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Blackjack Single Hand

Test your skills against the dealer in this Blackjack game that offers all the features needed even by the most serious of players.

Blackjack Single Hand from iSoftBet is the perfect game for those looking for unadulterated Blackjack play without too many bells and whistles. It offers all of the features you need without distracting you with lots of extras. You can Split, Double, take out Insurance and so on, and if you beat the dealer then you will win a payout of up to 3:2.

How to Play Blackjack Single Hand

Blackjack Single Hand is a standard game of Blackjack. The aim of the game is to put together a hand of cards as close to 21 in value as possible, but without exceeding it and going bust. At the end of a round, as long as your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s is then you win.

The game is played with eight decks of cards shuffled into a shoe. The numbered cards (2 to 10) are worth their face values, the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are all worth 10, and Aces are worth 1 or 11. As a result, you can form 21 with just two cards, and Ace and a 10 card. This is called Blackjack; it is the strongest possible hand and will beat all other hands.

To start a round you need to place your bet, the game has a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum of 100. After placing your chips on the table click on ‘Deal’ and you will receive two face-up cards. The dealer will receive one face-up card and one facedown.

There are then three basic options, ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’ and ‘Double’. Choosing ‘Hit’ draws another card to the hand, choosing ‘Stand’ leaves the hand as it is and if you choose ‘Double’ your bet will be doubled, you’ll receive one more card to the hand and then the dealer plays his hand.

After you have finished playing your hand, it is the dealer’s turn. The dealer must keep drawing cards until his hand is worth at least 16 and will stand as soon as it is worth 17 or more.

When the round is over, if you have a winning hand it is paid at 2:1, except if you have Blackjack, which is paid at 3:2. If you and the dealer have the same hand then your bet is returned as a push. If you have Blackjack and the dealer’s hand is worth 21, you will win the round.

Blackjack Single Hand Special Features

A few other scenarios can arise while playing. When the cards are initially dealt, if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace then you will be given the chance to take out insurance against the dealer having Blackjack. Insurance costs half of your initial bet and if the dealer does have Blackjack then you will be paid at 2:1, ensuring that you don’t lose any money.

If your first two cards have the same value then you can ‘Split’ them into two separate hands. It will double your bet, and you can then play the hands individually. If you split two Aces then you will receive just one more card to each hand.

If you are dealt Blackjack and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace you will be offered the chance to accept Even Money. This means that you are paid 1:1 on your hand and the round ends. Even if the dealer also has Blackjack, you will win rather than receiving the bet back as a push.