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Use ecoPayz at For Fast and Simple Payments

ecoPayz has been a popular payment method for online casino players for many years. At, you can quickly, easily and securely make both deposits and withdrawals using the service, completely removing the stress from banking at the casino. If you are interested in learning more, then keep reading and we will explain all that you need to know.

About ecoPayz

Originally known as ecoCard, ecoPayz appeared over two decades ago in 2000, which means it was one of the first e-wallets. Over the years, the service has hugely expanded and it now gives its customers a vast amount of choice in regards to making online payments.

ecoPayz provides three core services to its customers, ecoAccount, ecoCard and ecoVirtualCard. If you have ever used an e-wallet, then the ecoAccount will feel very familiar. You can top it up and store your money online and then use the account to make payments at a vast number of websites as well as transfer money around the world in roughly 45 different currencies. The wallet can be funded through a variety of different payment methods while money can be withdrawn directly to bank accounts.

Those who wish to may sign up for an ecoCard. It is a physical prepaid MasterCard that is sent to customers through the post. The card can be topped up through the ecoAccount and then used in the same way as a regular debit card, both online and offline. The service is hugely popular with customers as it does not require them to have a bank account and no credit checks are carried out before the card is issued. Furthermore, each customer may have up to three ecoCards, one for Pounds, one for US Dollars, and one for Euros. The card is ideal for those who budget their gambling carefully as it is not possible to spend more than the amount deposited on it.

As the name suggests, the ecoVirtualCard is a virtual version of the ecoCard. It is a onetime use payment card that customers can create instantly through their ecoAccount. After the virtual card has been created, it can be used in the same way as a regular debit card online or even over the telephone, but after a single use the card expires and it cannot be used again.

All three of these services have proved to be extremely popular with online gamblers and many others, and they have helped cement ecoPayz place as one of the leading online payment service providers.

Advantages of Using ecoPayz

There are many advantages to using ecoPayz, and not just for online casino payments. One of the main advantages is ease of use. The service is extremely straightforward from beginning to end. It takes hardly any time at all to create an account and fund it, and once the account is setup, making deposits and withdrawals at the casino is very easy. Furthermore, all of the transactions are instant, so you will never be stuck waiting for your funds to arrive in order to start playing.

An advantage that can’t be overstated is the extremely high level of security and privacy that ecoPayz provides. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means that they are held to extremely high standards. ecoPayz has implemented numerous security and privacy features, that are similar to those used by online banks. At the most basic level, the ecoPayz website makes use of SSL encryption that has been certified by Thawte Certification Authority, it is also certified for PCI and DSS (Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards).

In addition to these standards, ecoPayz uses two-factor verification for all transactions to ensure that the customer instigated them. Those who are concerned about privacy will be pleased to learn that when using ecoPayz there is no need to supply with any banking information whatsoever. When you make a deposit you simply need to login to your ecoPayz account, which means that your data is never exposed.

Everybody is able to sign up for an ecoPayz account, but the company actually offers five different account levels, classic, silver, gold, platinum and VIP. All accounts are free to create, but each has its own fee structure and specific services. To summarize, the higher the account level the lower the fees will be and the more services on offer. If you are using ecoPayz at, then you will ideally want at least a silver level account as this way you will be eligible for the ecoCard and you will be able to withdraw funds to your bank account.

The company also operates a rewards scheme, so even though it does charge some fees, you will still be gaining something every time you use your ecoAccount. As a member of ecoPayz, you will benefit from all of the MasterCard offers and promotions if you use the ecoCard or ecoVirtualCard. Furthermore, from time to time ecoPayz also runs promotions and offers monthly rewards through its partners.

There are a few small disadvantages that you should be aware of, which prevent ecoPayz being the ideal service for everyone. For instance, some people may not wish to create an ecoPayz account or fund it as they may not be comfortable making any form of online payment. Furthermore, you do need to be aware of the ecoPayz fees. The fees depend on the account level, but often they are between 3% and 5%. There are also fees for withdrawing to a bank account. However, you will not be charged by for making deposits or withdrawals using ecoPayz.

Depositing at with ecoPayz

You will have no problems making a deposit with ecoPayz at and the entire process should take no more than a few minutes. As explained, you will first need to create an ecoAccount through the ecoPayz website. This is a quick and easy process and it is completely free. Once the account has been created you then need to fund it. There are many ways of doing this and you can find clear instructions on the ecoPayz website. When the account is ready and contains some funds, you then need to login to and visit the cashier. In the cashier select ‘Deposit’ and then choose ecoPayz as your payment method. All you then have to do is enter how much you wish to deposit, login to your ecoPayz account, and the funds will be transferred. The transaction will be instant and you can deposit using many different currencies.

Withdrawing from with ecoPayz

Regardless of which payment method you use, before withdrawing from the casino you will have to complete the identity verification procedure. This is very straightforward and we will just need you to submit copies of a few documents, such as proof of address and a photo ID. It does not take long and needs to be done just once.

Assuming you have verified your identity, the withdrawal process is very easy. Once again, you should visit the casino cashier and there you need to select ‘Cash Out’. Then, just choose ecoPayz as your payment method, enter how much you wish to withdraw, and provide the other requested information, such as your ecoPayz account email address. If the money is available in your account then the withdrawal will be marked as ‘Pending’ while we process it. You should then receive the money in your account within four days of requesting the withdrawal.

ecoPayz Customer Support

If for some reason you run into difficulties when using your ecoPayz account, then help is never far away. There is a huge amount of helpful information available on the ecoPayz website, which is a great place to start. If you can’t find what you are looking for then you can reach the ecoPayz customer support team via live chat or send them a message. They will do their best to respond quickly with the information that you need. If you are still having problems, then feel free to reach out to us here at and we will do everything that we can to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

To Conclude

As should now be clear, ecoPayz is a fantastic service that facilitates extremely easy payments here at It is an excellent option for anyone who does not want to use their credit/debit card at the casino and is looking for a fast and cheap way of making deposits and withdrawals. Most importantly, ecoPayz is available in a huge number of countries, unlike rival e-wallets such as PayPal, meaning that no matter where you are based the service should be available to you. If you are looking for the best online payment system for your needs, then ecoPayz is certainly deserving of careful consideration.


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