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Get the Best Darts Betting Odds

Darts is continually growing in popularity as more and more people realise that it is a hugely exciting sport to watch. No matter where you are watching a darts match, at home, in the pub, or anywhere else, you can make it even more exciting by making use of the in-play darts betting markets. If you think a player is going to win the next leg, or you think there is going to be a 180 in the next leg, then you can take advantage of the situation with our live odds and quickly place a bet. This way, you will have even more fun watching and even more chances to place winning bets.

Live In-Play Darts Betting

At Sports we bring you live betting markets on dart tournaments and other events taking place around the world. For every match, we try to bring you as many betting markets as possible so that you can always place the bets that interest you and give yourself the best chance of winning. There are a huge number of in-play markets, many of which you can also place before an event, but some of which are unique to in-play betting. You can of course bet on the match winner and there is also handicap betting available. You will find Over/Under betting available on the total number of sets and legs in a match as well as on the total number of 180s. It is possible to bet on the total number of 180s that each player will make and you can place a bet on there being a 180 in the next leg. It is also possible to bet on the winner of the next leg, as well as an over/under total checkout for the next leg. The odds for all of these markets are updated in real time as the match progresses, and by keeping a careful eye on them, as well as on the match itself, you may be able to spot some fantastic betting opportunities.

In-Play Betting Features

While you may assume that you have to be able to watch a darts match to take advantage of the in-play betting markets, we have a range of features ensuring that you can place informed bets even when far away from a television screen. As the match progresses you can find live updates on all the action on the in-play betting page. This way you can keep track of the scores and of how each player is performing. The information is shown directly above the betting markets, which are continually updating, so that you can quickly place your bets quickly and easily, and hopefully start winning very quickly.

Darts Betting Markets

Here at Sports we work hard to bring you some of the most competitive darts odds available, giving you the chance to win a little more from each bet you place. For every darts match, you will find a range of betting markets allowing you to bet on many different aspects of the sport. We cover all major darts events run by the Professional Darts Corporation, the British Darts Corporation, the World Darts Federation, and more, ensuring that no matter whose auspices a match is taking place under, you will always be able to bet on it.

Different Types of Darts Bets

When betting on a darts tournament the simplest bet is on who will be the winner, and you can of course also place the same type of bet on the individual matches. If you want to be a little more specific, you can place an exact score bet or you can place a bet predicting the total number of sets or legs in a match. If you are interested in 180s, then you can bet on how many there will be in a match, which player will score the most, how many each player will score, and so on. There are also betting markets relating to the checkout. You can bet on which player will make the highest checkout in the match and the highest checkout score in the match. It is also possible to bet on individual sets, such as which player will win a set, how many legs there will be, what the exact score will be, and so on. Other betting markets include on whether there will be a 9 dart finish in the match, if a player will score a 180 in the first leg, and what type of first dart there will be in a match. A great deal of success in betting will come down to the research you do before placing bets and that is why we bring you a huge amount of information. You can look up individual dart players and all their recent results. You can also see head-to-head information about the two players and previous results. In fact, you can find information going back well over a decade. This will help you place better-informed bets and hopefully lead to far more success. While placing your darts bets, don’t forget to checkout all of the promotions available at, many of which will help you win even more.