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Combat Masters Slots Takes You Adventuring

Join the knight as he travels through eight worlds defeating enemies and collecting huge winnings along the way.  

Combat Masters is a slot from the SkyWind Group that sees players join a daring knight on his adventures across the lands in search of great riches. It is an arcade style slot that takes place on a 5x7 grid and the game transports players through eight different fantasy worlds as they play, facing different types of opponents. Each world brings with it special bonus features that will help players land the biggest possible wins.  

How to Play Combat Masters Slots 

Before spinning the reels, you first need to set your total bet per spin using the control beneath to the reels and it can be anything from 1 up to 300. You then just need to click on the spin button to set the reels going. You can also use the auto play function to set an infinite number of spins in motion and turn on turbo mode to speed things up.  

In order to win payouts you need to land clusters of at least five matching symbols on the reels. The game has just six standard symbols, icons coloured red, purple, pink, blue, green, and silver.  

The golden crown is the wild symbol and it will substitute for all of the other symbols to help and form winning combinations. However, it only appears during the Wild Power feature. 

Combat Masters Slots Bonus Round 

The slot features cascading reels. This means that after a win is formed and paid out, the symbols in the winning combination are removed from the reels to allow more to fall from above. This may form another win and the process can then repeat itself.  

On every spin, the knight is trying to defeat an opponent. Each time that a win lands the opponent loses health and if a win fails to land, then the opponent regains some health. There are seven opponents to defeat in each of the game’s eight worlds, and this way players progress through the worlds. The worlds are: 

  1. Deep Sea 
  1. Mechanica 
  1. Jungle 
  1. Lavadrome 
  1. Floating Islands 
  1. Enchanted Forest 
  1. Canyonlands 
  1. Polairs 

Each of the world offers its own Power-Up, a special modifier that can help to form more wins. Once a Power-Up is unlocked, it will remain active in all worlds. The Power-Ups can trigger on any non-winning spin. The Power-Ups are as follows: 

  • Paint Bucket: All symbols of one colour may transform into a different and hopefully more rewarding symbol. It is available from the third level of Deep Sea World. 
  • Thunderbolt: A thunderbolt hits from all four corners of the grid and turns symbols in its trail into matching symbols. It is available from the second level of Machanica.  
  • Super Nova: This hits a 4x4 group of symbols to create a new combination. It is available from the third level of Jungle World.  
  • Wild Tornado: This sweeps across the reels and moves symbols around to help form wins. It is available from the fourth level of Lavadrome World.  
  • Giant Bomb: This selects two random symbols and removes all instances of them from the reels. It is available from the second level of Floating Islands.  
  • Magic Flask: Transforms up to 10 random symbols into matching symbols. It is available from the third level of Enchanted Forest.  
  • Flaming Dynamite: This explodes three to five lines vertically and/or horizontally to create space for more symbols to fall down. It is available from the fourth level of Canyonlands. 
  • Hot Lava Ball: This will burn through up to nine random symbols to create space and the process is repeated from two to four times. It is available from the second level of Polaris.  

The Wild Power feature is triggered when a combination of at least 16 symbols lands on the reels. If 16 to 31 symbols land, it awards three power wilds, 32 to 54 symbols awards five power wilds, and 55 or more symbols awards 10 power wilds. The power wilds will hopefully form more wins and this way, it is possible to add to the triggering win and create even more wilds.  

When all seven opponents have been defeated in a world, the Crystal Bridge Bonus begins. You need to pick from the crystals to reveal a cash prize.  

Combat Master Slots Jackpot 

There is a massive top payout of 200,000x for landing a cluster of 20 or more red symbols. The purple symbol can payout up to 120,000x, the pink symbol can payout up to 50,000x, the blue symbol can payout up to 18,000x, the green symbol can payout up to 8000x, and the silver symbol can payout up to 4000x.