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Take a look at the upcoming races, place your bets and then watch as the horses thunder down the track to decide your fate.  

Golden Race is a virtual horseracing game that allows you to place bets on races happening every few minutes non-stop. The races consist of six horses that are chosen at random from a pool and you can see information about them and their recent results when choosing what bets to place. The game offers a fantastic range of betting markets for each race and once you are done betting, you can sit back and watch a video of the race complete with realistic commentary.  

How to Play Golden Race

Betting on Golden Race virtual horse races is almost exactly the same as betting on real horse races and it will take you no time to get to grips with. When you open the game you will see a list of upcoming races, normally they are spaced about three minutes apart from each other.

In this summary view, you can see a bit of information about each of the six horses that are running, including their last results, their performance percentage and their rating out of 5. You will also see the odds for the most basic betting markets, Win, Place and Show.

You can then click on ‘All Markets’ to see all the markets available for a race. The game offers the following markets: 

  • Win (W): The selected horse will win the race. 
  • Place (P): The selected horse will finish first or second in the race. 
  • Show (S): The selected horse will finish first, second or third in the race. 
  • Exacta: The two selected horses will finish in the first two places (in exact order). 
  • Quinella: The two selected horses will finish in the first two places (in any order). 
  • Trifecta: The three selected horses will finish in the first three places (in exact order). You will be shown the possibilities for the positions you chose to select within the trifecta market. 
  • Even/Odd (E)/(O): Predict if the number of the winning horse will be odd or even. 
  • Over/Under (O)/(U): Predict if the number of the winning horse will be over or under 3.5. 

When the allotted betting time is over, you will hear a fanfare played and the horse race will begin. You can watch the video of the race, complete with a close-up view of the leaders and a more general view. The race is accompanied by commentary to help you track the horses that you have bet on. When the race is over, you will be paid out for any successful bets.

Statistics and Other Tools 

You can select ‘Results History’ from the menu to see the results for recent races. You can select a date and it will pull up information for all virtual races run on that day including the horses that came first second and third, and the different odds available on them. You can combine this information with what is shown on the race card to give yourself an idea of how a horse has been performing.

The game allows you to choose the format the odds are displayed in. You can choose from decimal, fractional, American, Indo, and Hong Kong.