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Classic Slots, Video Slots and Poker Produce Big Wins at

Never a day goes by without some huge wins at Casino and the last few days have seen some huge wins from slots and video poker.

Here at Casino we love to celebrate our members’ success. Each day brings a range of new winners from a variety of games. Take a look at some of the most recent of them below.

Lucky Machines Slots – Melissa L. and Nancy D. Enjoys Classic Big Wins

Many players still enjoy playing old-fashioned classic slots. The games offer a simple experience but one that is still fun and can produce some huge wins.  There are a number of players at Casino that enjoy classic slots and two of these are Melissa L. and Nancy D. who won an impressive €10,012 and €4,000 respectively playing Lucky Machines slots.

While Lucky Machines is a classic slot, it has a big twist. It is made up of five separate three reel machines. Each of the machines has three horizontal paylines. You don’t have to play with all of the machines active, so you can effectively play on anything from 3 to 15 paylines.

All of the machines have the same set of traditional symbols including red sevens, clovers, cherries, lemons, bunches of grapes, diamonds, bells, bars, oranges and cherries. Unusually, all of the symbols are worth exactly the same. If you land three matching symbols along a payline then you will win the amount shown to the right of that payline.

While this is very much a classic slot, it still offers a fun bonus feature. If you land a winning combination of three red sevens then the Crazy Bonus Round begins. It is essentially a free spins round that is played on the same five machines. The reels spin and the win multiplier increases by 1x with every spin. However, any paylines that do not produce a win will be deactivated and once all the paylines are out of operation the bonus round ends.

You can bet anything from £0.10 up to £10 per payline so the slot has a betting range of £0.10 up to £150. The amount you can win will increase with your bet but there is a top payout of 2,000x. Before you spin the reels the payouts are concealed and they are only revealed when the reels come to a stop.

This is a slightly unusual slot, but as Melissa L. and Nancy D. discovered, it can certainly lead to some huge winnings. Furthermore, it is a game that will appeal to both classic slot and video slot fans thanks to its unique structure and features. If you are looking for something new to try that offers something a little bit different then why not give Lucky Machines a spin and see if you too can win big.

Joker Poker – Jani R. is Dealt the Right Cards

Video poker is a hugely popular game enjoyed by players online and in casinos around the worlds. The games are easy to learn, all of them have the same basic premise, build the best possible five card poker hand. Furthermore, as Jani R. recently discovered when he won €8,000, they give you the chance to win a huge amount of money.

As the name suggests in Joker Poker the Jokers are left in the pack and these act as wild cards. This means they will stand in for any of the other cards to help you form winning hands.

When you open the game the first thing you are asked to do is choose how many hands you want to play simultaneously, 1, 5, 10 or 25. Next you need to set your Hand Price (the size of one coin) and the Bet Level (how many coins to bet per hand). There are five bet levels, but it is worth noticing that if you choose to bet five per hand then the potential payouts are far greater. A Royal Flush is the most valuable hand, when you bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins it pays out 800x, 1600x, 2400x or 3200x respectively. However, if you bet 5 coins it pays out a massive 6,400x!

After you have set your bets just click on ‘Deal’ to receive your first five cards. You then need to choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard. Any cards that you hold are held across all of your active hands. After you have made your choice click on ‘Draw’ to replace those cards you chose to discard. You will then be paid out for any winning hands. If your initial five cards contain a winning hand then those cards will be held automatically.

After each winning round you are given the chance to gamble your winnings in order to try and increase them. However, you don’t have to risk all of your winnings, you can choose to gamble just half. In the game you can double your winnings if you can guess if the next card drawn from a pack is red or black. You are also given the chance to quadruple your winnings by guessing the suit of the next card drawn from a pack. If you guess correctly you can repeat the process and this way keep doubling or quadrupling your winnings.

The amount you can bet on a hand will vary depending on how many hands you are playing. When you play just one hand you can bet anything from £0.10 up to £25 on the hand, if you are playing 25 hands then you can bet anything from £0.01 up to £1 per hand, so up to £125 per round (when betting five coins per hand). As mentioned, the Royal Flush (without a Joker) offers the largest payout of 6,400x when playing with five coins. The smallest available payout is 1x for Kings or Better when betting one coin.

Joker Poker can provide you with hours of fun and as Jani R. discovered, some huge winnings as well. If you enjoy a round of poker then why not try your hand at this game and see if you can become one of our featured winners.

Astrodice Slots – Vital B. Reaches for the Stars

Vital B. has been enjoying a space adventure at Casino and recently won an impressive €5,532 playing Astrodice slots.

While it may sound like an unusual theme, Astrodice is all about dice in outer space. It is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 20 paylines. The reels are transparent and behind them you can see a stunning view of distance stars, galaxies and passing comets.

All of the slot’s symbols are different coloured dice. There are eight standard symbols, dice coloured blue, green, purple, red, light blue, orange, yellow and light green. The dice with a joker’s hat is the wild symbol, it can substitute for all the other symbols, except the bonus and scatter symbols, to help and form winning combinations. There is a gold dice scatter symbol and a red marble dice bonus symbol.

When the bonus dice lands on reels one and five simultaneously the Rock and Roll bonus game begins. You need to pick from the various dice to uncover prizes. A few of the dices will also contain satellites and when you find one of these it will increase the payout multiplier by 1x. You can keep picking dice until you find ‘Collect’.

When three or more of the scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels the free spins begin. First you need to select from the dice to discover if you have won 10, 20 or 30 free spins. During the free spins there will be extra wild and scatter symbols added to the reels to help you land even more wins.

Astrodice has a betting range of £0.01 up to £200 per spin so all players can afford to give it a spin. The top payout of 10,000x is won by landing five wild symbols along a payline. The blue dice can payout up to 5,000x, the green dice up to 1,000x, the purple dice up to 400x, the red dice up to 200x, the light blue dice up to 100x, the orange dice up to 80x, the yellow dice up to 50x and the light green dice up to 40x. You can also win massive scatter payouts of up to 100x your total bet for a spin thanks to the scatter symbol.

Vital clearly had a great time playing this slot and there is no reason why he should be the only one to win big. Give it a spin today and with a bit of luck you will be one of our next featured winners.

More Big Winners Every Single Day

These are just a few of the latest winners from Casino. Each day brings numerous more from a variety of different games. Why not see if you can become one of our featured players, start playing today and see if you can land one of next week’s big wins.


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