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Dragon Tiger Information

This Baccarat-style game hails from Cambodia and it has been hugely popular throughout Asia for a number of years. The game is about predicting the higher card outcome of two competing cards, the Dragon and the Tiger.

The game uses a regular 52 deck of playing cards minus Jokers, with the dealing shoe containing a total of 8 decks, which are shuffled before each new play. The highest cards are Kings, with Aces being the lowest.

The game features little to give away it’s Asian roots, though Chinese characters can be seen in bright yellow under the English words “Dragon” and Tiger.” When there’s a win, one of the cards will light up. At the top of the screen, a full range of playing statistics is provided in the form of Baccarat-style roadmaps, as a means of helping you predict the outcome of the next round.

As is typical with all Darwin games, you’ll find in-game options including detailed game rules, sound controls, the choice between Classic and Dark viewing modes, the possibility to turn the cards manually, as well as a Turbo Mode for faster play.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

To begin the game, you’ll need to place a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. This is done by utilising the casino chips with values ranging from 0.50 to 25. Simply slide these onto the chosen betting area on the game’s board. These betting areas are clearly marked out on the table. Once the wager has been placed, two cards will be dealt face-up with the Dragon card dealt first. The highest card wins and the bets are settled.

Dragon Tiger Payouts

As for the bets, picking either a Dragon or a Tiger, or a suit, is self-explanatory. A Dragon or Tiger Small bet means the chosen hand will have a card value below 7. A Dragon or Tiger Big bet has a total card value of over 7. Irrespective of whether the bet is Big or Small, if a 7 is drawn, the bet is automatically lost. Depending on the odds, bets will offer different returns with the two side bets paying out the most.

With a winning wager, the original bet is always returned to the player, except for 2 Red or 2 Black and the Tie bet, in which case half the original bet is lost.

Below you can see the bets and their relative payouts.


Type of Bet


Dragon or Tiger to Win


Dragon or Tiger Small


Dragon or Tiger Big


Red or Black


Dragon or Tiger Suit


2 Red or 2 Black


Tie Side Bet


Suited Tie Side Bet