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A Betting Guide to the Six Nations Championship

Introduction to the Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations is an annual rugby union tournament that is played between six of the largest international teams. These include the four “home nations” of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as France and Italy.

Originally the tournament only included the four home nations, but was expanded in 1910 to include the French national rugby union team as well. This format was called the Five Nations and proved successful and stayed the same for many years. In the year 2000, the rugby union governing body decided to make a further expansion and include Italy, rebranding the tournament as the Six Nations.

Nowadays, the Six Nations is one of the biggest events in rugby union, and fans from the UK, Ireland, France and Italy all tune in to watch the widely televised event. The tournament commences on the first weekend of February and concludes on the second or third Saturday in March, often dubbed “Super Saturday”.

The 2022 Six Nations are bound to be full of excitement and drama, after a surprising tournament last year.

The English went into the 2021 Six Nations as favourites, after winning the 2020 Championship on points difference, but they only managed to win two of their games and finished in fifth place. The Welsh on the other hand, entered the tournament last year on the back of a fifth finish in 2020, and they won their first four games, setting them up for a Grand Slam. However, dreams of a Grand Slam were not meant to be for the Welsh team, as they lost their final game 32-30 to France, following a late try in the Stade de Paris. The Welsh team still won the Championship with 20 points, and claimed their 28th title, putting them one behind the English, who lead the Six Nations with 29 titles. France put in a strong performance last year, with three wins, including the one against the Welsh champions, and following them in the Six Nations point rankings were Ireland and Scotland, who drew on 15 points.

How to Bet on the Six Nations Championship

When placing your bets, it is always favourable to do some research before the match. Factors that you should consider include team form, the head to head history of the teams, injuries in either of the teams, home advantage and finally league position.

While it is not a guaranteed formula for success, it can help you place informed bets, which may in turn help you win more. Another aspect to consider is what type of bets you are placing. At there are a number of markets that you can take advantage of and sometimes it is better to try alternative markets, or mix and match your bets to optimise your results.

Match Result

Match result bets are the easiest to grasp, as they are bets on who will win the match, or if the game will end in a draw. These are three way bets where you will be able to put your wager on any of the three outcomes. Match result bets are popular with seasoned bettors and new bettors alike, and they are great fun when you want to back your team.

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting are bets where you can increase your odds when betting on a team. Here you can set a margin by which the team you bet on must win, for example, if you place a bet on your favourite team with a handicap of -7, they will need to win the game by at least 8 points for your bet to come through. The odds will be far higher than those of the simple match result, but this comes at a higher risk, so make sure you have done some research on the teams involved.

Winning Margin

The winning margin bet is similar to the handicap bet, but here you will need to predict the margin by which a team wins. These bets have stricter criteria than the handicap bets, which makes them harder to win, but they will have higher odds than the other bets mentioned so far. To compare the two, you may see a handicap bet of -7 and in this case the team must win by at least 8 points for your bet to come through. The winning margin equivalent may be for the team to win the game by 7 to 11 points, in which case the winning team has to win the game by a number of points defined by the margin.


These bets are similar to the match results, but will only concern which team wins the half. This means that you can win your bet at the end of the first half, or, if you place a bet on the second half, you can win if the team you bet on wins the second half, regardless of the first half score.


Specials, or player specials, are specific bets that are not directly related to the end result of the game. These bets are incredibly popular with fans who know their teams through and through, and they are always fun to try.

First Scoring Play

You can place a bet on what kind of play will score the first points in the game. In rugby union, you can score points with a try, penalty try, drop goal or a penalty, and with this bet you will have to predict how the scoring will open.

First Try Scorer

This bet takes on many forms, as you can bet on which player will score the first try, which team will score the first try, which team or player will score the first try in either half or the position of the first try scorer. The odds on each bet will vary depending on how specific the bet is, if you bet on the first team to score a try the odds will be lower than a wager on the first player to score a try.


In our outright markets, you will be able to place bets on future results. In the Six Nations, for example, you may be able to bet on the outright winner of the Championship. These bets can be placed at any point before the Championship starts and even after the tournament has commenced, however, the odds will always be more preferable before the tournament has begun.

Live Bets

In our live betting markets, you will be able to place bets during the course of a match. These are a great option if you wanted to place a pregame bet but forgot, or if you wanted to pick up on some of the action before you placed a bet.

Live bets always use live odds, so while they will start with the same odds as the pre-game bets, they will dynamically shift as the game begins and the teams start scoring. If you are looking to place an in-game bet, then make sure you choose a strategic moment when the odds are in your favour, and then you can take advantage.

Betting on Six Nations

Here at, you can find extremely competitive odds, meaning that even if you are backing a clear favourite to win the match, you can expect good winnings from your bet. We cover all of the matches in the Six Nations, so you can rest assured that you will be able to place bets on your favourite team or on your favourite matchups in the historic tournament. Furthermore, with our wide ranging markets, you can be sure that you will be able to place exactly the type of bet that interest you and you can combine them to form advanced betting strategies.

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