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Live Betting Odds

As all sports bettors know, when placing a bet there are two things that make it exciting. The first is placing the actual bet and anticipating the potential winnings and the second is watching the event itself to see if you win. Live Betting combines these to make watching sports more exciting than ever before. No matter the sport you are interested in, as you watch the action unfold, you can react to the action in real time to place bets and greatly increase your chances of winning.

How to make use of Live Betting

Here at Sports, we offer live betting markets on a massive range of sports. Whether you are a fan of football, horse racing, rugby, tennis, snooker, basketball, or any other sport, you are likely to find live odds available. The type of markets on offer will vary according to the sport but common examples include the ability to bet on the next goal, scorer, foul, corner, penalty, and so on. As you are watching the match, you can see all of these markets and the odds will be updated in real time based upon how things are unfolding. This means that if you spot an opportunity, for instance you think that a particular team is about to score, you can place a bet on it in a matter of seconds and hopefully enjoy instant rewards. Live Betting also allows you to place bets on specific periods of an event. For instance, if you are a tennis fan then you could bet on the current point, game or set, while football fans can bet on aspects such as who will win the first half of a match or how many cards or corners there will be in a specific time period. Live Betting can also be a fantastic tool if things are not going as you expected. For example, you may have placed a bet on a team to win a match but you soon realise that they are going to lose. You could then place a Live Bet that counteracts the effects of your previous bet, and even gives you the chance to make a profit. By using these markets intelligently, the possibilities are boundless and the excitement can only grow.

Knowledgeable Live Betting

Live Betting is the perfect way for you to take advantage of your sports knowledge. Rather than just backing your favourite team, player or participant to win, you can make far more nuanced bets and give yourself many more chances to win. It allows you to combine your pre-event knowledge with the real time action. For instance, a team may be playing away from home with a star player injured so before the match you will assume they are at a disadvantage. However, early in a match you may come to the conclusion that their tactics are actually better and believe they will win after all. You can then place Live Bets to support this conclusion and most likely at highly favourable odds, especially if the team are still widely considered the underdog. The key advantage of Live Betting is that it takes just seconds to place a bet and truly gives you the chance to use your analytical skills to capitalise on events.

Live Betting Markets

It doesn’t matter what types of sport you enjoy, here at Sports we work hard to bring you Live Betting markets on a massive range of sports and events across the world. If you take a quick look at our In-Play Schedule, then you will soon see that live betting is available on sports as diverse as table tennis, basketball, darts, football, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, esports, and more. We of course cover all of the major leagues and events, such as the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Tennis tours, NBA, MLB, and so on. However, we also bring you live betting markets on many minor leagues and events so that no matter what you are interested in, you can place a bet on it. If that wasn’t enough, we make sure that you can stay up to date with the action even when you can’t watch the sports. Our in-play Match Tracker provides real time updates on all the action such as which team has possession, red and yellow cards, and more, ensuring that you can always take advantage of our Live Betting markets.

Different Types of Live Bets

The types of live bets available will of course depend on the sport that you are watching. The vast majority of the bets are completely self-explanatory and there is an entire category of betting markets that is unique to live betting. These are the ‘Next To’ markets. For example, football fans can place bets on the First Player to Score before a match. However, during the match you can bet on Next Player to Score. You can of course make use of these markets at any point during a sports event, thereby ensuring that there is always the chance to place a bet. Other examples of Next To markets are Next Team to Score, Time of Next Goal, Next Player to get Booked, Time of Next Booking, Form of Next Set Piece, and Team to Win Next Corner. Moving away from football, in tennis you could bet on Player to Next Break Serve or Player to Win Next Set, in Cricket you can bet on Bowler to Take Next Wicket or Runs Scored in Next Over. The possibilities are almost endless and at any given time, there are a huge number of betting markets for you to take advantage of.

While enjoying all of the live betting markets at Sports, you will also be offered many promotions and can stay up to date with the latest sporting action from around the world in our results and statistics sections. We bring everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable sports betting experience so sign up today to place your first bets.