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A Betting Guide for the 2022 World Cup

World Cup

The World Cup is held once every four years, and it is a treat not only for football fans from around the world, but for football punters as well. The World Cup trophy is one of the most highly sought after pieces of silverware. It can define any player’s career and earn them a place in the history books. The nations competing in the World Cup this year all secured their places in the tournament through their performances in the qualifiers. A few big footballing nations will be missing from the competition, such as Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Colombia, and Egypt, but there is still plenty of talent to watch.

There are already bets available on which team will win the World Cup, and fans will definitely recognise the early favourites. However, as the event comes closer, many more betting markets will open up. Here is a guide to the main types of bets and markets that may be found.

World Cup Football Bets


Outrights are bets that relate to the World Cup tournament as a whole. The bet mentioned previously, where punters can place money on which team will win the competition, is an outright bet. There may also be outright bets on individual player feats, such as which player will win the Golden Ball, which player will be named Player of the Tournament, and so on.

Full Time Result

This is simply a bet on the result of a game at the end of regular time. In a game where Brazil plays against England, a punter can put their money on Brazil to win, England to win, or on the game to end in a tie.

Double Chance

This is a three way bet, the same as the full time result bets, only bettors will be able to cover two out of the three possible outcomes. In the same match, there will be a bet for Brazil to win or the game to end in a tie, England to win or the game to end in a tie, or either Brazil to win or England to win.

Tie No Bet

This is also a bet on a match’s result at the end of regular time, only it is a two way bet. A bet can be made for either Brazil to win or England to win, and if the match does end in a tie, then the original stake will be returned to the bettor.

Team to Go Through

This is a bet on which team will win a match, regardless of whether the game is won in regular time, extra time, or penalties. It applies to matches played in the knockout phase, where there needs to be a winner in each game.

Asian Handicaps

With these bets, punters can set a handicap on a team that either increases the score or decreases it. Putting larger negative numbers will increase the odds of betting on a team, but also increase the risk of betting on that team. On the other hand, putting larger positive handicaps on one team will significantly decrease the risk of betting on that team, but also come at shorter odds.

A bettor can pick any team to win, and then set handicaps of 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, and upwards, which can be either negative or positive. The value picked will be added, or subtracted, from the chosen team’s score at the end of a game, and they will still need to be ahead of the other team for the bet to win.

The handicaps with or without decimals may seem complicated but they are quite simple to understand and can be used to the bettor’s advantage:

A (full number) handicap of -1, will mean that a team needs to win the game by 2 goals. If the team loses or draws against the other team, the bet has lost. If the team finishes 1 goal ahead of the other team, the bet is considered void and the money staked is returned.

A (half number) handicap of -1.5, will require a team to win the game by 2 goals as well. The difference here is that it is impossible for the team to draw and make the bet void.

A (quarter number) handicap of -1.25 is a mixture of the first two bets, basically it is as if half the stake was put on -1 and the other was put on -1.5. If a team wins by 2 goals, they are in the clear. If the team only wins by 1 goal, then half the stake is returned and the other half wins.

To provide another example of a quarter number handicap: if the odds are -1.75, then this can be imagined as the stake being halved and placed on two bets of -2 and -1.5. If the team wins by 3 goals, the whole bet wins. If the team wins by 2 goals, then half the stake is returned whilst the other wins. If the team wins by 1 goal or draws (or loses), then the whole bet loses.

European Handicaps (3-Way Handicaps)

European handicaps differ from Asian handicaps in that they are three way bets. These are only full number handicaps, and for each handicap, bettors will be able to place money on either one of the teams to win or for the game to end in a draw.

For example, if there is a handicap of -1 on Brazil, then the three betting options are: Brazil to win with -1, England to win with +1, or the game to end in a draw (Brazil -1).

Total Goals

This is a bet on how many goals will be scored in a game. Punters can pick one of the many betting lines available, and then pick whether the game will end with over or under the number of goals defined in the line.

Correct Score

This bet requires bettors to predict the exact scoreline at the end of a game. To place a correct score bet, punters can use the slider lines to set the exact score they want to bet on, and the odds for the bet will instantly be displayed in the box next to the lines.

Alternatively, punters can open the full list, where all the same options will be displayed in a table with all the betting odds next to each correct result bet.

Half Time/Full Time

This is a bet on the result of a game at both half time and at full time. There are three possible results at either stage (Brazil/England/draw), meaning there will be a total of 6 different possible bets.

Winning Margin

This is a bet on one of the teams to win, with the exact winning margin. There may be multiple bets, such as Brazil 1, Brazil 2, Brazil 2>, and the equivalent bets for England.

Game Props

There may be even more bets on offer that single out game statistics or certain events that may or may not happen within a game. These are not difficult to understand, but they may not be the easiest to predict. There may be bets such as which team will open the scoring, total corners, will there be a penalty, when will the first goal be scored (in 15 min. intervals, or none), highest scoring half, and many more.

Player Props

Player props are bets that can be made on the performances of individual players in a match. There may be player props for a certain player to: score a goal, score two goals, score the first goal in the game, score the last goal in the game, score and give an assist, and many more.

Half Time Bets

All of the bets such as result, total goals, Asian/European handicaps, tie no bet, and so on, will be available for individual halves in the half time market. This market basically splits a game into two separate halves that can be bet on, independent of each other.

Live Betting

There will be live bets that will only become available once a game has started. These will include most of the bets mentioned above, such as result, handicaps, total goals, tie no bet, double chance, and so on, but there will also be a handful of bets that will relate to what will happen next in a game.

These bets may only pop up for short periods of time, because sometimes they are resolved in minutes. There may be bets such as which team will score the next goal, which team will be ahead after the first twenty minutes, will there be a goal from open play, and many more.

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