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A Betting Guide for the 2022 Premier League Darts

An Introduction to the Premier League Darts

The Premier League Darts is a ranked darts tournament that is organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The Premier League Darts comprises the top four ranking darts players in the PDC, with four additional wildcards in this year's tournament.

The PDC announced a new format for this year's tournament, with the robin-round scrapped for an eight person knockout competition on each of the nights. The seven matches each night will be played in best of 11 legs, with points awarded at the end of each night for how the players fare. The nights will include quarterfinals, semi-finals and a final, ensuring that all players will play each other at some point during the league. The winner of each night will be given 5 points as well as a £10,000 bonus prize, the runners up will receive 3 points and the semi-finalists will receive 2 points. The points are collected over the course of the season, and at the conclusion, the top four finishes will proceed to the finals.

This year's finals will be a historic event, it will be the first time the finals are hosted outside of the UK. The finals will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, and will feature the first seven figure prize pool, at £1,000,000.

The Contestants of the 2022 Premier League Darts

When placing your bets, it is always important to have some knowledge about the different players, you can check out their current form, and how they fare head to head. Here we have a brief summary of all the contestants of the 2022 Premier League Darts to help get you started.

Gerwyn Price

A Welsh former rugby union and rugby league player, Gerwyn Price was definitely the black horse in last year's event. Nicknamed "The Iceman", the Welsh darts player won the 2021 Darts World Championship, becoming the first Welshman to ever do so. He is the current world no. 1 in the PDC rankings and he is a strong favourite in the Premier League Darts.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a veteran in the darts community, he is one of the most respected players and is always fun to watch. The charismatic Scotsman won his first major PDC title in the 2017 UK Open, and has won an additional six major titles as of 2022. Nicknamed "Snakebite" he is known for his exotic clothes, painted designs on his head and for his colourful Mohican hairstyles that are designed by his hairdresser wife. Despite his antics, Peter Wright is a world class darts player, he is currently no. 2 in the PDC Order of Merit rankings.

Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen is a Dutch darts player who is currently ranked no. 3 in the world, though he held the no. 1 position from 2014 until 2021. Van Gerwen started his career early, first playing darts at age 13. When he was 17, he won the 2006 World Masters and threw a nine dart finish in the 2007 Master of Darts, setting the record for the youngest player to win a major tournament and throw a nine dart finish. When he became the world no. 1, he was just 24, setting another record and in subsequent years he went on to dominate the game. At the age of 32, van Gerwen is the second most successful player in PDC history behind Phil Taylor, and if he carries on in his current form, he looks to be a contender for the most successful PDC player in history.

James Wade

James Wade is an English darts player who held the record for the youngest player to win a major PDC title when he won the 2007 World Matchplay at the age of 24. This record was broken very quickly by Michael van Gerwen. He has since won many titles, including the Premier League once in 2009. Currently he is the third most successful all time darts player, behind Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is another English darts player, he has been playing darts professionally since 2006. An accomplished youth, he won the PDC under 21 world championship, and won eight titles in the PDC pro tour, though he has not won any major titles yet. He was the runner up at the World Championship in 2019 and 2022, the World Matchplay in 2019, the Masters in 2020 and the Premier League in 2018. With his exceptional talent, it should not be long before Michael Smith, also called "Bully Boy" wins his first major title.

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is a Scottish darts player, he is a former no. 1 and has won the PDC World Championship in 2015 and again in 2016. Nicknamed "The Flying Scotsman", he has won many major titles including the Premier League in 2011 and 2015, as well as a number of other Championships. He is renowned for having one of the smoothest throws amongst darts players, and he usually has heavy scoring games.

Jonny Clayton

Jonny Clayton returns to the Premier League in 2022 as the defending champion of the tournament. The Welsh player, nicknamed "The Ferret" was half of the Welsh team that won the 2020 PDC World Cup of Darts, and he went on to win his first televised singles title, the 2021 Masters. Since then, he has proven to be amongst the best darts players, and he also won the 2021 World Grand Prix.

Joe Cullen

Joe Cullen is an English darts player who had great success as a youth. He won three Youth Tour tournaments and has qualified for the PDC World Championships 12 times, though he has only managed to get past the first round three times. He won his first televised title at the 2022 Masters, and has shown an improvement in his game and hopefully he will be able to win his first ranked tournament in the near future.

How to Bet on the 2022 Premier League Darts

Now that you have some more information on the contestants and the tournament, you can start exploring the various betting markets available for this exciting event.

Live betting

One of the most exhilarating ways of sports betting is live. This means that you place your bets when watching a game and use what you are seeing to place well-informed bets. We have several in-play markets with odds that are updated in real time. The odds will dynamically change during the course of the game to reflect the events that take place, so to take advantage of the best odds, it is better to try and make your bets earlier in the game when there is no clear winner.

In addition to our live markets, there are a number of bets you will be able to make before the game.

Game Odds

Game odds are straight bets on who you think will win a game. These bets are the most commonly placed ones and we provide them for all games and events that are run by the PDC, the British Darts Corporation, the World Darts Federation and many more.

Handicap betting

For some of the more high profile games, you may be able to find Handicap betting options. With these bets you can bet on the bookies favourite, and place a handicap to increase the odds.

Over/Under betting

These bets are more specific than the previous options, because you can bet on certain aspects of the game that are not directly related to who wins. Here, we have bets such as total number of 180s, or a total number of legs played. The bet can look like this: Over/Under x number of 180s in the game. You will be able to make a bet on whether there will be more or less than the given amount.


In our outright markets, you will be able to place bets that relate to events at the end of the season. These bets include who will win the League, who will make the playoffs and who will be the winner of the Premier League Darts finals. These bets can be placed ahead of the beginning of the season, you can place any bet you need after the finalists are announced by the PDC. With outrights, the best odds can usually be found early on in the season, or before the tournament has started, though you can place an outright bet at any point during the season.

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