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A Complete Guide to Wimbledon Betting

There are amazingly wide ranging betting options available when indulging in strawberries and cream during the 2022 Wimbledon tennis championships. In this betting guide we will help you get to grips with the various ways you can place a wager during Wimbledon that will help you feel ace.

With a variety of Wimbledon tennis betting methods available we don’t want you to be caught at the net, so this guide will simplify all the information you need to know. Wimbledon is a gruelling and fast paced grand slam tournament with athletes in combat from the first serve to match point. With so many competitions being played by males and females, doubles and mixed doubles, there are loads of opportunities to place a bet during the 2022 Wimbledon championships.

Various Forms of Tennis Bets at Wimbledon

Let us take you through the different methods available, from the simplest form of betting on a Wimbledon match to slightly more intricate ways that we will help you to understand. The better your understanding of the various betting markets, the sooner you will be able to construct your own flexible betting strategy.

For example, your strategy can be more than just selecting the winner of the Wimbledon tournament or a match. Here you will learn about the different tennis betting markets and various forms of bets to help you take advantage.

Selecting the Wimbledon Tournament Winner

The obvious and easiest way to bet at Wimbledon is to choose the individual or, if doubles the pairing, that will ultimately win the trophy and the tournament. This is the easiest way to place a bet when you consider starting to bet on Wimbledon. You don’t only have to choose one player or doubles pairing as you may choose more than one potential winner of Wimbledon that may help to hedge your bet.

Prior to the tournament commencing you will easily find the available odds for potential tournament winners. This can be found in the ‘Outrights’ section of the sportsbook. It is not easy for any player to win a tournament so you will likely find better odds than even money. Unless a player is really in total domination of the sport you can place your bet and expect to win more if your choice is successful. 

While it is rare for complete outsiders to win Wimbledon it can happen, leading to a nice return. While you may be considering the favourite on short odds, it can also be worthwhile to check the rankings, form, fitness and favourite playing surfaces of those with longer odds. If you are lucky with your strategy and selection and player’s form at Wimbledon, a potential 2/1 win could instead be a 10/1 win.

 Game, Set and Wimbledon Match Winner

Predicting an outright Wimbledon winner can be more difficult than predicting the winner of a single match. A solitary match may see an up-and-coming underdog play against a seasoned top ranked professional player, particularly in the early rounds of the tournament. For this reason, you can expect lower payouts for a one match winner than a tournament winner where the player will need to win seven matches. That said, the favourite may have very short odds, sometimes less than evens meaning, if bet against, your win return may be a lesser amount than your original stake. On the other hand, the underdog may have some attractive odds placed against them. You can even make a bet against both players if you want.

As mentioned, keeping an eye on players’ form, fitness, preferred surface type and the emergence of new stars can lead to some great opportunities, while making sure to check the odds regularly in the period of time leading up to the match that you have an eye on.

Handicap Betting at Wimbledon

Now the betting options are starting to become a little more complicated compared to the traditional methods already explained. There are different ways to make handicap bets on games and sets played or, three-way handicap betting.

With handicap games new betting methods are provided against the players participating in a match. How you approach handicap betting is by making a decision if you want to bet against a player who will perform better or worse than the market expects. You can expect better odds against the underdog when it is anticipated their final result will finish better than expected, even though the player can still lose the match. The market will provide options for you to bet against.

This can appear a little daunting and difficult to grasp but by making a simple example the concept becomes clear. The favourite will be given a games handicap, such as -1.5 games while the underdog is given a games advantage, such as +1.5. In this instance, if you bet on the favourite, you bet will only win if the favourite wins the match by at least 2 games. If you bet on the underdog, your bet will win if they win the match or lose by no more than 1 game.

Consider this concept against a three-set match with the final result of 7-6, 2-6, 6-4 in your players favour, who you bet for with a +1.5 game rating. Overall, he is the winner of the match but his game win total is 15. The opponent has won a total of 16 games and one more game during the match. Therefore, the result is -1 against your player and therefore, the bet would be lost. A 3-way handicap bet that was previously mentioned can allow you to bet on a tie in the number of games won.

Wimbledon Sets and Games that are Over or Under

Now that handicap betting is simple to follow you can easily understand an over/under bet. When placing these bets at Wimbledon you will be betting on the number of sets or games required to determine a match. You will not be betting against the player but against the number of games or sets producing an end result. You are presented a betting line, such as 3.5 sets, and you simple bet on whether you think there will be more sets played (over) or less (under).

Predicting the Exact Score in Games or Sets at Wimbledon

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Guessing the end result of a match in sets will mean you predict how many sets each player will win. With fewer end results possible the returns may not be so enticing as those available in guessing the end result in games. With the number of games that creates the end result having a far greater variance you will find far longer odds. You may sometimes see odds in excess of 30/1 but they can also be less than 5/1, for example a dominant female repeat Wimbledon champion is expected to steam-role her opponent in the first round 6-0, 6-0.

Creative Wimbledon Match Bets

If you want to have some quickfire fun or have that gut feeling, these bets can provide you with some different angles. They are also known as Prop bets and are very easy to use having a simple yes or no answer to a particular event happening in a match. Taking some tennis related examples in to consideration you may bet against a tie break happening, a player to win in straight sets, total games odd or even, each player to win a set during the contest etc. 


Now you are familiar with the main Wimbledon tennis betting markets. With such a number of options available you can carefully research and make a betting strategy that may help to reduce your risks associated with losing. Why not also consider in-play betting? If you have placed your bet before the start of a match and the outcome is clearly not going to plan, you can place an in-play bet on the opposition winning, that may help to reduce your losses.  

As with Wimbledon and any type of sports betting, be sure to carry out careful research before placing your bets. The more research you have taken the greater the chances of making a winning bet.


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