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Meet the Latest Big Winners at Casino

The last few days have seen a number of players win big at Casino, from slots and card and table games.



Every day brings new big winners at Casino and this week has been no exception. From slots, to card and table games, our players regularly win a fantastic amount of money enjoying the wide range of titles of offer. Discover some of our latest big winners below.

Fruity Friends Slot – Success for Patricia I, Franklin K, and Hans K

There is a long tradition of associating fruit with slots and clearly players are drawn towards these games. In the last few days a number of players have enjoyed great success playing the slot Fruity Friends with Patricia I. winning €1517, Franklin K. winning €3170 and Hans K. winning €1840.

Fruity Friends is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 25 paylines. As the name suggests, the slot is all about fruit. The reels are set in a green field between some leafy trees and the high value symbols are various anthropomorphic pieces of fruit. The high value symbols are mangos, lemons, pineapples and pears, while the lower value symbols are the playing cards J to A decorated with fruit.

The wild symbol features a pair of cherries, it can substitute for all the other symbols, except the bonus and scatter symbol, to help and form winning combinations. The scatter symbol is a peach while the bonus symbol is a strawberry.

If you land the strawberry bonus symbol on reels one and five simultaneously the Fruity Field Bonus Game begins. You will need to pick from the fruit for cash prizes. Some of the fruit contain trophies and each time you find a trophy the payout multiplier increases by 1x. The game continues until you find ‘Collect’.

If you land three or more peach scatter symbols the Fruity Free Spins begin. First you need to select from three baskets of fruit to reveal if you have won 10, 20 or 30 free spins. During the free spins more wild and scatter symbols are added to the reels to help you land more wins. However, the free spins cannot be retriggered.

Fruity Friends has a betting range of £0.01 right up to £250 per spin so everyone can enjoy the slot. There is a massive top payout of 10,000x up for grabs for landing five wild symbols along a payline. The pineapple can payout up to 5,000x, the mango can payout up to 1,000x, the pear can payout up to 400x and the lemon can payout up to 200x. The scatter symbol also offers huge payouts of up to 100x your total bet.

Many players have enjoyed a huge amount of success playing Fruity Friends slot and there is no reason that you can’t join them. Next time you are looking for a new way to have your five a day give this charming slot a spin and with a bit of luck you’ll soon be on our list of big winners.

Live Blackjack – Mehmet S. and Chris T. Beat the Dealer

There is nothing like the thrill of the Blackjack table, waiting to see what cards will be drawn and if you have defeated the dealer. Recently two players at Casino have enjoyed huge success playing at our Live Blackjack tables, Mehmet Nuri S. who won €2500 and Chris T. who won £1600.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and it isn’t hard to see why. The game is easy to learn, offers a great deal of fun and gives players the chance to win a huge sum of money. Short of playing in a top land casino, Live Blackjack brings you the best possible playing experience without the need to leave your home.

The game is streamed to you in high definition straight from a real casino floor. The dealers are all friendly professionals and you can take a seat at a table with a number of other players and interact with them just as you would at a land casino. As a result, there is a fantastic atmosphere around the tables and it results in a highly immersive experience.

The aim of Blackjack is very straightforward. You need to build a hand of cards that is closer in value to 21 than the dealer’s hand, but you need to avoid exceeding 21 and going bust. The game is played with eight decks of cards with Aces counting as 1 or 11, face cards worth 10 and the number cards worth their face value. The game takes its name from the best possible hand, Blackjack, an Ace and a ten card.

At the start of each round you need to place your bet by putting your chips on the table just as you would in a land casino. The dealer will then give each player two face up cards while they will receive one face up card and one facedown. You then have a number of options for your hand. There are two basic options, ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’, if you ‘Hit’ then you receive an additional card, if you ‘Stand’ then the play moves on to the next player.

At the end of a round the dealer plays their hand, they will always draw until their hand is worth at least 16 and will stand on all 17s. Winning hands are paid out at 1:1, except for Blackjack, which pays out at the more generous 3:2.

A number of other scenarios that can arise to give you more options. For example, if after you receive your first two cards you think you need just one more card to beat the dealer you can choose ‘Double’. This doubles your bet before you receive your final card. If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace then you can take out Insurance against the dealer having blackjack. This way, if the dealer does have blackjack then you won’t lose your money. Another common option is Split. If your first two cards have the same value then you can split them into two separate hands and play them individually.

Mehmet and Chris have shown that it really is possible to beat the dealer and win big. Why not take your seat at one of our Live Blackjack tables today and see if you can join in their success.

Roulette Lounge Card – Nadine F. Enjoys Success

The Roulette table is always a highlight of a good casino floor, with people gathered around to watch as the action unfolds. Roulette Lounge at Casino brings players an extremely high quality Roulette experience and as Nadine F. demonstrated when she won £1,440, the chance to win a huge amount of money.

Roulette has its origins in France and it has grown to be one of the most popular table games in the world. Roulette Lounge is a European Roulette game and gives you the chance to enjoy an exceptionally high quality version of this classic.

The game is based upon a spinning wheel that has been divided into 37 numbered segments, 0 – 36. A ball is released into the spinning wheel and players bet on which segment it will come to rest on. To make the game more complicated the numbers are coloured red or black (except zero, which is green), and the numbers are not laid out consecutively on the wheel. As a result, there are a vast number of different types of bets that players can use. You can bet on individual numbers or groups of numbers. There are large group bets, such as a bet on all the Reds, Blacks, Odd or Even numbers, or smaller group bets, which are bets on a collection of numbers based upon the layout of the wheel and the betting area.

Thanks to this it is possible to develop some advanced betting strategies to help you towards big wins. You can find more about these strategies elsewhere in the Magazine. Before you play Roulette it is worth making sure that you fully understand all the different types of bet as this will help you develop the best possible strategies.

Depending on the type of bet placed, Roulette Lounge offers payouts ranging from x2 right up to x36. For instance, if you bet on a specific number then you can win x36, if you bet on a pair of numbers you can win x18 and if you bet on all the Red numbers you can win x2.

You can find a range of Roulette games to enjoy at Casino including a number of Live Roulette games that offer a highly realistic and immersive experience. There is no reason that Nadine should be the only player to win big at the tables so why not brush up on your Roulette strategy and then see if you can be the next player to join our list of big winners.

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