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Blackjack Multihand VIP

Blackjack Multihand VIP is the perfect Blackjack game for those looking for serious play. It allows you to play up to seven hands simultaneously and it is played with six packs of cards. However, unlike in most online games, the deck is not shuffled between each round. Furthermore, it offers all the features you could need such as split, insurance and surrender. Best of all, it offers payouts of 3:2 for Blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack Multihand VIP

The aim of the game is to build a hand of cards that is as close in value to 21 as possible. If your hand exceeds 21 then you go bust and lose the round, but if at the end of a round you have not exceeded 21 and your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s is then you win the round. You can play up to seven hands at the same time, but if you wish, you can just play one. In Blackjack, Aces are worth either 1 or 11, the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are all worth 10, and the number cards are worth their face value. As a result, it is possible to put together a hand of 21 using just two cards, an Ace and a ten card, this hand is called Blackjack, and it is the best possible hand. To start a round you need to place your chips in the hand positions you wish to play. After placing your chips click on ‘Deal’ to receive two face up cards to each hand position. At the same time, the dealer will receive one face up card and one face down. There are then a number of possible moves for each hand; ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’ are the basic ones. If you ‘Stand’, the hand remains as it is and play moves on to the next hand. However, you can only stand if the total value of your hand is more than 11 points. If you ‘Hit’ then another card is dealt to that hand and, as long as you are not bust, you have the option to ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ again. After you have finished playing your hands, the dealer will play his. He will always draw cards until his hand is worth at least 17. At the end of a round, all winning hands are paid at 1:1 except for Blackjack, which is paid out at 3:2. If both you and the dealer have the same hand then the bet is returned as a push, if you have Blackjack and the dealer has 21 then you will win the round.

Blackjack Multihand VIP Special Features

The game has a number of special features that will appeal to advanced players. You will be offered the option to Double Down if the total of your first two cards is 9, 10, or 11. If you choose to double then your bet for that hand is doubled and you will receive one more card to that hand. Play then moves on to the next hand. If the first two cards in a hand have the same value then you have the option to ‘Split’ them into two separate hands. You play them as individual hands and can draw cards to them as usual unless you have two Aces in which case you can only draw one more card to each hand. When the cards are dealt, if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace then you have the option to take out insurance against the dealer having Blackjack. Insurance will cost you half of that hand’s bet and if the dealer has Blackjack then insurance pays out at 2:1. If the dealer’s first card is not an Ace then you are given the chance to Surrender your hand. It means you abandon the hand in exchange for half of your bet. If, after all the cards have been dealt, you have Blackjack and the dealer’s first card is an ace and he has not yet revealed his second card then you can also surrender and win back twice your entire bet. A red card is placed in the dealer’s deck after 3 decks of 52 cards. When the red card is drawn, it means that all of the decks will be shuffled again before the start of the next round.