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Learn How to Bet on Royal Ascot

What is Royal Ascot?

Royal Ascot is one of the most highly anticipated horse racing events in Britain each year. It is one of the oldest running horse race courses, and the Royal Meeting in June is one of the staples of British horse racing. The event includes races that are run over different distances, races that are exclusively for one age group or sex and races that have different Grades. The variety of races in the event will attract the horse racing purists who come to watch the top horses in each category, and is a perfect introduction to horse racing for newcomers who want to enjoy the atmosphere on race day.

The event comprises some of the more prestigious horse races in Britain, and the competition in each race is always high. With over 300,000 people attending the Ascot Racecourse each year, there is no doubt that there are many new racegoers who want to experience the luxury and glamour of Royal Ascot.

Watching the races is one of the most enthralling experiences for newcomers and long-time horse racing fans alike. Whilst watching, it is common for many fans and racegoers to try their luck by placing bets on the races, to add to the excitement and give them a horse that they can cheer on during the race.

How to Bet on Royal Ascot

The Royal Meeting attracts many horse racing fans and newcomers who are curious to explore the atmosphere of the event. Watching horse racing is one of the most dynamic and enthralling experiences for racegoers. People who buy a day ticket will be able to enjoy a full programme with plenty of races, including races over different distances, races open for horses of a certain age or sex, and different Graded races.

When it comes to Grades in horse racing, in Britain these are determined by Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3. These represent the level of prestige in each race, with Group 1 being the highest and Group 3 being the lowest. There are days when there are a variety of races with more races from each Grade, and there are days where there are more Group 1 races. These have to be checked in advance by anyone who wants to buy a day ticket to Royal Ascot.

Once fans or newcomers are at Royal Ascot, there are many different activities to explore, but none so dynamic as the horse races. The races are packed with adrenaline fuelled excitement and can appeal to newcomers just as much as the seasoned racegoers.

When it comes to betting on horses, there are many different bets that are available for punters. Aside from the standard bet where a punter puts money on which horse will win the race, there are even more specific bets that come with longer odds and can bring potentially massive winnings.

To Win

Bets can be placed on any of the horses to win. These bets usually come at higher odds than other sports, as there are more contestants involved which makes it more difficult to predict the winner of each race. The odds offered for each horse will be calculated by the bookie based upon on a number of factors. Of course it is possible for the more eager punters to conduct their own research to try to make calculated bets on which horse will win. Factors that may influence the outcome of the race include each horse’s form, their preferred distance, preferred track type, the jockey's history at the track (if this applies), the weather conditions and more. Punters can usually pick up a good idea of which horses are better to back if they have watched previous performances from the horse, and they analyse the opposition as well.

Place Bets

For punters who want to place a safer bet, the place bets are on a horse to finish in either first or second place. These bets come at reduced odds, though they have a better chance of winning, as the horse does not need to finish the race in first place. Place bets are just as commonly placed as bets on the winning horse.

Each Way Bets

For punters who want to find some leeway between the first two bets, each way bets are a perfect option. These bets come at slightly higher odds and will pay out if a horse finishes in first place. If a horse finishes in second place in an each way bet, the bettor's stake will be returned.


For the more adventurous punters, there are even more specific bets. The exacta, as it is called traditionally, is where punters can bet on which horses will finish in first and second place, in the correct order. These bets are very difficult to place, as they are more specific, but they pay out significantly higher than the bets on which horse will win.


The quinella is what is known as a boxed bet. This bet is the same as the exacta in that punters will need to predict which horses will finish in first and second place, but here the order does not matter. This bet will come at slightly lower odds than the exacta, but it is still a highly difficult bet to place and comes with high odds. If there are two horses that are equally fast and it is difficult to predict which one will be the winner, the quinella is a great alternative, as punters do not need to specify which of the horses will win but rather just place a wager on both horses to finish in first and second places, and in most cases this bet will have higher odds than the race winner bet.


While it is difficult to place bets on the horses that win the race and finish in runners up, there is a bet that also involves the third place. Trifecta bets are even more difficult to predict as they require punters to put money on which horses will finish in first, second and third place in the correct order. These bets come at huge odds, and while they are incredibly difficult to predict, they can still appeal to the keen horse racing fans who have strong opinions on the races. Even without any prior knowledge or research, these bets can appeal to new racegoers who may want to place a small amount of money on a bet that comes at incredibly long odds and try their luck to see if they can win against the odds.


The bets with the longest odds are the superfecta bets. These require the daring punters to predict which horses will finish in first, second, third and fourth place in the correct order. The superfecta is also known as the jackpot in horse race betting, as the chances of winning a superfecta are very low. Despite this, they still offer huge odds and are far easier to win than a jackpot in a casino game, and therefore offer punters a great little side bet that can potentially bring huge winnings. Even after doing research, this bet has many variables and can only work at best as a side bet, for casual bettors or bettors who want to place a bet against all odds and do not mind losing. Although when this bet wins, the extreme levels of adrenaline and euphoria that follow are an indescribable feeling. A well placed superfecta bet will not only pay for any bet that fails, but it will also bring a sizable amount of profit on top of that, meaning punters who have the patience to try out superfecta bets can be rewarded, and receive handsome winnings.

Which Horse To Bet On

There are many races in Royal Ascot, and all races have bets that can be taken advantage of. Whether punters want to place bets on a horse because of its name or they do their own research to find out which horses stand the best chance of winning, there is no way of knowing which horse will win.

Despite this, there are ways to determine which horses have a better chance of winning a race, based on a number of factors. For younger horses, punters may check their form and which jockey they use. Research into jockeys can be incredibly useful, as some have the experience to know when to unleash the horses full speed during a race. Surface and the horse’s preferred distance are also useful statistics to take into account before placing a bet.

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