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How to Bet on the 2021 British Grand Prix

The 2021 British Grand Prix is fast approaching and all eyes will be on Lewis Hamilton as he tries to win for the home crowd for a record eighth time. The race is taking place over the weekend of July 16, and while many consider Silverstone to be Hamilton’s track, there is plenty of competition for him this year. If you are hoping to place some bets on the race, then keep reading to learn about the betting markets and what you should be considering when betting on Silverstone.

British Grand Prix Betting Markets

If you are new to betting on Formula 1, then a good place to start is our Beginner’s Guide to Formula 1 Betting. There you will find a detailed explanation of all of the available betting markets and how you can use them to build a betting strategy. In this guide, we will focus on the markets that are particular popular when betting on the British Grand Prix and then give you some pointers about how to use them.

British Grand Prix Winner Winner

This is the most basic bet that you can place. Simply pick which driver you think will win and if they win, then so do you. There is not much more that can be said about this market, but of course, it is essential to do your research if you are to pick the right driver.

British Grand Prix Podium Finish

This is a fantastic market to use if you believe a driver will do well but you are not sure that they can quite win the race. You are simply betting on your chosen driver to finish on the podium, i.e. in the top three places. This allows you to build some flexibility into your bets and gives you a better chance of winning.

British Grand Prix Pole Position

This is a bet on the qualifying rounds. It is a bet on which driver will have the top spot on the starting grid. It allows you to start betting before the main race begins and ensures that you have some action running on the entire weekend.

British Grand Prix Fastest Lap

This is simply a bet on which driver will manage the fastest lap during the race. It doesn’t matter where your chosen driver finishes in the race, as long as they record the fastest lap then you win your bet.

Other British Grand Prix Bets

There are many more markets that you can take advantage of over the course of the race weekend. You can bet on the qualification winning team, the qualification winning margin, the race winning margin, the grid position of the winner, and much more. Take the time to look through the various different betting markets to explore all of your options.

Planning Your British Grand Prix Bets

The British Grand Prix is in some ways an isolated event, but it is part of the wider Formula 1 season, which means that you need to be aware of what has come before it. To state the obvious, you need to be aware of which cars and drivers have been fastest in previous races, if any of the teams have been having recurring technical problems that ruins their races, if any of the teams have been pulling ahead in the last couple of races and so on. In other words, when doing your research, don’t just look at the results from Silverstone, make sure that you look at the results from the current season.

Understanding the Qualifiers

If you have been watching Formula 1 for a while then you will know that there are two important factors when judging the strength of a car, speed and consistency. Some cars may do extremely well in qualifying, as they are very fast over single laps but then may struggle on race day, as they cannot maintain the speed. Obviously, the ideal car has a balance of both, and this is what you need to try to spot.

The practice sessions at Silverstone will begin on Friday July 16, continue on Saturday July 17, before the qualifying rounds on Saturday afternoon. Ideally, you should be watching as much of this as possible so that you can get a sense of how the cars and drivers are performing.

Remember, in the practice sessions the cars will not always be going as fast as possible, rather they will be looking to find the best settings for the actual race and for qualifying. This is a great opportunity to gain some insights before betting on the race itself.

Considering Fastest Laps

Betting on the fastest lap in a race is a very popular market, and after the qualifying rounds have taken place, you will have a great deal of information to help you. At first, you may think that the driver in pole position, i.e. the one with the fastest qualifying time is the best bet for this market, and very often, you will be correct.

However, since the Formula 1 scoring rules were changed, there have been some big surprises. Today, the driver and team with the fastest lap will earn an extra point for the standings if they also finish in the top 10. This means that very often, drivers with nothing to lose or gain towards the end of the race may choose to make an extra pit stop and then attack the fastest lap. If you look at the last five races of the 2020 F1 season, only on one occasion was the fastest lap recorded by the winner of the race.

This is why it is important to have as much information as possible. You may be able to spot this exact scenario and thanks to live betting, you may then be able to find some excellent odds on this market.

The British Weather

Understanding the track that the drivers are racing round is crucial to placing successful bets. There are many factors that you need to consider, some of which are fixed and others that can change very rapidly.

The weather is one such factor that can easily change and have a huge impact on the race. The humidity, air temperature, and track temperature will all have an effect on the cars in regards to tyre wear, fuel efficiency and overall performance. The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, which means it could be a gloriously sunny day or it could rain from beginning to end. Be sure to stay up to date on the weather forecast before placing your bet so that you know what to expect.

Make the Most of Live Betting

Live Betting is a great way to make watching the British Grand Prix even more exciting. You can bet on the race as it is taking place, which means you can respond to the action in real time and with a bit of luck, spot some excellent betting opportunities.

When watching the race, there are a few things that you should be paying particularly close attention to. For example, you need to follow all of the pit stops and try to understand the strategy of each driver. You also need to be monitoring the drivers’ speeds; if one seems to be gradually slowing down over a number of laps then it suggests that they may be running into problems. As noted above, the weather is hugely important and if it suddenly changes then this should definitely influence the bets that you place. You can also listen to the communication between the drivers and the engineers, which can give you some valuable insights.

Consider the Season Schedule

The British Grand Prix is pretty much in the middle of the Formula 1 season. It is actually the tenth of the twenty-three races, so you will have information from nine races to analyse before you place your bets. The Austrian Grand Prix, which takes place two weeks earlier, will be of particular importance.

While there are still plenty of races to come after the British Grand Prix, some trends should already be clear and you will have a sense of the battles that are to take place for both the Constructors and Drivers Championships. You need to consider these when planning your bets. For example, if one driver in the team has a chance at winning the championship then his teammate is likely to end up giving up positions based upon team orders or he may be following a strategy specifically designed to slow down the opposition. An example may be Valtteri Bottas being ordered to stay out of the way of Lewis Hamilton and to try to hold back some of the opposition.

It being the middle of the season this may not be as clear-cut as it is in the later stages, but it is important to be aware of as it can make the difference between a bet winning or losing.

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