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Advanced Bets for the Europa League Final

What is the Europa League?

The Europa League is a hotbed for the large range of European footballing talents, whether they are top players playing in some of the most renowned clubs, or they are youth players who break through the ranks to play in one of the most televised European competitions.

It is the second tier of European football tournaments, in terms of prestige, it only ranks below the Champions League but it is considered more prestigious than the Europa Conference League.

As a result, it is a hugely exciting tournament featuring many of Europe’s top teams and players. Furthermore, after the group stage, a number of Champions League teams that failed to advance are relegated to the Europa League, mixing up the tournament even further.

Europa League Final Advanced Betting Guide

The Europa League is highly exciting to watch, many popular teams in Europe have played in and won the tournament. It is more variable than the Champions League in that there are many new teams that have worked their way up from the lower ranking leagues, as well as a number of top teams who have fallen from grace.

Watching Europa League games is captivating, as it puts the stronger teams to the test when they come up against lesser known clubs. The changing selection of teams that compete in the tournament, both at the group stage and at the knockout stages means that quite often there will be starting line-ups from two teams that have never played each other before.

When it comes to betting on the Europa League Final, there is a huge range of thrilling bets to make the most of, such as full time result, double chance, total number of goals, spreads, and more.


With the Final still some weeks away, if you want to start betting on it you can have a look at the outright markets. These markets are available throughout the entire tournament and the earlier you make use of them, the longer the odds are going to be. Especially if there is not yet a clear favourite.

Outright Winners

If betting on the final in advance, this will be the market that you will probably focus on. Bets can be placed on any club to win the Europa League. These are probably even more difficult to predict than the outright winner of the Champions League, as any Champions League can be relegated to the Europa League if they fail to advance past the group stage. It is not unheard of for teams to win the Europa League after being relegated from the Champions League group stage. For instance, Galatasaray in 2000, Feyenoord in 2002, CSKA Moscow in 2005, Shakhtar Donetsk in 2009, Atletico Madrid in 2010 and 2018 and Chelsea in 2016.

Another factor that makes this difficult to predict is the fact that the winners of the tournament always play in the Champions League the next year, so a bet on the defending champion would only work if they are relegated themselves.

However, because of all of these variables often you can find extremely long odds on the outright winner of the Europa League. Betting on last season’s winner may not be as foolish as it sounds; take leading Europa League winner Sevilla as an example, the team won the competition three years in a row from 2014 to 16.

Top Goal Scorer

While this market may not directly relate to the final, it wouldn’t be surprising if the tournament’s top goal scorer reached the finals. It goes without saying that the more matches a striker plays in, the more chances they will have to increase their goal tally. Whilst the introduction of Champions League relegated teams may suddenly change the outcome of the tournament, the majority of the games are played in the group stage.

If there are any exceptionally proficient goal scorers in any of the teams looking likely to reach the final, then it is definitely worth exploring the odds on them. This is also a hugely popular bet for fans who want to support their favourite players.

Team of the Tournament

Once again, this is a market that isn’t directly about the final, but is not irrelevant. The Europa League has its fair share of top players and dark horses alike. There are plenty of young players who will use the opportunity of playing European football to show off their skills, in the hope they can attract the attention of some of the bigger clubs. The players who make the team of the tournament are usually either recognised because they managed to take their team far in the competition, or for their individual achievements during the competition.

Game Props

When it comes to the final itself, there are some interesting bets worth exploring beyond the simple match winner. These may offer far longer odds than the standard bets, as they are hard to predict. Many fans place game props in addition to standard bets on a single game as it gives more opportunities to win and the chance of greater returns.

Two Way Bets

These are simple yes/no bets on things that may or may not happen during the game. The bets are very straightforward, such as whether there be a penalty, will there be a freekick goal, will there be a red card, and many more. Other popular game props include bets such as on the first team to score, a team to keep a clean sheet and so on.

Over/Under Bets

This is an entire category of bets that work on the same very simple principle. The market will supply a value and you are simply betting on whether the thing it relates to will have more (over) or less (under) times than specified. The most common example is a bet on the total goals, will it be over or under the value. However, you can bet on things such as how many corners will a team have, how many shots, how many fouls and so on. Normally with all of these markets, there will be a range of values to choose from.

Player Props

These markets are a great way to back individual players who make it to the final.

Player to Score in the Final

There may be bets offered on certain players to score during the final. These exciting bets come with some great odds and can be a lot of fun for those watching their favourite strikers. For some really talented attacking players, there may be even more bets such as the player to score a brace or score a hat-trick. These come with even longer odds. When placing a bet on a goal scorer, it may be useful to check where the majority of their goals are scored, as some teams will have proficient goal scorers from the wings or from the midfield.

Player to Assist in the Final

For the players who have a special ability to pass the ball into open spaces and create chances, there may be bets on the player to assist. These bets can be an interesting option, especially when a team scores mainly from set pieces. The talisman who puts the ball into the box may not be the name that is chanted by the fans after the goal, but his job is just as important.

Europa League Final Man of the Match

The Europa League final is the place for any player to step up and try to put in the performance of their career. The winners of the final will secure a place in the following season's Champions League, but perhaps more importantly, they will be able to hold the Europa League trophy.

Bets can be put on which player will be named man of the match in the Europa League finals. Punters can place their bets on proficient goal scorers, or they can even place a bet on a goalkeeper who may be just as important for the team to win the finals.

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