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Blackjack Double Exposure

Blackjack Double Exposure is a unique Blackjack game in which the dealer’s two cards are dealt face up, so that you can make decisions that are far more informed. You can play up to four hands at once and the game is played with six decks of cards. It also gives you the chance to win more with the 21+3 and Pair side bets.

How to Play Blackjack Double Exposure

The aim of Blackjack Double Exposure is to beat the dealer by putting together a hand of cards that is closer in value to 21 than the dealer’s is. If you exceed 21 then you go bust and automatically lose, but if at the end of the round you have not gone bust and you are closer to 21 than the dealer is then you will win. The game allows you to play up to four hands at the same time, for more winning opportunities, and you can win even more thanks to two side bets. As is normal in Blackjack, the numbered cards are worth their face values, the picture cards (Jack, Queen and King) are all worth 10, and Aces are worth either 1 or 11. This means that you can form a hand of 21 with just two cards, an Ace and a ten card, this is called Blackjack and it is the strongest possible hand. To start a round you need to place your chips in the betting areas of the hands that you wish to play. When you are happy with your bets click on ‘Deal’ and you will receive two face-up cards to each active hand. This is where Blackjack Double Exposure comes into its own, as the dealer’s two cards will also be displayed face up. You will then have two options for each hand, ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’. If you choose ‘Hit’ the hand receives another card and if you select ‘Stand’ it leaves the hand as it is. When you have finished playing your hands, the dealer will play his. The dealer will draw cards until the hand is worth at least 17. At the end of a round, all winning hands are paid at 1:1. If both you and the dealer have the same hand then the dealer wins unless you have Blackjack. If you have Blackjack and the dealer has 21 then you will win the round.

Blackjack Double Exposure Special Features

On occasion, there are a couple more options for each hand. If your first two cards in a hand are identical then you have the option to ‘Split’ them into two hands. You can then play them as individual hands. If you have split two Aces then you can only draw one more card to each hand. If your hand has a value of 9, 10 or 11 then you have the chance to ‘Double Down’. This will double the bet for that hand, you will receive one more card to that hand, and then play moves on to the next hand or dealer.

Blackjack Double Exposure Side Bets

The game offers two side bets, the 21+3 and the Pair. The 21+3 pays out if the first two cards of a hand together with the dealer’s card form a flush, a straight, a three of a kind, a straight flush or a suited three of a kind. A flush pays 5:1, a Straight pays 10:1, Three of a Kind pays 30:1, a Straight Flush pays 40:1 and a Suited Three of a Kind pays 100:1. The Pair bet wins if a hand’s first two cards form a perfect pair (two identical cards), a coloured pair (the same colour but different suit) or a mixed pair (different suit). A Mixed Pair pays 6:1, a Coloured Pair pays 12:1, and a Perfect Pair pays 25:1.