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Enjoy virtual Premier League betting; take advantage of masses of markets for each week of the season and watch virtual videos of each game.  

Instant League England is a virtual football betting game that allows you to bet on the outcome of every match in a Premier League season. Each virtual match week you can choose from a wide range of betting markets in order to place your bets, or if you wish you can skip the week entirely and move on to one that is more interesting for you. Best of all, for each virtual week you can watch highlights of each match complete with stunning 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and authentic commentary, brining each game to life on your screen.

How to Play Instant League England  

Instant League England is very easy to get to grips with. When you load the game, you will be shown the matches for the upcoming week. In total, there will be ten matches, and to the side of them you will see your bet slip as well as information about the betting limits and the maximum payout.  

All you need to do is work your way through the betting markets and choose which you want to make use off. There is an amazing range of markets available. Under the Main category, there are markets such as 1X2, Double Chance, GG/NG, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, and Asian Handicap Draw No Bet, Match Asian Handicap and Total Asian Handicap. There are also Over Under markets, as well as a category of Other markets including Goal Goal/No Goal, Total Goals, and Multigoal.  

When you have placed all your bets, you then need to click on ‘Start’ to close the bets and begin the matches. You can then choose to skip straight to the results or watch highlights from each of the matches. You are then paid out for any winning bets.  

If you do not want to place bets on a particular week of matches, you can simply click on ‘Skip Event’ and it will take you to the next week’s betting markets.  

Statistics and Other Tools 

To help you place bets, at any point you can see the league standings by clicking on the ‘Standings’ button. This shows you a full league table as well as the last five results of each team.  

When watching videos of the football matches, you can use the ‘Skip’ button to move immediately between the different phases of the game or the ‘Skip Event’ button to move between different events. Each match in the game is a unique event and it will not be generated until you start it.  

The game also allows you to customise the format the odds are displayed in, Decimal, Fractional, American, Indo, and Hong Kong. You can easily change this so that they are shown in the format most comfortable for you.