 3, 4 or 5 goals. Ice Hockey can also be an aggressive sport and you can bet on the fouls. You can also place bets on individual players to score. Thanks to this, you can bring betting action to every moment of a game.

Tips for Betting on Ice Hockey

There are a number of things to consider when betting on ice hockey. The obvious ones are factors such as a team’s recent form, the head to head results between two teams, which team has the home advantage, etc. However, within a game you can also consider a team’s line, which lines are effective and which are less so. Look at statistics such as goals per game averages. Consider if a team performs well during power plays and other specific circumstances. Check for injuries or suspensions and how a team performs without star players. The more variables you can take into account, the more betting action you will be able to enjoy.

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Betting on Handball

Handball is one of the fastest paced sports around with every minute of a game absolutely packed with action. This of course translates into plenty of opportunities to place bets and each game brings with it a wide range of betting markets for fans to take advantage of. There are matches taking place in leagues and tournaments around the world, meaning that there is always something available to bet on.

Basics of Handball Betting

The number of betting markets available for a handball match is incredible. The most basic of them are bets such as 1x2 Full Time, Spread Full, Time, Over/Under Full Time, and so on. These bets relate to a game’s final result and are a great way to get started with handball betting. However, the game allows for many more bets.

You will find an entire category of betting markets relating to the two halves of a game, this means you could bet on a team to win one half but lose the other. If you think a game is going to have a particularly high number of goals then you can use the Race To markets, for instance you can bet on Race To 3/5/7/10/12/15 goals in the first or second half, and Race to 20/25/30 goals in the full match. Alternatively, you can bet on there being no goals in a particular half. There are many more markets available, giving you a great deal of flexibility in your betting and therefore, even more enjoyment.

Tips for Betting on Handball

Before placing a bet on a handball game you need to make sure that you have collected as much information as possible. You should look at the teams’ recent form, are they on a winning or losing streak. Check to see if any of the players are injured or suspended, if a team is missing one of its top players then it is sure to have an effect on the result. You can look to past matches between the teams to see how they have ended. Look to see how the teams have been performing at home and away, and whether they tend to start slow and finish fast, or the other way around.


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Betting on Horse Racing

People have been betting on horse racing for hundreds if not thousands of years and to this day, it remains just as exciting as ever before. There are many different types of horse race, but each one brings with it a huge number of betting possibilities. There are many betting markets available and many factors to consider when placing a bet, and doing so always makes the event even more exciting.

Basics of Horse Racing Betting

For all horse races, there are three basic types of bets, Win, Place and Each-Way. In other words, you can bet that a horse will win a race, finish in one of the places, or you can cover both possibilities with the each-way bet. However, there are many more betting markets available and these make betting even more fun.

Four other common bets are the Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and Superfecta. While they may have complicated sounding names, they are in fact very straightforward. They are bets on which horses will finish in the top two, three or four places, and on what order they will finish in. These bets give you a great deal of flexibility and by using them in conjunction with one another, you are able to cover a great range of possible outcomes. If you truly take advantage of all of the different betting markets available then you will soon find that watching a horse race is more exciting than ever before.

Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

There are a many factors that can affect the outcome of a horse race and it is important that you take into consideration as many of them as possible. You need to look at the track itself and the weather conditions on the day of the race. This will affect the surface and it is important that you take note of it. It is important to look into the history of each horse. Consider how they have performed at that particular track in the past and whether the horse tends to perform better on dirt, turf, etc... You should also look at the jockey, their recent form is just as important as the horse’s is.


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Betting on Boxing

Boxing is a thrilling sport and one that has always had close ties to the gambling industry with punters often betting millions on big name fights. With each match, bettors will find a huge range of betting markets allowing them to bet on many different aspects of the fight and hopefully place numerous winning bets. No matter which weight division you are interested in or which body is organising the fight, here at Sports you are sure to find all you need to place the bets that interest you.

Basics of Boxing Betting

Betting on boxing can be very simple, and you can start by backing one of the fighters to win. However, as you dig into the betting markets you will soon discover that there are many more betting possibilities. For example, another very simple market is ‘Fight To Go The Distance’, which as the name suggests, is simply a bet on the match requiring all the scheduled rounds.

A very popular market is ‘Fight Outcome’ and this allows you to bet on whether you think the fight will be won by Decision, Technical Decision, Knockout, Technical Knockout, Disqualification, and so on. However, you do not need to bet on the entire fight, you can also bet on the individual rounds. For example, you could bet on a fighter to win in a specific round and by what method they will win. You will also find ‘Over/Under Rounds Full Time Bets’ markets. With the bigger fights, we also offer proposition bets, and this allows you to bet on things such as how many punches one of the fighters will land or whether they will draw blood. Be sure to explore all of the markets carefully as by using them all you can put together a betting strategy that gives you a better chance of success.

Tips for Betting on Boxing

When planning your bets on a boxing match, it is essential that you first carry out careful research so that you have as much information available as possible. The obvious place to start is by looking at the fighters’ recent form and how they have been in their last few fights, this is particularly true if they have faced the same opponent before. You can also see if any information is coming out of the training camps and pay attention to what the boxers themselves are saying about their respective forms. Ultimately, there is no way to place a complete safe bet. However, the more information you have, the better your chances will be.


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Betting on Cricket

While Cricket may be a slower paced game than some sports, it can still be hugely exciting, and very often situations arise when every ball delivered is of vital importance. You can bet on matches taking place around the world, from the UK to the Caribbean, as well as all of the major Test series. Each game brings a wide range of betting markets and the betting possibilities are almost endless.

Basics of Cricket Betting

As with any sport, the most basic type of Cricket bet is on who will win a match. However, the range of markets gives you the chance to place bets that are far more specific. To start with, you can bet on which team will win the toss and then delve into more and more specific bets.

You can bet on almost all aspects of a match such as the Fall of 1st Wicket, the Top Batsman and Bowler for each team, the method by which wickets will be taken, whether a batsman will score fifty or one hundred runs, and so on. There are markets that allow you to bet on the Winner Most Runs Out, the Winner Match Sixes, the team who will score more in the first six overs, who the man of the match will be and far more. Thanks to this, you can make almost every ball of a match a betting event in its own right.

Tips for Betting on Cricket

The key to betting on cricket is to carry out research and not just blindly back your favourite or local team. Look at where a match is taking place; consider what the weather was like leading up to a match and what the weather will be on the day itself. Examine how the teams involved have performed in similar environments in the past. You can be more specific, look at the individual players’ recent form, is a team suffering from any injuries, will any star players be missing. It is worth checking if a particular bowler or batter been impressive recently or if one of the players appears to be off his game. If you are betting on international Test series, consider the history between the two nations involved and which has the home advantage.


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Betting on American Football

American Football is rapidly growing in popularity. Despite being called American Football, the sport has expanded around the globe and with it, so too have the betting options. There is a wide range of betting markets available for every single game in all the major leagues such as the NFL, the NCAAF and the CFL, and placing bets on these markets is a great way to make the sport even more enjoyable.

Basics of American Football Betting

There are many different American Football betting markets on offer, some of which relate to the overall result of a game and some of which deal with more specific aspects of it. The most popular bets are those such as Winner Full Time, Point Spread and Over/Under. All of these relate to the final result of a game, but there are plenty more markets on offer.

You can place bets on halves and even quarters, such as the winner of the first half, or the spread in a quarter. You can also bet on individual player’s performances, such as Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Interceptions, Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards, and so on. There are usually plenty of Special markets as well. These allow you to place bets such as a team’s total TDs, both teams to score in a specific quarter, the first team to score to win the game, the time of the first score, and far more.

Tips for Betting on American Football

There are a few things you should do before placing bets on American Football, but the main thing is to research carefully. Before betting on a game, you need to look into the teams involved. What kind of form are they in, are any of the players suffering from injuries, are any players suspended, and is a team that is used to playing in the cold heading to a warmer climate. These are all important factors that will have a direct impact on the game. You should also look at the teams’ recent games; consider whether the teams have had time to recover in-between games, whether a team has a habit of producing last minute comebacks or tiring towards the end of a game, and so on.



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Betting on Golf

Fans around the world love golf and when it comes to betting, the sport offers one major advantage. It is not a particularly fast paced game, meaning that there is plenty of time to analyse the situation before placing bets. The game offers a surprisingly large range of different betting possibilities and it is a fantastic way to make the sport even more exciting.

Basics of Golf Betting

When you look at the betting markets available for a golf tournament, you may be surprised by just how varied they are. Of course, you can place a simple bet on which player will win a tournament, but the betting possibilities extend far beyond this.

For instance, you can bet on individual rounds, such as which player will win the first round. You also do not have to back a player to win the tournament outright, you could bet on them to finish in the top 5, 10, or 20. It is also possible to bet on specific events occurring, such as a hole in one during a round or the entire tournament. You can combine different types of bets to cover different outcomes, for instance, you could bet on a player to win the first round but then end the tournament in the top 20. Golf betting also offers virtual matchups, something not found in many sports. This allows you to bet on how two players will perform relative to each other over the course of a tournament. You will find many more markets, such as the Winning Margin, the Wire to Wire Winner, and so on, all of which make betting on golf hugely exciting.

Tips for Betting on Golf

Before betting on golf, it is advisable to look into the background of the players. Look at the current form of the specific golfers in tournaments leading up to the event. Furthermore, look at how a golfer has performed on a specific course in the past, some players seem to perform particular well or badly at individual courses. By examining a wide range of statistics, you are able to place better informed bets and also take advantage of a greater range of betting markets.

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Betting on Motor Racing

Whether you like watching F1, NASCAR, MotoGP, Superbikes, Rallying, or any other form of motor racing, there are some fantastic betting opportunities. Each event is action packed and has a huge selection of betting markets allowing you to bet on every stage from practice and qualifying to the race itself.

Basics of Motor Racing Betting

There are many different types of motor sports but in all of them, the most basic bet is on who will win a race. However, you don’t have to place outright bets, you could bet on a driver to finish in the top three, six or ten. Better yet, thanks to the fact that motor races can be very nuanced events, there are many more betting opportunities.

Take the example of F1, which is probably the most popular motor sport in the world. You can bet on which driver will do best in the practice runs. You can then bet on the fastest qualifier, the winning qualification team, and the winning qualification margin. There are even more markets available for the actual races, such as the fastest lap, podium positions, the race winning margin, the grid position of the winner, the first driver to retire, the winning nationality, and so on. You can also bet on pit stops and tyre changes. Then there are betting possibilities such as outrights on the Drivers Championship and the Constructors Championship. In other words, the betting possibilities are almost endless.

Tips for Betting on Motor Racing

Depending on which motor sport you are betting on, there are different things to take into consideration. However, it is always worth looking at a driver’s history on a particular track, some drivers seem to perform particularly well or badly in certain locations. Also, consider the weather and how drivers perform in wet and dry conditions. When it comes to F1, consider how a team’s car has been performing and whether they are having recurring technical problems. Look at the tyre choices for each team/driver, how frequently they have had to pit stop in previous races, and so on.

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Betting on Greyhound Racing

There is nothing quite like watching the dogs thundering round the track and it is made even more exciting when you have a few bets riding on the outcome of a race. Greyhound Racing offers many betting opportunities on races taking place at tracks across the world almost every single day. Each race provides a broad range of betting markets for you to take advantage of and enjoy.

Basics of Greyhound Racing Betting

There are three basic types of bets in Greyhound Racing, you can bet on a dog to Win, Place or Each-Way. The first two are the most straightforward, you are betting on a greyhound to win or finish in one of the top places. The Each-Way bet covers both of these outcomes, meaning that if the dog wins the race then you effectively win two bets.

However, these three bets are by no means the only ones available. You can also bet on Forecasts and Tricasts. These are bets on two or three dogs to finish first, second or third (depending on the bet) in a particular order or regardless of order (again this depends on the exact bet placed). This means that there is a great deal of betting flexibility available and by utilising all of the different types of bets, you have the chance to maximise the potential returns.

Tips for Betting on Greyhound Racing

As with most sports, before placing a bet the most important thing to do is research. First, be sure you know what type of race it is, a Sprint, Standard, Stayers, Marathon, Hurdles, or Handicapping. Then you should look at the dogs’ forms in recent races of this type and also more generally. You also need to consider the track’s surface and the weather. Some dogs will perform better in dry conditions, while others prefer the wet. Other factors to consider include the dogs’ age and the grading they have been assigned, the dogs’ histories on a particular track, the different breeds, the traps they are in, how recently a dog has raced, and so on. The more knowledge you can gather before placing a bet, the better.


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2022 World Cup Betting Markets at

The selection of World Cup 2022 football bets here at will not leave you wanting. It does not matter whether you want to bet on a high profile match such as Germany's group game against Spain, or whether you want to bet on a lower profile match such as the hosts Qatar versus Ecuador, we provide hundreds of markets for all the games in the competition.

The World Cup 2022 is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events in football, and you can definitely take that level of excitement to new heights with some well placed bets. Whether you want to back your favourite teams or want to put your football knowledge to the test, you will not be short of betting options.

FIFA World Cup Betting

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