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Bally Wulff – Seven Decades of Casino Game Development

About Bally Wulff 

Bally Wulff was established all the way back in 1950 by Gunter Wulff and was initially named Gunter Wulff Apparatebeu. It is a German company that is best known for producing physical gaming machines that are supplied to land casinos and other gaming establishments. 

Over the last seven decades, the company has built an excellent reputation having produced revolutionary games such as Rotomat Joker in 1963 and Rotomat Monarch in 1972, which was the same year that the American company Bally Manufacturing Corporation bought Gunter Wulff Apparatebeu.  

The company, which had become Bally Wulff, released their first electronic device in 1980, the Rototron Atlas, and in the same year, the company’s founder Gunter Wulff passed away. Over the next decade, the company began to branch out and move away from gambling machines. They developed fitness machines for health clubs and various other devices. However, by the end of the decade, they had returned towards their origins and released the Stratego, a slot machine like device that paid out money. Soon afterwards came the hugely popular Rototron King. 

Not long afterwards, Bally Wulff split from the Bally Group, but the company continued to develop slot machines for the land-based market and in 1992, they also began producing karaoke machines in Germany. At this point, the company were also producing billiard tables, darts equipment, pinball machines, and virtual reality equipment. Just before the end of the decade, the company began exporting slot machines to the Spanish market.  

Bally Wulff was acquired by the Schmidt Group in 2007 and has continued to develop new technologies ever since. The company was purchased by the U. Schmidt group in 2019 and now produces a large range of slot machines and casino management products. Very recently, the company has begun expanding into the online market and they have a small but very popular collection of online slot machines.  

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