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Bet on the World Cup

Explore All Our Different Betting Markets

At, we bring you a huge range of sports betting options that you can use to bet on individual games in the 2022 World Cup as a whole or on specific games or even events with in those games. To start with, there are plenty of betting markets relating to the match result. These include bets such as match result, double chance, tie no bet, Asian handicaps, correct score, winning margin, and many more on.

You can also bet on certain statistics in a game such as how many goals will be scored in the game, which team will open the scoring, how many goals will one team score, will the first goal be scored in the first 30 minutes of the game, will a team keep a clean sheet, and many similar types of bets.

The fun does not stop there, as you can explore all the bets in our categories for corners, goals, first half, second half, home and away, specials and many more. If you take the time to explore all of the different markets, then you are bound to the exact betting market that you are looking for. As you explore these different categories of betting markets you will come across many different bets including: how many corners there will be in a game, which team will have the most corners, range of goals that one team will score, how many goals will a team concede, what will the range of the winning margin be, how many goals will be scored in one half, which team will win one of the halves, a team to win a half with handicaps, which team will lead after the first 10 minutes, and many more bets that you can enjoy.

Ramp Up the Odds With Our Match Combos

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can try some fantastic match combo bets. These combine two or more of the standard betting market; it makes them a harder to win but it also makes the odds much longer. For example, you may see a market that combines the number of goals scored in a game and both teams to score. Another may bring together the match result and the team to score the first goal. Other options include, correct score at half time and full time, half time and full time result and number of goals scored in the game, half time result and number of goals in that half, half time result and full time result double chance, double chance and range of goals in the game, and many more.

Make Your Bets During Gameplay With Our In-Play Markets

You can find a huge selection of bets before a game has started, and if you don’t place them in time, you will still be able to find most of them after kick off as well. The number of live bets we offer for games is enormous. With live bets, you will be able to watch the first few minutes of the match, just to see how the teams are performing so that you can place better informed bets.

All the live bets will be offered in the same way as the pregame markets, only they will have live odds. You may notice that the odds will shift during the course of a game. This is to reflect what is happening on the pitch. Sometimes this can work to your advantage, as the bet you want to place will lengthen in odds during a game, but sometimes it may not. One key factor to keep in mind with live bets is when you should place them. If you have done your research or have a good knowledge of the teams playing in a match, then you should be able to make well informed bets during a game, reading indications of what will happen next through how the teams are playing.

Win in No Time with Our Instant Live Bets

One key feature in our live markets is the bets on what will happen next in a match. These instant bets can pay out much quicker than the bets that relate to the game as a whole and if you predict correctly, you can win numerous times before the final whistle. You may find bets such as which team will score the next goal, or will a certain player score during the game, will a certain player score the next goal, and so on.

These instant bets will be custom tailored to what is happening in a match. If a team concedes an early goal but they appear to be playing better than the other team, bets may become available such as will the team take the lead before the half, will the other team manage to keep their lead, and so on. To take full advantage of all the different types of live bets and instant live bets we offer, simply keep the page open while watching the match so that you are ready to respond to any opportunities you may spot.

Catch up on all the latest 2022 World Cup news including and detailed explanation about all types of bets available at the magazine.