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A Beginner’s Guide to Aussie Rules Betting

Australian Rules Football, better known as Aussie Rules or AFL, is unsurprisingly most popular in Australia. However, it has a steadily growing following elsewhere, as it is a hugely exciting sport that is packed full of action. In this guide, we will introduce you to the sport and then explain the different types of bets available to you to help you get started. Hopefully, you will soon be on your way to placing many successful bets.

Aussie Rules Basics

Aussie Rules can be extremely confusing to watch at first and it can seem a bit like a free for all. However, the rules are not difficult to understand and you can get to grips with the basics of it in just a few minutes.

The game is played with a ball similar to a rugby ball. There are two teams, each of eighteen players, and each team can have up to three substitutes that are ‘rolling’, meaning they can come on and off the pitch as many times as they wish to. The players are split between positions including Full Forward, Half Forward, Centre Line, Half Back and Full Back.

A game consists of four 20-minute quarters. Players are able to run with the ball, just as in rugby. However, they must bounce it once every 15 metres. The ball can be passed by spiking it with hands, like in volleyball, or by kicking it to a teammate. Points are scored by kicking the ball through the goal, which is worth six points, or behind posts at any height, which is worth one point.

The game starts with a ruck, which is when the umpire throws the ball into the air and a player from each team will try to tap the ball to their team. The game is restarted in the same way after each goal. When playing, players can tackle each other from shoulder height downwards to try to win the ball.

It is an extremely fast-paced game, and watching it does take a bit of getting used to. Of course, there are many more rules, but with the basics explained above, you should be able to follow a game with no problems.

Betting on Aussie Rules

One of the great things about Aussie Rules is that it gives fans a huge number of betting options. There are many different betting markets on offer covering many different aspects of the sport. Here you can find an explanation of the most popular markets so that you can get started betting straightaway.

Moneyline Full Time

These are the simplest types of bets and a great place to get started if you are a beginner. All you are betting on is which of the teams will win after full time. Simply choose a team and then if they win, you win your bet. Furthermore, you will find similar markets relating to each of the game’s quarters, so you can bet on which team will win the first quarter, the second quarter, and so on. You can also bet on which team will win individual halves.

Over/Under – Total Score

This is a bet that relates to the total number of points scored between both teams. You will be presented with a number, such as 160.5, and simply need to bet whether you think there will be more or less points. If you think there will be 161 or more points, then you would place an Over bet, if you think there will be 160 or less, then you place an Under bet.

Sometimes you will find a number of markets that are similar to this but subtly different. For instance, you may be able to bet on the total number of points to be scored through just goals or just behinds. They will also be presented as over/under bets, and can be an interesting way to bet after considering the style of a team.

Line/Spread Betting

This type of bet introduces a handicap such as -7.5 or +7.5. Very often, the favourite team will not have very generous odds on the moneyline market, so you can enjoy better odds by using a spread bet. With the above example, if Team A had a -7.5 handicap, then they would need to win the game by at least 8 points for you to win the bet.

First/Last to Score

This is often split into a number of markets. You are betting on which team will be the first or last to score, but as there are different methods of scoring, there are often different markets available. In other words, you can bet on the first or last to score any kind of point, through either a goal or a behind, or you could bet on the first or last to score through specifically a goal or a behind. As this is quite a specific bet, you will normally be able to enjoy some excellent odds.

Race to Points/Goals/Behinds

Race to markets are a bet on which of the teams will be the first to achieve something. For example, a Race to 100 Points is a bet on which team will be the first to score 100 points. A Race to 6 Goals is a bet on which team will be the first to score six goals. It doesn’t matter if the team you bet on wins or loses the match, the important thing is that they are the first to achieve the race to target.

Prop Bets

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are special markets that focus on a team or individual player performance. For instance, you could bet on a certain team to score the first points in a game or a player to claim 25+ disposals in a game. These markets vary a lot, and it is always worth looking at them as you never know what you will find.


These betting markets relate to the league as a whole rather than to specific games. For instance, you could bet on which team will win the AFL Grand Final, which teams will finish in the top four positions of the league, which teams will finish in the top eight positions, and so on. The markets are available throughout the season and often you can find some excellent odds.

What to Consider When Betting on Aussie Rules

The key to placing winning bets is to do as much research as possible and to consider as many different factors as possible. When it comes to Aussie Rules, there are a number of things your research should focus on.

The most obvious place to start is looking at the individual teams. You can check their recent form and also the history between the two teams playing. Furthermore, you should look at team news. If a team has a key player injured then it can have a huge impact on how they perform. If they have to play inexperienced players, then a team that has been on a winning streak could suddenly find its fortunes reversed. At the same time, if a key player is returning from injury, then this can often inspire teams to put in better performances.

Furthermore, you need to consider a team’s schedule and any travelling that it may have done. If a team has been very busy and travelling a lot, then they are likely to be tired and this could affect their performance. Conversely, if a team has a run of home games, then they are likely to be well rested and this could give them an advantage, even over the toughest of opposition.

Another very important thing to look at is the weather forecast for the day of the game. Weather can have a huge impact on Aussie Rules. The game is played in winter months when there can be a great deal of rainfall. This means that the pitches can become extremely muddy, which slows players down. Furthermore, the ball can become hard to handle in the rain and there may also be poor visibility, which will have a huge impact.

When betting, it is often tempting to simply back the favourite. However, surprises do happen and it is not always a good idea to dismiss the underdog. In AFL in particular, there have been many upsets in recent years and the season is usually full of many dramatic twists and turns. Hopefully, by doing some careful research, you will be able to foresee some of these, as they represent fantastic betting opportunities.

Aussie Rules is a hugely exciting game and betting on it only makes it more so. If you understand the different betting options available to you and you are able to do some careful research before placing your bets, then using the information from this guide, you should be well on the way to success. Of course, nothing can ever be guaranteed when it comes to gambling, but if you manage your money carefully, you can have a fantastic time betting on every match in the Aussie Rules season.

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