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Europa League Final Betting Guide

What is the Europa League?

The Europa League is the second most prestigious European tournament after the Champions League. It is highly popular because there are a huge selection of teams playing in the competition and for many fans who do not support any of the bigger clubs, it is a chance for their favourite teams to pick up some European silverware.

The competition is the chance for many up and coming clubs or historically bigger clubs that have fallen from grace in recent years, to play football on a much bigger stage. Though the competition proper is the same size as the Champions League, with 32 teams competing, there is a bigger range of leagues involved. Smaller clubs or unproven youth players can try to use the competition as a means of creating some international attention.

Europa League Final Betting Guide

When it comes to betting on the final, you will find that there are hundreds of markets available. If you are new to football betting then this can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are many bets that are simple to understand and offer the chance of great returns.

Betting Ahead of Time

While the final may still be some way away, there is no reason that you can’t start betting on it. For instance, if you look at the Europa League outright markets, you can already bet on which teams will reach the final and on which team will win the final. There may be other outright markets pertaining to the final, so it is worth having a close look at them.

Match Betting

When it comes to betting on the match, it is essentially the same as betting on any other football match. Here are some of the most popular types of bets you can place.

Match Result

There will actually be a couple of versions of this bet. In its most basic form, you are simply betting on which of the teams will win and lift the Europa League trophy. However, there is always a chance that at the end of regular time, the teams will be tied. To allow for this, you will find a three way version of this bet, allowing you to bet on the possibility of a draw at the end of regular time.

Double Chance – Regular Time

This is another bet that only applies to regular time. Ultimately there will be a winner of the final, however, not necessarily at the end of regular time. This bet reduces your risk by allowing you to bet on two of the possible outcomes simultaneously. There are three options:  team A to win or a draw, team B to win or a draw, or team A or team B to win. As it is a less risky bet, the odds will be shorter than for the Match Result market.


A spread bet, also known as a handicap bet, can seem very confusing at first, but they are very popular forms of bet. The idea is that the favourite team is assigned a goal handicap and the underdogs are given a goal advantage. As a result, the odds on the favourite will lengthen, making betting on them a more attractive proposition. For example, the favourites may be given a handicap of -1.5 goals and the underdogs a +1.5 goal advantage. If you were to bet on the favourites, you bet will only win if they win the match by at least 2 goals. If you back the underdogs, you will win if they win or if they lose by no more than 1 goal.

Total Number of Goals

Bets can be placed on how many goals will be scored in a game, which can be interesting both when two attacking teams play each other and when two teams known for their defence come up against one another. As the market’s name suggests, this is a simple bet on the total number of goals that will be scored in a match. The market provides a value, and you simply bet on whether there will be more (over) or less (under) goals. Often there will be a range of values to choose from, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, and so on.

Both Teams to Score

As the name suggests, this is a simple bet on whether both teams will score in the final. It is not a complicated bet, but it can produce some big payouts.

Correct Score

This is a very hard bet to get right and as such, it offers some fantastically long odds. However, it is a very simple bet to understand, all you need to do is predict what the exact score will be.

Betting on Halves

As you know, football is a game of two halves and it is possible to bet on the individual halves. You can actually bet on a half in exactly the same way as if it was an entire game. This means that you can bet on which team will win the half, you can place double chance bets, you can bet on the number of goals scored in a half, and so on. For example, if you believe that a team tends to start games slowly but then recovers in the second half, you could bet on them to lose the first half and then win the match.

Live Betting

Bets can be placed on the Europa League final ahead of time, but there are many bets that are available during a game too. This gives fans the chance to assess the teams in action before placing their bets. The first few minutes of each match can say a lot about a team, if they are playing coherently, whether they have come with confidence or whether they know how to deal with the tactics of the opposing team.

Live odds update in real time, meaning that if one team leads by 2-0, then a bet on them winning the match will have very short odds. However, this also offers the opportunity for keen football punters who have a good knowledge of the game to take advantage of the live odds. If a team goes behind early in the game, they will remain at longer odds than the winning team until they can equalise. Some fans may see windows of opportunity to wait for the most generous odds, and then place their bets. If their intuition is right, then these bets can pay big.

There are also a number of enjoyable markets that are only available when betting live. Such as on the next team or player to score, or a bet on whether there will be a goal/corner/foul/penalty/etc. in the next five minutes.


A parlay bet is when you combine two bets into one. This results in far longer odds, as the odds from the individual bets are combined. However, for the parlay to win, each of the component bets must win, making them far riskier.

For example, when it comes to betting on the Europa League final, you may wish to combine bets such as Team A to win and Over 1.5 goals. This bet would then win if Team A wins and the match has at least 2 goals. However, if Team A were to win the final 1-0, then the parlay bet wouldn’t pay out anything.

Many More Markets

There will be many more markets available on the Europa League Final, such as on which players will score, will it go to extra time, will there be a penalty shootout, and so on. As the game approaches, you can start to consider how you will use all of these markets in your betting strategy to give yourself the best possible chance of winning some big returns.

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