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Treat yourself to some magic chocolate and see if you can win the top prize of 6625 times the bet in the bingo bonus feature.  

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is a game from Play’n Go that combines tasty treats, witches and bingo play for a truly exciting experience. This bingo style game not only allows you to play up to four cards at once, but it gives you the chance to purchase extra balls, play a chocolaty bonus game, and win a special jackpot prize.  

How to Play Sweet Alchemy Bingo  

The first thing you need to do is set how many cards you want to play, from 1 to 4. Then you should set your coin value, from 0.01 up to 0.05, and how many coins you want to bet per card, from 1 to 20. When you are happy with your bet, click on the big green play button to start the game.  

The balls are then drawn and marked off from your cards. There are several winning patterns and you will win if the balls complete any of them on each of your cards.  

Sweet Alchemy Bingo Bonus Round 

After the 30 balls have been drawn, if one more ball will give you the chance to win a prize of at least 8 times the card bet then you are offered the chance to buy up to 13 extra balls to try to complete more patterns. You will be shown the price of each ball, which will depend on how close you are to finishing more patterns. You can only purchase the thirteenth ball if just one more ball is needed to win a prize of at least 200 times the card bet.  

You will trigger the Elixir of Power Bonus feature if you manage to fill in the entire perimeter of one of your cards. You are then asked to pick from six pieces of chocolate to reveal your prizes. You can find coin prizes and payout multipliers and you can keep picking until you find the ‘X’ symbol. In this game, it is possible to win an incredible 6625 times the bet!  

The slot also offers a Treasure Chest bonus. You will open the chest and win 5000 times your bet if you are playing with four bingo cards, achieve BINGO within the first 30 balls drawn and you are betting at least one coin per card.  

Sweet Alchemy Bingo Jackpot 

In addition to the prizes offered through the bonus features, there is a top payout of 1500 times the card bet for achieving Bingo. There are eleven different pattern prizes up for grabs and these range from 3 times the bet for 1L all the way up to 500 times the bet.