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Making a Deposit Using Trustly

In order to enjoy Casino fully you need to first place funds in your account, after all, you are never going to win anything playing in demo mode. We have made this a hassle free process by offering a number of payment methods, all of which are highly secure. One of the most popular payment methods is Trustly as it is amazingly easy to use. Trustly dates back to 2008. It is an only payment service that was created for the Swedish market but is now available in 29 countries across Europe. The service allows you to transfer funds directly between your bank account and without any delays or fees, and extremely securely. Trustly has become hugely popular over the years, it now processes millions of transactions every month and it is accepted at a huge range of website. One of the main advantages of Trustly is that you do not need to create a special account in order to use it and the service is compatible with a massive range of banks. It is largely down to this ease of use that Trustly has become such a popular payment method at Casino.

Making a Deposit Using Trustly

As mentioned, making a deposit with Trustly is very straightforward. There is no need to register with Trustly first, all you need to do is login to your account and then click on ‘Cashier’ in the lobby. Then select ‘Deposit’ and choose Trustly as your payment method. You will then be asked to select which country you are in from a dropdown menu and will be presented with a list of banks supported by Trustly. Choose your bank from the list and then login using your standard online banking details. You then just need to choose which account you want to transfer the funds from and how much money you wish to deposit. Trustly then sends out a verification code to confirm the transaction and the funds become available to play with straightaway.

Making A Withdrawal Using Trustly

Trustly makes it very easy to withdraw your winnings from your casino account and the process takes just a few minutes. After logging in to the casino visit the Cashier and click on ‘Cash Out’. Then select Trustly as your payment method before entering how much you wish to withdraw. You then need to choose your country and bank before logging into online banking and selecting which account you want to withdraw your winnings to. Trustly will then verify the transaction and assuming everything is ok, the withdrawal will go to pending. Withdrawals have a two day pending period and a one day processing time so you will receive the funds in your bank account three business days after requesting them.

The Advantages of Using Trustly

You will find that there are a number of advantages to using Trustly at Firstly, it is available in a huge number of countries and is compatible with many different currencies so the chances are that you can use it with your regular bank and in the currency of your choice. Secondly, there are no transactions fees when using Trustly for deposits or withdrawals and you do not need to create a special account, so you save both time and money. Importantly, Trustly transactions are instant (it is only the casino processing that takes time), so you will not be left waiting for your money. Of course, Trustly is highly secure, so your money is safe at all times and Trusty does not save any personal information, so there is no chance of it being stolen.

Trustly’s Security Measures

One of the reasons that Trustly has been so successful is because it has gone to great lengths to ensure that the service is secure. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority license and supervise Trustly as a payment institution. They also have a European Services Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC). Trustly promises never to store any of its users’ information that could be used to access bank accounts, and it makes use of the highest standards of encryption in addition to the banks’ security systems. Thanks to this, it is perfect for people who do not want to reveal their banking details.

The Difference Between Trustly and Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers and Trustly work in completely different ways, but the main difference is the time it takes to withdraw money. If you are depositing funds both of them are instant; however, withdrawals with Trustly take just 3 business days while withdrawals with Bank Transfers take 6 to 8 business days. Furthermore, Trustly offers a far smoother process and as long as you have online banking, it is very easy to use. Conversely, depositing and withdrawing with a bank transfer can be a far more cumbersome process.

More About Trustly

The people behind Trustly created the service with the aim of making online payments as fast, easy and secure as possible, for customers, banks and merchants. Three friends set it up in Stockholm in 2008 and it was initially available just to those with Swedish bank accounts. The company soon grew; in 2010 they opened an office in Malta and processed their one millionth transaction. The next year Deloitte gave them ‘Rising Star’ status as they were Sweden’s second-fastest growing technology company, Alfvén & Didrikson invested in the company and they processed their two millionth transaction. Over the next two years, the company grew and opened an office in Barcelona in 2012. In 2014, the company began a strategic partnership with PayPal and expanded to twenty-one new European markets in 2015. They were also shortlisted as one of the 50 European FinTech companies expected to revolutionise the financial services sector by Fintech City London. In the same year, Trustly began to process at least 1 million transactions per month. They opened offices in Cologne and London in 2016, and since then Trustly has continued to grow. They now process millions of transactions every month and are a major provider of online payment services.

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