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The Top 10 Most Successful Soccer Players in the World

Soccer, better known as football in other countries, has captivated many sports fans. Some of the most prodigious athletes showcase their skills on the soccer field. The twists and turns of the game are riveting and the raw talent of the players is a sight to behold. So, who are the most successful soccer players in the world?

10.  Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard boasts a net worth of 100 million dollars. Hazard has become notorious for his creativity on the field and dexterous passes. He began his professional career at the age of 16 and went on to win the Ligue 1 Player of the Year becoming the youngest person ever to win the award.


Hazard continued on to play for Chelsea aiding in the outstanding wins of the League Cup and Premier League. These wins earned him the title of FWA Footballer of the Year and PFA Players Player of the Year awards all during his first year. Hazard is currently captain of the Belgium National Team and actively competes in soccer tournaments.

9.  Pele

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pele, has a net worth of 115 million dollars and even the Guinness Book of World Records for the astounding amount of goals scored.

Pele is an important figure to soccer as he was the first to gain worldwide notoriety. Since retiring in 1977 he has gone on to become an ambassador for soccer across the globe and the very first Minister of Sports serving from 1995-1998. This winner of 3 world cups was definitely a force to be reckoned with in his golden era.

8. Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is currently worth 120 million dollars as of May 2021. He played as the attacking midfielder or second striker for the Italy National Football Team. The man of many nicknames such as The Golden Boy, The 8th King of Rome, and The Gladiator is just a small clue to his success.  Throughout the early 2000s, Totti brought many victories to Italy.

UEFA Euro 2000 finalist, 2006 World Cup winner, and 11-time winner of Oscar del Calcio awards from the Italian Footballers Association, Totti has staked his claim to fame among the soccer community. Following his retirement in 2017, he continues to receive awards and represent Italy’s finest.

7. Gareth Bale

With a net worth of 145 million dollars, Gareth Bale continues to reach new heights as a well sought-after player. Noteworthy free-kick specialist, Bale has made quite the name for himself during his soccer career beginning in 2007. By 2010 he became a well-known athlete and a standout from the Tottenham Hotspur team.


In both 2011 and 2013, he took home the PFA Players Player of the Year award. Also in 2013, he was named PFA Young Player of the Year, the FWA Footballer of the Year, and the Premier League Player of the Season. He currently plays number 18 for Real Madrid.

6. Alexandre Pato

The 6th wealthiest soccer player in the world is Alexandre Pato with a net worth of 150 million dollars. Pato made his debut in the soccer world at the age of 16 in 2006. Though he was young, his talent was evident from the very beginning. By 2009 he had already won the Golden Boy and Serie A Young Footballer of the Year awards.


Pato scores breathtaking goals and runs with precision throughout every match. Many teams have signed Pato for his amazing skills and prodigy. He has won two Olympic medals for Brazil, a bronze and a silver, and currently competes for Orlando City.

5. Wayne Rooney

With a net worth of 170 million dollars, Wayne Rooney is considered one of the best English players of his generation. He is a record goalscorer for both England National Team and Manchester United. He began his prestigious career at the age of nine years old playing for the Everton Youth Team and made his debut as a professional player at age 16 in 2002.


Rooney continued to play throughout the mid to late 2000s and became known as England's best player. He has taken home England’s Player of the Year four times in 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015. In 2009 and 2010 Rooney won Player’s Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year. Well known and ultra-talented from a young age, Rooney has since retired and now manages Derby County.

4. Dave Whelan

Player Dave Whelan has a net worth of 210 Million dollars and played for a brief period during the 1950s-1960s. Whelan played front-back for the Blackburn Rovers and Crewe Alexandria before he broke his leg. It was one of the worst injuries in soccer history.


Whelan became one of the wealthiest soccer players in the world not by skilled passes or incredible goals, but by building businesses. After his soccer career ended, he poured his time and energy into launching a grocery store, a sports store, and a fitness center. He also purchased Wigan Athletic and aided them in their journey to the Premier League. His wealth comes from a different source, but he is the 4th wealthiest soccer player in the world.

3. Lionel Messi

With a net worth of 400 million dollars, Lionel Messi is one of the richest soccer players ever. This Argentinian champion spent his whole career with Barcelona. He took home an impressive amount of awards such as a record-breaking six European Golden Shoes and Ballon d’Or.


Messi has capitalized on his partnership with Adidas since 2006 and continues to make headlines as a success across the world. There is even a film about him produced in 2014 called Messi. He currently plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and is the captain of the Argentinian National Team.

2. David Beckham

One of the most famous names in soccer, David Beckham has a net worth of 450 Million dollars. His 20-year long career brought him fame as he became the first soccer player to win titles in four different countries. His right-wing prowess earned him an induction into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008.


Beckham’s success doesn’t come just from his intuitive playing. He has also benefited from strong investments, climbing the social ladder, and becoming an iconic part of British culture. To date, the list of Beckham's accomplishments spans from World Cups, philanthropy, and film.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo comes in as the wealthiest soccer player in the world with a net worth of 450 million dollars. Holding 7 league titles, 32 trophies, and the record for most goals scored at 134 goals. He has become one of the most accomplished soccer players of all time.


This Portuguese player has been rated as the world's most popular player by ESPN  and listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. His transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid was one of the most expensive of all time at 132 million. He continues to play for Real Madrid and is captain of the Portugal National Team.


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