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    Casual Games

    Relax With Some Casual Gaming


    If you like playing the lottery and bingo then you will love Keno. Pick your lucky numbers and then watch as the balls are drawn. The more you match the more you will win and along the way you can even pick up some bonus wins depending on the game you are playing. You will find a number of Keno variants to enjoy each of which offers something a little different. With a bit of luck you will match all ten of your numbers and win thousands of times your bet. It may be a simple game but Keno can provide you with hours of excitement and entertainment.


    You can find a huge range of scratch cards to enjoy at Mr Play. The games are built on a massive range of themes to ensure that there is something for everyone. Simply reveal the hidden symbols and if you’ve matched enough then you will win. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the games, while scratch cards may not require any strategy, they can still provide hours of fun, and most importantly, some huge winnings. Take a look at our scratch cards today and you are sure to find a few that take your fancy. With a bit of luck you’ll match all the symbols and win a fortune.


    The beauty of Arcade Games is that they are normally extremely simple but can still provide hours of entertainment and some huge winnings. Arcade Games are normally games where you have a 50/50 bet to make, but just because they are simple, it does not mean they are dull. The various themes of the games mean that you are sure to find some you enjoy and you could win some massive payouts. From football to Christmas, you will find all sorts of arcade games to enjoy and are sure to have hours of fun exploring them and hopefully winning along the way.

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