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An Expert Champions League Finals Betting Guide

What is the UEFA Champions League?

It is difficult not to get hyped for the Champions League final. The promise of world class players, young prospects, powerhouse teams and possible huge upsets, sum up all of the action that awaits football fans at the end of each football season.

The Champions League regular tournament always starts with the seeding, where the qualifying teams for the Champions League competition proper are placed into groups of four. The tournament continues into the knockout phase through to the legendary final, which is always played in one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.

“Whose year will it be?” is the question that rings in every football fan’s mind. As the finals edge nearer and teams begin to truly make their mark, most fans will have some opinion on who they think will win.

UEFA Champions League Final Advanced Betting Guide

The Champions League final is unmissable for many fans and there are plenty who like to put wagers on the game to make it more exciting to watch. When it comes to betting, there are a number of standard bets to choose from, such as which team will win, handicaps and how many goals will be scored in a game, but for the truly eager fans, there are a number of advanced bets.

Final Game Props

Game props include a number of thought provoking bets that can potentially offer gigantic odds. Game props focus on specific match statistics that do not necessarily require one of the finalists to win.

Most game props are two way bets, simply a bet on whether something will happen or not during the match. These may include bets such as:

  • Will there be a red card
  • Will there be a penalty
  • Will one team keep a clean sheet
  • Which team will open the scoring
  • Which team will first score 2 goals

These are just a few of the many bets available, and the odds can be highly generous. The chances of there being a penalty or red card shown in the finals are very low as most players will be highly focused to make sure they do not make any serious mistakes or fouls during the game. This makes longer odds for one of those events to happen in the game and shorter odds against them happening.

None of these bets have a direct connection to which team will win the final, meaning that these bets can be placed in a parlay alongside more standard bets such as one team to win the final, handicaps, total goals and more. As long as the bets are not contradictory, it is possible to combine these bets with a standard bet resulting in far longer odds.

Over/Under Bets

There are over/under game props that relate to match statistics. These may include game stats such as:

  • over/under number of corners
  • over/under number of free kicks
  • over/under number of fouls
  • over/under number of cards
  • over/under number of shots by one team

These and more bets may be available for the Champions League final. These are also two way bets, although it is possible to adjust the betting line.

If the Champions League final is played between two very physical teams, fans may want to try the number of cards game prop. The over/under bet is presented with numerous options, such as over/under 1.5 cards, 2.5 cards, 3.5 cards and so on. The fan can choose any one of the options, for example the over 3.5 cards, and then place a bet on whether there will be more fouls in the game or whether there will be less.

Correct Score Prediction

Punters who dare to make a prediction on the exact score at the end of 90 minutes can bet on the correct score. These bets are very specific and will only pay if the score line in the bet matches the score line in the finals after regular time has concluded. These bets offer long odds and are definitely worth looking through, though they may need some careful research. The fans who want to make a casual side bet may enjoy placing small money on the correct score, as they do not mind giving it a try, but if they win they will have some great returns.

Fans with a good knowledge of the playing style of the teams in the finals may be able to take advantage of these markets. Aspects of a team’s style of play can include how physical a team is, if they prefer using long balls and playing from set pieces, whether they prefer to build up play and shoot from inside the box or prefer to pepper the opponent’s goal with long range shots and so on.

Final Player Props

The Champions League final has produced some of the best team efforts as well as individual player efforts. When players step out onto the pitch in the final, each of them has the chance to go down in history by winning the match for their club.

Fans will want to see their favourite players put in memorable matches performances, and they can also back those players with some bets.

Player to Score in the Finals

It is a great feeling for fans to watch their favourite players net a worldy in the Champions League final. On the stage of the Champions League final, there have been many players who have established themselves as a world class player or helped to revive their careers with awe inspiring performances. The euphoria can be increased when a bet is placed on the player to score, and these bets have very generous odds.

Along with the markets offered on certain players to score in a game, there may also be several other player scoring props available for especially prolific goal scorers.

  • Player to score the first goal
  • Player to score the last goal
  • Player to score two goals
  • Player to score a hattrick
  • Player to score from outside the box
  • Player to score from a header

And there may be many more bets in this category. If these bets are available, they offer a tremendous amount of adrenaline and can offer equally thrilling betting odds.

Player to Assist in the Finals

Not all players are goal hungry strikers who would take shots from outside the box, or try to go for goal when there are other options available. It is possible to place bets on the players who fall into the playmaker category.

Some players have a knack for placing centimetre perfect passes, opening up the defence for the striker to do their job. Placing a bet on these playmakers to give an assist during a match comes with long odds and is an attractive prospect. Bets may include:

  • Player to give an assist in the finals
  • Player to assist from a set piece
  • Player to give two assists

With some teams, the midfielders who may take the set pieces or use their position to set up attacking players in open play may be more likely to notch an assist than the strikers in the same team. It is definitely worth looking through the team statistics to see if any of the finalists are good at setting up their teammates.

Champions League Final Man of the Match

Bets can be placed on which player will be named man of the match in the finals. This is an interesting bet to place because while many fans would instinctively bet on a goal scorer or playmaker to be named man of the match, there are players such as N'golo Kante, Virgil van Dijk, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta, Diego Militio and Edwin van der Sar have been named man of the match. N'golo Kante and Andres Iniesta are both midfielders, Virgil van Dijk, Sergio Ramos and Diego Militio are defenders and Edwin van der Sar is a keeper, showing that the backline can be just as important in a final.


All of the bets mentioned above are fun to place, but fans can raise the stakes by combining them into parlays. Commonly, punters will combine either a game prop or player prop with a more standard bet, such as match result, double chance or handicap. The more adventurous fans may decide to combine several props into one parlay, but this comes with a great deal of risk as all bets in the parlay need to come through for the bet to win.


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