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    Watch the Roulette Wheel Spin and Decide Your Fate


    European Roulette is the classic game enjoyed by players in casinos around the world. The game is played with a roulette wheel divided into thirty-seven numbered segments, 0 – 36, and you bet on where a ball will come to rest inside the wheel. The game offers the standard betting area making it easy for you to quickly place complicated bets on a combination of numbers. After placing your bets you can watch the ball spin within the wheel and come to rest upon a number. Thanks to its massive betting range, all types of Roulette player are sure to love European Roulette.


    Roulette is based upon a very simple idea. There is a spinning wheel that has been divided into numbered segments. A ball is released into this wheel and you need to bet on which segment it will come to rest on. However, there are a number of things that make the game more exciting. The numbers don’t run sequentially around the wheel and they are coloured red or black. As a result, you can bet on various different groups of numbers, determined by the layout, their colours or other characteristics, and this brings a degree of strategy to the game making it even more exciting.


    If you are a serious Roulette player and looking for something a bit more luxurious then take a look at Roulette Royal. The game starts out by asking you to choose your betting limits so that you can play it regardless of the size of your bankroll. You are then taken to a beautiful roulette table with the spinning wheel rendered in amazing detail. The game offers everything you need for a serious Roulette experience, from the full betting area to a history view to help you develop your strategy. Give it a spin today and treat yourself to a luxury experience.


    Some Roulette games offer a number of special features to make it even more enjoyable. For instance, in Roulette Pro you will find a full racetrack for placing advanced bets such as Orphelins and Neighbour bets. You will also find shortcuts for placing these bets to help speed up the game. In fact, many Roulette games offer a ‘Turbo Mode’, switching this on can turn it into a truly fast-paced experience keeping excitement levels high at all times. You will find a number of other features to improve your gaming experience, some Roulette games offer history windows so you can keep track of the results of previous spins and use this to develop your betting strategy.


    Roulette is French in origin and therefore playing Live French Roulette is in many ways a return to the game’s origins. You will be able to play using the original French terminology and are sure to have a great time as our professional and friendly croupiers are streamed to you in high definition straight from a real casino floor complete with audio. You can interact with the croupiers and your fellow players just as you would at a land casino, and enjoy the suspense as the croupier sets the ball loose within the wheel. You won’t find a more authentic Roulette experience without leaving your home.


    Roulette offers many different types of bets and they offer a great range of payouts. The most simple bet is a Straight Up bet, this is a bet on an individual number and it will often payout up to x36. At the other end of the spectrum is a bet on a large group of numbers, such as all the reds or blacks, and this pays out at x2. In between you have a number of different bet types offering a range of payouts. It is a good idea to check the game’s paytable so that you know exactly what your potential winnings are.

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