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Help Gonzo find the hidden treasures in this lively gameshow that even allows you to play with a VR headset.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is live gameshow inspired by slots that sees players join the popular character from the slot Gonzo’s Quest in his search for the lost city of Eldorado. The game is very simple to play and takes no time to learn. Its main feature is a giant wall with 70 tiles behind which prizes are hidden and you could win up to 20,000x per tile.

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

There are four main sections to each round of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. In the first, you simply place your bets. Then comes the Treasure Hunt, in which you select the tiles to look behind to find the treasure stones on the wall. Next is the Prize Drop where bonus prizes and multipliers are added to the stones. It is possible for re-drops to happen up to ten times, which repeats the prize drop again. Finally, there is the Big Reveal, in which the stones and their prizes are revealed.

There are two parts to placing your bets. First, you select the treasure stones that you want to search for on the wall. Next, you set the number of searches you want to make looking for them, from 1 to 20. The more picks you buy, the better the chances you have of finding a prize, but the more it will cost. The total bet is the cumulative sum of the bet on the treasure stones multiplied by the total number of searches you select.

There are six stones that you can select, each of which appears on the wall a different number of times. The base payout for each stone is reflected by the number of times it is hidden on the wall. The more stones, the lower the payout, the fewer the stones, the higher the payout.

When betting is over, the tiles on the wall are flipped over and shuffled so that you do not know where anything is. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the number of searches you have to make. You then select blank tiles until you have used all your selections.

Once you have selected your stones, Gonzo steps forward and turns a key to start the Prize Drop. Between 0 and 7 bonus prizes can appear along the top of the wall in the form of multipliers from x2 up to x10 and bonus values from 3x to 100x. If there is a gap in the wall, the prize value drops down the wall and stops at a randomly selected tile, increasing the prize value of that tile. If one of the prizes is a multiplier and there is a gap below it, the multiplier is applied to all visible bonus values on the wall. It is then possible for the Prize Drop to repeat up to ten times.

When the Prize Drop is over, the location of all the stones is revealed on the wall. Stones that you have bet on and have correctly identified on the wall then reveal the prize value applied to your bet.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Payouts

The basic payout for each stone before any special features have been applied is as follows: Brown 1x, Orange 2x, Purple 4x, Green 8x, Blue 20x, and Red 65x.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Special Features

There are a number of features that will bring this game to life on your screen. To begin with, you can have a great time interacting with the host and your fellow players, which gives the game a truly sociable atmosphere. However, what really makes this game stand out is that you have the option to play it in Virtual Reality mode. Use your headset and controller to interact with the game and view the action in 360-degrees. It truly provides a live dealer experience like never before.