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 Enjoy the classic Asian dice game while having the chance to win even more thanks to special multipliers of up to x1000.  

Live Super Sic Bo takes the traditional Asian dice game and boosts it to an entirely new level. The game is simple in concept, but can provide you with hours of fun and the chance of hitting some huge payouts. All you have to do is bet on the outcome of three dice being rolled. However, there are many different types of bets and the game features huge multipliers that can massively boost your winnings. At the same time, a friendly and professional host runs the game and the action is streamed to you in high definition.  

How to Play Live Super Sic Bo  

It takes no time at all to get to grips with Live Super Sic Bo. The three dice are present in a special glass shaker at the centre of the table. Players need to place their chips on the betting area in the allocated time and then the dice are automatically rolled. When the dice come to a stop, players are paid out for any winning bets. To make things more exciting, after betting closing, a range of random multipliers of up to x1000 are assigned to different positions on the betting area, giving the chance of significantly boosted payouts.  

Live Super Sic Bo Bets and Payouts 

There are many different bets available in Super Sic Bo, which help to make the game truly exciting. As is usual, the mores specific your bet, the more you have the chance to win.  

The following bets are available in Live Super Sic Bo 

  • Big – The total score is from 11 to 17 
  • Small – The total score is from 4 to 10  
  • Total Bet – Betting on the total sum of the three dice to be a specific number 
  • Single Bet – Betting on a specific number to appear on at least one of the dice 
  • Double Bet – A bet on the result containing a specific pair 
  • Triple Bet – A bet on the result being a specific triple 
  • Any Triple – A bet on all three dice having the same number 
  • Combination – Betting on any of the 15 possible two dice combinations 

The payouts for Super Sic Bo Live can look a little confusing at first, but without the multipliers they are as follows: 

  • Small/Big – 1:1 
  • Odd/Even – 1:1 
  • Total of 4 or 17 – 50:1 
  • Total of 5 or 16 – 20:1 
  • Total of 6 or 15 – 15:1 
  • Total of 7 or 14 – 12:1 
  • Total of 8 or 13 – 8:1 
  • Total of 9 or 12 – 6:1 
  • Total of 10 or 11 – 6:1 
  • Number Bet One Die – 1:1 
  • Number Bet Two Dice – 2:1 
  • Number Bet Three Dice – 3:1 
  • Combination Bet – 5:1 
  • Double Bet – 8:1 
  • Triple Bet – 150:1 
  • Any Triple – 30:1 

The multipliers that may be applied are not completely random. First of all, multipliers are not applied to even money bets. The other bets have multiplier values that are capped as follows: 

  • Number Bet Two Dice – Up to 24:1 
  • Number Bet Three Dice – Up to 87:1 
  • Combination Bet – Up to 24:1 
  • Double Bet – Up to 87:1 
  • Triple Bet – Up to 999:1 
  • Any Triple – Up to 87:1 
  • Total of 4 or 17 – Up to 499:1 
  • Total of 5 or 16 – Up to 299:1 
  • Total of 6 or 15 – Up to 99:1 
  • Total of 7 or 14 – Up to 39:1 
  • Total of 8 or 13 – Up to 34:1 
  • Total of 9 or 12 – Up to 29:1 
  • Total of 10 or 11 – Up to 24:1 

Live Super Sic Bo Special Features 

If you enjoy looking for trends then you can make use of a number of roadmap scorecards within the game. There is one that shows the results of the last nine rounds complete with the individual dice values. The other view is a more traditional roadmap and it displays the Big/Small and Tie results. 

As with all live dealer games, you will be able to chat with your fellow players and the dealer while playing. You will also find features such as the ability to change the view and adjust the audio/video settings.