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A Look at the 2022 World Cup Groups

The World Cup is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in the world. It is held once every four years and attracts a huge audience of football supporters, sports fans and even people who do not necessarily enjoy football but enjoy the hype and general atmosphere surrounding the legendary event.

The knockout stages are highly exciting and have seen some of the most heroic performances as well as some of the most dramatic upsets as the teams advance towards the finals. Adding to the excitement of the Group Stage is the intense schedule of play with a huge amount of games taking place in a very short space of time. The groups have been drawn for the 2022 World Cup and they promise some fantastic matchups.

Group Previews

Group A

Group A comprises Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands. It will be a difficult group for Qatar, the host nation, as they make their debut in the World Cup. The Netherlands will be the team to watch in this group, as they have a strong, youthful team who show a lot of promise. With the return of one of their most successful managers, Louis van Gaal, the team will hope to go all the way, as they have been runners-up in three World Cups but never crowned champions. Senegal are also a highly dangerous side, as winners of the Africa Cup of Nations. They have a great team with many star players from the Premier League, Serie A and the Ligue 1. Ecuador had a tough qualification process, playing the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and the other South American nations, though they placed in fourth, securing a place amongst the World Cup finalists.

Group B

This group comprises England, Iran, the United States and the winner of the UEFA Path A. England came heartbreakingly close to winning the 2014 World Cup, losing to Croatia in the semi-finals. The young team have yet to win a trophy for their country, though they boast some of the greatest footballing talents in the world. The United States have a few star players and may be able to edge their way into the round of the last 16. Their record against England is quite good, as England have failed to beat them in their past two meetings. Iran is one of the strongest teams from the Asian confederation, and they came into the World Cup competition on the back of winning 10 games in the third round of qualification, conceding only 4 goals and scoring 15. The UEFA path winner has yet to be determined, as the playoffs still await the games between Scotland and Ukraine, and the winner will face Wales. The fixture has been delayed for obvious reasons, though it is fair to say that Ukraine, Scotland and Wales are all teams that have their fair share of players in the top leagues.

Group C

Group C comprises Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. Argentina came second in 2014, losing to Germany in a close game that went to extra time. The team has a few new faces this time around and will definitely be looking to go all the way. Saudi Arabia won their qualification group and they beat some World Cup regulars in Australia and Japan. Poland features prolific strikers, which ares also approaching the final years of their careers. Despite that, he is playing extremely well for both club and country and will most likely net a few goals in this World Cup. Mexico have featured in the World Cup on many occasions, and they will likely battle Poland for second place, behind favourites Argentina.

Group D

Group D features France, Denmark, Tunisia and the winners of the AFC-CONMEBOL playoffs. France come into this competition as the World Cup champions, though this may not play to their advantage. There is a World Cup curse, in which the champions have played poorly in the following World Cup, Italy (2006 champions), Spain (2010 champions) and Germany (2014 champions) all lost in the group stages, and France will have to stay focused to break the curse. Tunisia have played in the World Cup in previous editions and have some fast attacking players who can definitely make significant contributions. The winners of the AFC-CONMEBOL will be either the UAE, Australia or Peru, of which Australia has the most experience in the World Cup.

Group E

Group E consists of Spain, Germany, Japan and the winners of the CONCACAF-OFC playoffs. November 27 will be a day for fans to mark in their calendar, as it will feature the 2010 World Cup champions Spain against the 2014 Champions Germany. Spain is a strong contender for the title, though much of the 2010 team has now retired. Japan are a team that celebrate their seventh successive appearance in the World Cup, and though the two favourites are Spain and Germany, they have a chance to squeeze into second place with their young squad. The group will be completed by either Costa Rica or New Zealand, in the CONCACAF-OFC playoffs.

Group F

Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia all play in group F. Belgium were touted to become World Cup winners back in 2014, when they featured a very young squad full of players with great potential. Eight years on the team has yet to win an international trophy, though the players are now far more experienced and have fully developed their skills. Canada makes its first World Cup appearance since its one and only appearance in 1986. Morocco is also a team to watch in this group as they have some talented attacking players who play in some of the top leagues in Europe. Croatia reached the finals in the 2018 World Cup, much to everyone's surprise. This team should not be underrated as they feature some of the finest players in European football.

Group G

Group G consists of Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002, with a legendary line-up that enthralled football fans all around the world. Nowadays, they have a good squad though they are overshadowed by the overwhelming pressure to win a World Cup. Serbia is not to be underestimated, as they feature some good defensive players as well as some hungry attacking players who may be able to cause an upset. Switzerland showed the world that they are capable of causing an upset when they beat France in the 2020 European Championship knockout round. They will try to secure a second place ahead of Serbia and Cameroon. Cameroon has an older squad than the other teams in this group, though they have a lot of experience and will try to perform well after missing out narrowly on qualifying at the previous World Cup.

Group H

Group H consists of Potrugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea. Potrugal team is one of the strongest Portuguese teams in recent years and will definitely be a highlight of the tournament. Uruguay reached fourth place in the 2010 World Cup, after losing to the Germans in the playoff. Interestingly, Uruguay beat Ghana in a controversial match to reach the third place playoffs. Ghana will play Uruguay in the group stage and they will try to exact their revenge on the South American side for the 2010 quarterfinals game. South Korea are not a team to be written off, as they have a few star players that know how to perform against the bigger teams. South Korea beat Germany in the 2018 World Cup group stages, sending the Champions home.

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